The Reason Why Flowers Make People Happy

Flowers make people happy – a truth that resonates across cultures and ages. In our fast-paced world where stress is a constant companion, giving or receiving a bouquet of flowers can bring immense joy and tranquillity. Whether it’s the vibrant colours of tulips, the elegant beauty of lilies, or the exotic charm of proteas, fresh flowers undeniably lift spirits and improve emotional well-being. Scientists and behavioural researchers have explored this phenomenon, revealing that flowers enhance our mood and create a more welcoming and intimate environment. Let’s delve into the reasons why flowers hold such a special place in our hearts and lives.

Mixed flower arrangement in a ceramic vaseWhite lilies and cream roses arrangement in a ceramic vase Pink Lillies arranged with purple daisies dark pink flowers in a ceramic vase

Flowers Make People Happy

According to behavioural research conducted at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, there is a simple way to improve emotional health – by sending flowers. The presence of fresh flowers triggers happy emotions and heightens feelings of life satisfaction. It also affects social behaviour in a positive manner far beyond what is normally believed, almost similar to the psychology of gift-giving. Dr Haviland-Jones said, “Common sense tells us that flowers make us happy. Now, science shows that not only do flowers make us happier than we know, but they also have strong positive effects on our emotional well-being.”

The study also found that flowers improve emotional health, making people feel instantly happy when they receive a beautiful bouquet from a loved one! The study results show that flowers are a moderator of moods and can change a person’s mood instantaneously. All of the participants in the study showed “true” or “excited” smiles when they received flowers, displaying extreme happiness and gratitude. Furthermore, the participants reported feeling less depressed after receiving a bunch of flowers.

Heart framed pink rose bouquet in pink wrapping paperRed roses with a heart shaped frame in black wrapping paperVarigated roses bouquet with a heart frame in white wrapping paper

Flowers Create Intimacy

The study also examined where people display their flowers. The lovely floral arrangements were placed in areas of the home that are open to visitors – like the foyer, living room, and dining room – suggesting that flowers are a symbol for sharing with loved ones. “Flowers bring about positive emotional feelings in those who enter a room,” said Dr Haviland-Jones. “They make the space more welcoming and create a sharing atmosphere.” But you did not need a study to tell you that flowers make people happy, right? The proof definitely lies in the pudding. Brighten a loved one’s day especially on days like Valentine’s Day by sending flowers straight to their front door today! You can even pair the bouquet with a bottle of wine and a box of chocolates to make the gesture extra sweet.

100 Pink roses in a clear vase100 White roses in a clear tall vase100 Red roses in a tall clear glass vase

Flowers For Every Occasion

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