Secretary’s Day – How to appreciate them

They might have organised a last-minute business trip for you, or reminded you of your upcoming anniversary (LOL, it happens). The work of secretaries, personal assistants and administrative professionals can range from duties like answering phone calls, maintaining your diary and making appointments, to making sure that you arrive to a cup of some much-needed coffee while keeping company files organised to a T. They are the wonders of the workplace, working their magic and pulling strings to put together a year-end function that tops every year before it. No matter what they spend their days doing, they somehow manage to keep the office running like a well-oiled machine. You should really celebrate them! Secretary’s Day 2019 is a day that lets you thank them with a gift that matches their office ninja skills. Drop a Secretary’s Day gift on their desk and make sure that they know that their work will never go unnoticed. Wondering how to say, “Happy Secretary’s Day”? Read on!

When is Secretary’s Day 2019?

Secretary’s Day, otherwise known as Administrative Professionals’ Day, is always in the first week of September. This year, Secretary’s Day is on the 4th of September. It perfectly coincides with the beginning of spring, giving you the chance to give your secretary a gift that’ll warm their heart while the cheerful new season warms everything else! NetFlorist has curated a unique range of thoughtful gifts for your secretary; can you imagine how much happiness fresh flowers and personalised gifts could bring? This year, send more than just a Secretary’s Day message.

What to do for Secretary’s Day

Make an affair of it, of course! There’s no shortage of Secretary’s Day gift ideas on NetFlorist. When they walk into the office on 4 September, surprise them with Secretary’s Day flowers on their desk. With Spring Day just a few days before Secretary’s Day, you’ll have an incomparable selection of vibrant blooms to choose from. Show them your appreciation while welcoming them to the season of new beginnings with a lush bouquet of mixed roses, an elegant lily arrangement or flowers in a mug. Flowers are the basics. They’re a gift that works for most occasions, and they have this uncanny ability to uplift even the lowest moods. Your secretary manages to get through the toughest days with a smile on their face. They’re the positive face of the workplace in more ways than one, and since they brighten so many people’s days through the work they do (never to be underestimated), they deserve a Secretary’s Day gift that brightens their day, too!

What are the best gifts for Secretary’s Day?

Whew, where do I start? There’s this rumour going around that everybody loves chocolate; while it might not be accurate, it’s definitely worth looking into. Sweeten your secretary’s day with a chocolate gift that is unbelievably decadent. We’re not just talking about one little slab of chocolate here… We’re talking about seriously lavish chocolate gifts! My personal favourite is a personalised chocolate hatbox, filled with a yummy assortment of either Cadbury chocolates, or Nestlé chocolates. These awesome hatboxes are decorated with designs that make them a wonderful keepsake, and to top it all off, they usually have a creative Secretary’s Day message on them!

It would be silly to talk about chocolate hatboxes without mentioning the mother of all chocolate gifts: The Choco Treat Hatbox Tower! An extravagant gift for a super secretary, made with three hatboxes, each filled with assorted chocolate bars, stacked on top of each other.

The Bakery at NetFlorist also doesn’t skimp on chocolate. They’ve made a range of bakery goodies especially for Secretary’s Day, from chocolate brownie tins and Secretary’s Day cupcakes, to chocolate cupcakes and entire chocolate cakes for delivery. The Sweet Tooth Brownie Tin is packed with brownies in uniquely tasty flavours that your secretary would have a hard time resisting: cinnamon sugar, tipsy tart and shortbread.

Bakery gifts are also a great option if you’re looking for corporate gifts for Secretary’s Day. Our cupcake jars for the office ninjas can be ordered in bulk, so you can make more than one person’s day! Spread the spirit of appreciation throughout the office this Secretary’s Day, with other corporate gifts like personalised mugs, personalised phone covers and treats of gourmet gifts. Each of these surprises makes the perfect desk-drop for Secretary’s Day; I mean, who wouldn’t want to arrive at work to find a thoughtful present on their desk? Add a little flair to their organisational skills with stationery gifts like this Personalised Shoot for Moon Desk Stationery Set. It includes a beautifully designed weekly planner and a personalised notebook.

Final thoughts

Secretary’s Day is all about gratitude towards the ones who work tirelessly to make sure that everything at work goes as it should. There are hundreds of Secretary’s Day gifts to choose from, so don’t forget to say, “Thank you” with more than words this year. Explore the wonderful range of flowers and gifts that will make their day!

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