It’s time to delight in the warm embrace of summertime bliss! Whether you’re looking for a good time with family and friends, or a fun, festive experience to enjoy, NetFlorist has curated 5 of the most fun-filled summer experiences in the country as well the best gifts to complement the experience. If you’re looking for things to do this summer, South Africa has an incredible variety of fun activities to engage in.

1. Go Kloofing!

As the land of diverse landscapes and awe-inspiring vistas, South Africa is rich with various beckoning terrains for the wanderlust traveler. Kloofing in the scenic George’s Valley gorge is as adventurous as it gets! Take in the most magnificent mountains, rock pools and breathtaking ravines to satisfy yours and your family’s hunger for adventure. Featuring sliding, rock hopping, hiking, abseiling and waterfall jumping into breathtaking pools, this incredible NetFlorist experience gives travelers the chance to explore the unsurpassed beauty of the one of the most renowned ravines in the country. If this is not enough, there is another 9m jump followed by an 18m jump, also with the option to abseil!

2. Visit the Lion Park!

Take a trip to the Lion Park that’s home to more than 85 lions, including the unique beauty of white lions! But wait, that’s not all; to honour this extraordinary trip, we have an incredible assortment of nature-themed gifts to share with friends and family. Whether it’s the Zebra hat box, the Giraffe Hat Box, or the Wild Lion Tin Hamper, the Lion Park Predator Tour introduces some of South Africa’s most famous predators, including the Lion, the Wild Dog and the Cheetah. The tour also features our favourite herbivorous animals including the Giraffe, the Zebra, among others.

Interact with the Giraffes, run with the Cheetah (if you can keep up), and feed the Ostriches. Enjoy this new must-see world class facility that offers visitors an unforgettable experience, and complement the experience with a nature-themed gift from NetFlorist!

3. Johannesburg Bus Tour

As the capital city of South Africa, the City of Gold is filled with the most impressive sights to behold! With the NetFlorist bus tour, explore the sights of Johannesburg at your own pace from the comfort of the two-deck hop-on, hop-off sightseeing bus. Also included is a 2-hour extension tour of the township of Soweto, where you can see the homes of two Nobel Peace Prize laureates – South Africa’s first democratically elected president, the late Nelson Mandela, and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, found on Vilakazi Street. This is the only street in the world that can boast having had two Nobel Laureates as residents.

Looking for fun activities to do on a budget? The Johannesburg Red City Sightseeing Bus is our most affordable gift for friends and family and promises a thrilling outdoor experience. Available on a hop on, hop off basis, choose between the open-top upper deck and the sheltered comfort of the lower deck, while taking in the running commentary that introduces you to the urban core of Mzansi. That’s not all! This Bus Tour is available in all major cities, such as Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban.

4. Zip line through the Forest

Experience one of South Africa’s fastest growing eco-adventures by indulging in Canopy Tours that can be enjoyed by lovers of nature, travelers, families, thrill seekers and corporate team building groups. This one-of-a-kind NetFlorist experience takes families, friends and colleagues on an unforgettable adventure as you zipline from one platform to the next along a series of steel cables set amongst marvellous natural surroundings, and overlooking the breathtaking South African horizon.

The best Canopy Tour locations offered by NetFlorist include the KZN Canopy Tour offering long ziplines in gorgeous indigenous forestry, as well as the 2 400 million year old mountain range in Magaliesburg which is divided into separate slides of varying lengths.

Ready for an adventure? The NetFlorist Canopy Tour experience package is sure to scratch that itch!


5. The Beach

This list won’t be complete without mentioning the summertime bliss of our beaches. Nothing gives a warmer welcome to the summer season than wading in the soft beach sand and gazing upon the breathtaking panorama of the African horizon. Want summertime gifts for an unparalleled summer experience? NetFlorist has a spectacular range of experience gifts with which you can enjoy this breathtaking vista of the South African coast; our stunning personalised beach towels make for the perfect gift for the summer, from the romantic Personalised Just Married Beach Towel, to the colourful Personalised Squeeze the Day Beach Towel. Our warm beaches are one of the most sought-after beach experiences in the country, and for good reason!

Enjoy a picnic with marvellous picnic baskets and a wonderful assortment of delicious treats, such as Lindt, a bottle of fine alcohol and many more. From wonderful warm water, to flat rock-free beach sands, this is sure to create an outdoor experience that friends and family never forget!


Final Thoughts

Hmm, so where should you start? Want to visit the nearest beach? We have a gift for that! Want to go on an outdoor adventure? We have a gift for that! Remember, the summertime air brings summertime bliss, no matter what you choose to do!

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