Heritage Day Press Release – We Love Our Country

We love our country

24 September 2019 – This Heritage Day, all South Africans are encouraged to take pride as a people and country that is making great strides in promoting social and cultural diversity. Even though current events have threatened to darken the light that we’ve fought so hard to shine, the values and constitutions of our beautiful country will ever remain aglow. Mzansi has the tenacity to rise again and right the wrongs by building a nation of unity. There are many reasons why we should love our country, and celebrate the diverse cultural heritage that inspires progress.

South Africa is a land of possibilities, and is filled with individuals who promote goodwill and a society that acknowledges unity under one beautiful African continent. As we observe Heritage Day, let us be reminded of the importance that heritage plays in promoting reconciliation, patriotism, peace and socio-economic development. Let’s celebrate a country where all man are equal under the African sun just as uTata Nelson Mandela envisioned.

There are various ways to honour South Africa’s rich heritage and instil a sense of national pride through activities that bring the people together. For instance, brand campaigns give us 100 reasons to love our country all year round, with varied campaigns promoting big events that are staged throughout the country such as #BraaiDay and small celebratory events between friends, colleagues and neighbours appreciating each other’s ethnicity and cultural traditions.

Let’s show some love for our country as well as our proudly South African products. As we head off to our Heritage Day activities in celebration of Mzansi’s living heritage, let us remember to give a gift which resembles our identity and diversity. Check out  NetFlorist Heritage Day Gifts and have a proudly South African heritage day.



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