20 Days of Nice – NetFlorist 20-Year Campaign Launch!

20 years ago, NetFlorist delivered its first Valentine’s Day gift to someone special and brought a smile to the face of a loved one for the first time. Since that wonderful day, we’ve helped countless people express feelings that were beyond words to someone they loved beyond measure! Today, we are the country’s beloved flower and gifting service. In celebration of an extraordinary 20 years of sending smiles and connecting loved ones, we’d like to remind people of the very purpose of sending a gift: to just be nice and bring a smile to the face of someone special!

As we look back on the relationships we’ve strengthened, the friends we’ve connected and the sparks of romance that we’ve ignited, NetFlorist invites people across the nation to remember the ones that were nice to you when they never had to be. It’s not what they did for you that matters, but how that incredible deed made you feel. It could be the lovely old lady who held the door open for you even when she’s the one with the bad knees, or the rare kind of boss that gave you a second chance to make a first impression, the act of kindness comes in many different forms and each one is worth celebrating.


Why ‘Just Be Nice’?

It is only when kindness has been shown that the world can be changed for the better. In February 1999, just before Valentine’s Day, NetFlorist brought flowers and a smile to someone for the first time. Since then, we’ve delivered over 4 million orders, which means 4 million people have had someone remind them how special they are. To NetFlorist, being nice is a simple way to let someone know that there is still love to be found in the world.

Today, there are many ways to show kindness, and to just be nice! Our #20DaysOfNice campaign seeks to look beyond the kindness shown through flowers and gifts, but to honour the simple deeds of kindness that don’t happen on special occasions. We want to celebrate the acts of kindness that happen on a daily basis, from moment to moment, and in most cases, from stranger to stranger. Being nice is a wonderful legacy to leave behind and is a stepping stone toward making the world a better place. The golden rule is to treat others the way you’d like to be treated, and if one person experiences a moment of kindness, it changes the way they see the world, they pass on that feeling to another person. At NetFlorist, we believe that changing the world is nice, but changing the world of one person every day is even nicer!

#20DaysOfNice Campaign

As we celebrate 20 years of smiles, and two decades of kindness, we invite South Africans to share stories of people who have redefined what it means to just be nice, and through kindness, have made the world a better place. Those who have witnessed or even experienced such kindness can share their stories on social media using the hashtag, #20DaysOfNice. Choose your platform, and whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, NetFlorist is here to listen and together, we can send a well-deserved thank you gift to our modern heroes and spread a little positivity to the world.

For 20 days, at least 20 people behind these amazing acts of kindness will receive a thank you gift from NetFlorist. Whether random or not, the simple act of being kind is more than just nice, it reminds a person that they matter. If there’s a person you know, a person you’ve heard of, or if it’s a person you love, this campaign of positivity will shine a light on their incredible act of niceness and remind South Africa that no nice deed goes unnoticed. Even as South Africa’s largest sameday gift service, we understand that a thank you gift doesn’t have to cost that much, because it can accomplish very much. No act of niceness, no matter how small, is for nothing, because it’s not that one moment that matters, but what that one moment meant to that one person!

In celebration of our 20th birthday, NetFlorist wants to dedicate 20 days wherein which we could shine a light on the extraordinary South Africans who personify the simple act of ‘just being nice’. Even when a person has very little, kindness is a gift that anyone can give to as many people as possible. During #20DaysOfNice, in addition to giving these special people the recognition they deserve, you can also become the nice person that you’d like to meet, and create a nicer world that you wish to see. Send a simple personalised gift, surprise a colleague with flowers, with #20DaysOfNice, you can also be the reason that someone else smiles, because in a world where you can be anything, it’s always worth it to ‘just be nice’!


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