Some gifts are cool, but others are cooler… Don’t wait! Spend some time outdoors with them sooner. There’s so many ways to show you’re a ‘Bos’, And you won’t have to be blue, or at a loss… Don’t give a reason to make your ‘mango’, There’s an easy way to keep temperatures low! Ice, iced tea baby! That’s what’s up! Take them on an adventure outdoors they won’t want to interrupt!

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Riddle 1 Answer

This doughy gift has been described as a little bit ‘nutty’,
Its yellow glaze makes it cool, flirty and funny.
Forget about a text, instead why not send these?
It’ll fill their belly and convey all sorts of feelings.
Yes, these are ‘nuts’, but there’s no shell to crack to get inside,
Because with this range of emojis, there’s no room to hide!
They won’t bite off more than they can chew,
With this a-‘glaze’-zing baked gift, for them, from you!

Riddle 2 Answer

It’s something that will definitely light up their life,
and make them feel warm and fuzzy during dark nights.
There’s no doubt it will bring some ‘rosiness’ to their day,
especially when load shedding is on its way. With its
timeless design and ability to be personalised with their name,
this pretty pink spoil is sure to give them a
spark of happiness or even a flame!

Riddle 3 Answer

Don’t lose your handle on ‘egg’-citing April gifting…
Send them something that’s ‘totes’ amazing!
With this special send, they’ll carry it all…
From the garden to the beach, and even to the mall!
Paired with a cuddly companion for them to love,
This ‘hoppy’ animal goes beyond and above,
Can’t figure out what this gift is?
Make sure to listen and be all ‘ears’!