When your eyes met for the first time, time stood still as every fibre of your being paused… Sound familiar? Celebrate love’s true form with the one who holds your heart. And, what better way to honour that eternal beauty than with date night ideas that will remind you why your love story is your favourite!

At NetFlorist, we know just what you’ll need on your date night. This is an occasion worthy of celebration, so showing up empty-handed just won’t cut it. From remarkable Valentine’s Day clothing that symbolises the warmth and comfort that they bring to your life to a radiant array of flowers that convey the natural beauty of true love, there’s something for every couple in our Valentine’s Day range.





Depending on where you’re taking her on your date night, it’s important that you find the right gift that will inspire the right mood. So where to start? Well, if you’re thinking of a non-traditional date that will provide the most endearing adventure possible, our wide array of experiences are sure to make it a date to remember. Adventure is a state of mind, and every activity that leaves a world of treasured memories in your heart is adventurous, no matter what it may be. Go skydiving and reach heights that no other relationship could even dream of, or take it easy with a couple’s spa package and show her your intimate side. We promise, she’ll love you just the same!

Thinking of an intimate picnic in the serene light of day? Look no further than our wonderful variety of picnic baskets that come in various shapes and colours. Boasting masterful designs that’ll hold all her favourite foods and treats, NetFlorist ensures that our picnic baskets are beautifully woven to seamless perfection. In fact, our picnic baskets also come with a delectable assortment of chocolate, from luscious Lindt to scrumptious Ferrero Rocher. But outdoor indulgence doesn’t stop there, caress her palate with incredible winery from our fine alcohol range, such as La Motte, and Nederburg Baronne.




If you’re celebrating a month together, or a year, or even if you’re celebrating a decade of sharing a love that truly knows no bounds, then there’s nothing wrong with an intimate dinner in a restaurant. In fact, it’s fun and it’s a classic in its utmost perfection. This is particularly a great date night idea for the couples celebrating a milestone. Want to cement the special occasion with a gift that’ll be just as perfect as the woman it’s for? Our exquisite range of jewellery should do the trick tenfold. Complement her beautiful dress and take her breath away with a silver necklace and preserved rose gift that’s worthy of the crown jewel that holds your heart. Additionally, make her heart skip a beat with the dazzling allure of the silver round halo earring set.

But wait, after a long day at work, how can she unwind and enjoy herself on this incredible night? To ensure her happiness long before your date even begins, we’d suggest something we love to call a “pre-gift” for this very situation. In essence, this is the gift that teases the magic of what’s to come. In this case, explore our bath and body range and let her relax and let go in the bathtub. From a luxurious soap basket to a sensational scented candles, give her the ultimate prelude to the story of the night you made her feel like the only woman in the world. An irresistible box of Lindt Lindor is also sure to melt her heart, no matter the mood that night!




Explore the most remarkable outdoor experiences for him from South Africa’s largest sameday delivery service. For a man of extreme taste, indulge his affinity for chills and thrills with our Xtreme indoor carting. Or better yet, remind him that life begins and ends outside of his comfort zone with our fantastic accelerated freefalling package. Last but not least, with him in your loving arms, overlook the breathtaking vista of the African sunset with the heavenly experience of our hot balloon ride.

In line with traditional balloon flights, the Classic Flight offers guests the serene beauty of floating gently over the Cradle of Humankind or the Magaliesberg, while sipping on their favourite glass of champagne. Exceed his expectations, no matter the experience, and remind him why you are and will always be the woman of his dreams.



Are you still going through the honeymoon phase?  Luckily, with NetFlorist, you can break the ice without breaking the bank. We have affordable gifts under R399, such as our marvellous personalised tough love bro bucket which endears loved ones with the sweetest sentiments of intimacy. Take it a step further and visit our range of gifts under R599. Blow him away with the spicy sauce of our chocolate bondage gift for a night of untold intimacy or take the first step in the making the magical of memories with a personalised happy Valentine’s Day acrylic block.

No matter what kind of night you have planned with your significant other, there’s nothing that will bring a smile to his face quicker than a sentimental surprise from our range of Valentine’s Day gift ideas.



You always have time for the people you put first. Where there is love, there is life and Valentine’s Day is the one day of the year that you can dare to make the one you love feel the most alive. Whether you’re going out or staying in, don’t forget to show up with a gorgeous bouquet of red roses. You’ve celebrated Christmas together, now it’s time to celebrate the month of love. Shop our incredible range of Valentine’s Day flowers and gifts from NetFlorist and have yourselves an amazing date night!

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