5 Romance Gifts You Missed This Week

The month of love has brought along a range of beautiful ways to say “I love you”, “You’re my favourite” and, my personal favourite, “I like your butt”. From extravagant romance to cheeky fun, there are so many gifts that aren’t just for Valentine’s Day. Make a special person melt with the knowledge that they’re your one and only, with this list of 5 gifts you might have missed over the Valentine’s Day rush!

1. Dusty Pink Rose Arrangement

Few women can resist the allure of a rose arrangement. After a while, though, she may begin to feel like she’s seen them all. The classic red roses in a vase, the rainbow roses in a hatbox and even the pink petals in a fish bowl vase… As beautiful as they all are, you may be in need of something unique. Enter: the dusty pink rose arrangement. The gorgeous cluster of 20 pink roses is presented in a whimsical teal tin, making this one of the most unique floral surprises she’ll ever receive.


2. Sugarbird Gin Hamper

Gin is that aromatic drink that manages to fit into almost any setting. Its versatile personality allows it to go from cocktail party to outdoor picnic, and from solo date to poolside chilling. Sugarbird’s Original Fynbos Gin is just the thing for your gin-lover. It uplifts them with floral notes and a citrus twang, along with aromatic rooibos, honeybush, buchu and orange peel. Paired with delectable Ferrero Rocher truffles and presented in a rustic crate, this gift is an instant heart-warmer.

3. Hot Dang Massage Oil Set

Something for the both of you? Invest in some ‘we time’ with this Hot Dang Massage Oil Set (just one of many in a new, sultry range) and take your relationship to greater, steamier heights. The romantic gift includes ultra-relaxing massage oil, a scented candle and fluffy pink handcuffs. With this intimate combo, you and Bae can spend some sweet quality time together.

4. Personalised My Cracker Cheese Board With Knives

Whether they’re hosting their friends and family, or planning a romantic night in with you, a Personalised My Cracker Cheese Board with Knives is a perfect way for them to serve love. With a quirky yet loving message on it, this cheeseboard will take them from entertaining loved ones, to private picnics with you.

5. Matching Scatter Cushions

If you’ve reached the comfort of living together and want to make a fun contribution to the home you share, these two scatter cushions are the quirky way to go. The matching cushions display contrasting versions of love, but love nonetheless. With one printed cushion praising that special person’s heart, and the other obsessed with her butt, this pair of cushions makes a great addition to the lives of a fun and youthful couple. If you like his heart, spoil him with this. If you like her butt, this is the one. 


Romance doesn’t have to be typical. With NetFlorist’s range of unique romantic gifts for him and her, there’s no excuse not to give them googly eyes. It doesn’t have to be a special occasion, because each day with the one you love is special in its own right. Simply surprise them with a gift delivery and watch your relationship blossom more than you could have ever imagined!

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