How To Have A ‘Spook-tacular’ Halloween!

When witches fly up high and black cats prowl, may Halloween 2019 be the scariest around! That time of the year is fast approaching. This is the time where creepy costumes, trick-or-treating, haunted houses, ghosts, ghouls and all things horrid come out of the woodwork. Come out to play this Halloween and find the best ideas for Halloween in South Africa’s social calendar. Even most ghoulishly delightful, you can let NetFlorist turn their ‘witchful’ thinking into the perfect Halloween treat with our range of gifts and flowers.

Celebrate Halloween in South Africa with the country’s leading online store for all things Halloween. While Halloween is mostly celebrated in most North American and European countries on October 31, it was only recognised in South Africa about a decade ago. Today, this spooky occasion is celebrated in a variety of different ways in South Africa. At NetFlorist, we’ve compiled a list of the best Halloween gifts, parties, activities and events that we hope we’ll be right up your alley!


Play Dress-Up / Attend Events

For adults, there is a myriad of fantastic parties, attractions and events to attend in the areas in and around the country. From costume parties to trick-or-treating, there’s always a reason to dress up as your favourite creatures and monsters this Halloween.

Families, friends and communities usually get together to celebrate the day and partake in seasonal festivities, such as Horror Fests. If you’re looking to have a ‘spook-tacular’ Halloween, look no further than your own backyard! Whether you’re in Cape Town, Durban, Pretoria or Johannesburg, there’s always something lurking in the shadows this Halloween!


Halloween Events in Cape Town

Magnifique: Carnival of the Dead CPT (A Halloween Fiesta)

Magnifique SA is a conceptual events brand heavily based on décor and theme. This year, the theme will be The Carnival of the Dead. Attendants and partygoers are strongly advised to dress up in their deadliest outfits. In addition, there will be face painters for the beginning portion of the night to transform you into the character of your choice.

More info:


So Happy Halloween

You are invited to join the So Happy team with their 5th annual installation of So Happy Halloween! This year, they are headed to the beach and are summoning the most bone-chilling ghouls and freaks to meet up for the sexiest and most frightening experience of the year! Calling all freaks to crawl out of the dark sea onto the beach!

More info:


Halloween Events in Durban

Durban has decided to join the Halloween party this year in a big way! Don’t miss out on these spooky spectacles and spine-chilling parties happening near you…

Origin Halloween 10 Year Anniversary

Come for the boo’s, and stay for the booze this Halloween… This year, Durban brings in the biggest, most monstrous, most magical, and most frightful RISE OF THE MUTANTS.

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Halloween Party at ZanziBar

Use your imagination. Dress up in anything you can think of and join the party at ZanziBar. Good food, great vibe and one ‘hell’ of a party! Drink witches brew and eat spooky food. In addition, there are prizes available for the best-dressed.

More info:


Halloween Events in Johannesburg

Joburg isn’t called jol’burg for nothing, and Halloween is no exception! They’ve really pulled out all the stops to give you the most hair-raising Halloween experience. Don’t miss out on this blood-curdling night of terror!

Not sure where to spend the night? Take a look at some of the best events happening near you!


A Haunted House – Halloween party

Put on your scariest face and venture into the heart of Johannesburg; come dance with a vampire or drink with a werewolf. Get together with loved ones and, dress up as witch or a zombie! You can even dress up as an African dweller of the night such as utikoloshi, and uzondi! What’s more, there are prizes to be won for the best outift!

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Halloween Events in Pretoria

Pretoria is celebrating Halloween with a blood-curdling list of activities and events. Take a look at what they’re getting up to!

Halloween Adventure Night Run

Join the Trail Adventure Night Series for a fun-filled 5km or 10km night run at the beautiful Kimiad Golf Course and Driving Range. You can also enjoy something to eat and drink at the Rosewood Terrace afterwards. Dress-up and stand a chance to win a prize!

More info:


Southdowns Night Market Halloween

Ghosts, witches and other creatures of fright, don’t miss the call of Halloween night. If you miss this celebration, ’tis an act of treason! Wear a costume or be vanished into the night. Come out to play, if you dare!

More info:

If you’re looking to enjoy a quiet Halloween on October 31st, there are just as many ways to celebrate with your loved ones as there are monsters in the night! NetFlorist has an extensive selection of Halloween gift ideas to choose from, which means you’re spoiled for choice to ensure that you have yourself a magical Halloween!


Halloween Flowers and Gifts

Keep the spirit of Halloween alive with our remarkable variety of Halloween gifts from NetFlorist! As South Africa’s largest sameday gift delivery service, NetFlorist boasts a marvellous array of Halloween gift ideas to choose from. Explore our bakery and indulge someone special with decadent Halloween cupcakes with a harmonius variety of decadent flavours ranging from chocolate, strawberry and everything in between! NetFlorist has a wide range of Halloween themed delights, such as chocolate hat boxes, personalised candy jars, brownies and a bottle of fine alcohol.

In addition, browse through our fantastic range of themed Halloween flowers and plants. There is magic in the night when pumpkins glow with candlelight so NetFlorist has an extensive assortment of orange flowers in honour of this night of terrors! Blow them away with the chills and thrills of Halloween. You can even use our range of flowers and plants as decoration for your Halloween parties. For him, explore the wondrous selection of tech man crates. For her, our ‘boo-quet’ of flowers are sure to do the trick!


Final thoughts

It might be a little soon, but when you hear the hoot of an owl and the cackle of a witch, then you’ll know that Halloween is here! Our spell-binding range of flowers and gifts are sure to give you and your loved ones a magical Halloween. Want to paint the town ‘dead’ this Halloween 2019? Visit NetFlorist for a fang-tastic Halloween gift or find the perfect party spot to scare the festive worries away!

We’ll be at the Johannesburg International Flower Show!

Get lost in a world of wondrous beauty at the Grand Pavilion of Flowers from the 30th of October to the 3rd of November 2019! NetFlorist will be at the Johannesburg International Flower Show and a world of floral fantasy awaits those with an unrequited love of flowers, plants and landscaping. The extravagant floral delights that will on display feature an extraordinary array of intricately designed flower walls, glorious chandeliers, and fantasy gardens.

You can give you and your loved one escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. In addition, give them the opportunity to appreciate all the things which the event has to offer. Explore all the secrets hidden by nature by visiting the NetFlorist flower delivery van of wonders. At NetFlorist, we’re definitely sticking to what we know best. From both a flower and a delivery point of view, NetFlorist remains the country’s leading flower and gift delivery service.


What is the Johannesburg International Flower Show?

Celebrating design and agriculture with the country’s biggest innovators, artists, and florists, the Johannesburg International Flower Show is the first horticultural event in Africa. Nature is open for play in the heart of Johannesburg, and the Johannesburg International Flower Show celebrates this incredible wonder of the world in the best way possible! It is the perfect platform to showcase innovative exhibitions. From the Showcase Gardens, the Artisan Gardens as well as the themed Food & Drink Gardens, there is plenty to see and a world of radiance for you and a loved one to experience.

All incredible attractions from the Johannesburg International Flower Show are designed by South Africa’s leading landscape artists. Speaking of design, you will be remiss not to see all the incredible up-and-coming talent that the country has to offer. Are you or a loved one avid gardeners or florists? Maybe you just love being in the presence of flowers in bloom? Don’t shy away from getting involved with the retail experiences that will fill the entire place.

It’s never been so easy to get lost in the midst of extravagant floral displays, intricately designed flower walls, and elaborately designed fantasy gardens, among everything else. While art is the main appeal, you can also attend talks, demonstrations and exhibitions, which means you get to learn more! Featuring botanical art from the Botanical Artists Association of Southern Africa, you’re in for a treat if you’re hungry for an eye-pleasing atmosphere. This year, designers and exhibitors will be able to enter competitions and compete for the prestigious “Best on Show” award. Prepare to be amazed by the Grand Pavilion of Flowers in the heart of Johannesburg!


Why are we involved?

There is no better start to a person’s day than a bouquet of flowers delivered straight to your doorstep, and the flower fairies at NetFlorist are the leading experts in this magic of new beginnings. Rest assured, there are as many meanings behind your favourite flower as there are flowers to choose from at NetFlorist! The exquisite beauty of red roses convey true love and have been known throughout history as both a political and religious symbol. In addition, proteas are a symbol of our country’s pride, and are reminiscent of regal beauty and unsurpassed perfection. Our knowledge and expertise of flowers have become the building blocks of our success in the flower and gifting industry.

We might be biased, but nothing is more breathtaking than the sight of a marvellous mosaic of flowers. As South Africa’s largest sameday delivery service, our radiant variety of flowers are all carefully selected for their unrestrained beauty and scented freshness. Our exhibition at the grand pavilion will capture a complementary mix of flower types and colours, and create a world that you and your loved one will get lost in at first sight. Beautifully reminiscent of a summer gentle breeze, the NetFlorist flower extravaganza promises a warm welcome to the new season at the Johannesburg International Flower Show.

Flowers proudly convey that a ray of beauty outvalues all the utilities of the world, so if you’re looking for the perfect way to unplug and be one with nature, there’s no better way to do that than to appreciate the wonders that of nature in bloom. At NetFlorist, we believe that flowers don’t tell, they show; the Johannesburg International Flower Show will be a beautiful assortment of our favourite floral varieties to show the world that we’re truly South Africa’s one-stop flower delivery service.


Final Thoughts

If you are couture florist, a floral designer, a dedicated florist or an avid gardener, there is plenty to appreciate at the Johannesburg International Flower Show. If you’re an outsider, curious of the many wonders that this event has to offer, then be part of the Grand Pavilion of Flowers. South Africa is rich in breathtaking landscapes to get lost in, and the local world-class designers will be able to showcase their work in front of a large audience as well as the international judges. Yes, you definitely wouldn’t want to miss it.

To be a part of the show, get your tickets today, courtesy of NetFlorist and the Johannesburg International Flower Show. The NetFlorist Grand Pavilion of Flowers is the escape you’ve been waiting for!



It’s Boss’s Day – Appreciate the Best Boss!

Your boss isn’t always a big shot. They’re not always a distant figure that you rarely interact with. Sometimes, they’re the really nice person who walks into work each morning with an uncanny ability to uplift everyone. Sometimes, they need a little uplifting themselves. But more than anything, our bosses are human beings with good days and bad days. They have loved ones, hobbies, interests and personalities. Boss’s Day is all about taking the chance to appreciate these human beings in the best way possible!

How often do you tell your boss how awesome they are, or how much they’ve helped you become a better person? Just like you, they need to know that they’re doing a great job, so why not spoil them with a Boss’s Day gift that says, “Thank you” and “You’re doing amazing”, all at once? I’ve been looking at the awesome Boss’s Day gift ideas on NetFlorist and it looks like your boss is about to feel… well, like a boss. Don’t stress about what to get for them, I’ve done most of the work for you! Take a look at the best Boss’s Day gifts for different kinds of bosses:

Chocolate – For the sweet-toothed boss

You’ve probably noticed that bottom drawer that your boss always fishes sweet treats from. Every now and again, you spot them reaching for their sugar boost. Top up their ‘secret’ stash with Boss’s Day chocolate, a wonderful gift that they can enjoy time and time again. All the sweetness on NetFlorist ranges from personalised candy jars and chocolate hatboxes to luxurious Lindt hampers and edible arrangements. Whether this is a Boss’s Day gift for him or for her, it is one that can seldom go wrong. The Large Chocolate-filled Hatbox deserves an honourable mention. This awesome assortment of chocolate goodies will overwhelm your boss. Packed with the finest milk chocolate treats from Nestlé, it’s a gift from chocolate heaven! Explore all the yummy gifts you can find and wish them a sweet Boss’s Day.

Sweeten their day with a gift that’s choc-full of gratitude!

Pamper Hamper – For the stressed-out boss

I’m not saying that being a boss is easy, but if you’ve noticed that your boss has been a little more on edge than usual, here’s your chance to quell the fire. Pampering gifts are particularly pleasant as a Boss’s Day gift for her, but your male boss deserves some R&R, too! For her, my favourite gift idea is this Personalised Bubbles and Bathtime Gift Set. It’s a perfect way for her to treat herself after a long day of back-to-back meetings and being a boss lady. This ultra-luxurious set includes a white personalised gown (even I want one), a bottle of bubbly and delicately scented foam bath and body wash. Can you already see her walking into the office with a smile on her face the next day? Yeah, me too!

Ease the stress of being a boss lady and pamper her with a luxurious gift set!

Gadgets – For the tech-savvy boss

If they’re always on the go and technology is their best friend, help them to get things done with a gadget gift for Boss’s Day. With one of NetFlorist’s personalised power banks, your busy boss will always stay connected. These powerful tech tools mean that they don’t always have to be at the office to get stuff done, making them an ideal Boss’s Day gift. Cover their most essential tool with a stylish protective accessory – a personalised phone cover! They take their phone everywhere anyway, so why not make it a sleek part of their everyday life?

The best of the best tech gifts, however, is a personalised desk tech set. These awesome sets are a paradise of productivity, including an optical wireless mouse, wired headphones, a wireless charger and a mousepad that’s personalised to make it extra special!

Give your boss the best of the tech world.

Plants – For the boss with a green thumb

Plants are the gifts that keeps on giving. For a nurturing boss, they’re like another member of the team! Whether they take it home or keep it flourishing on their desk, a plant for Boss’s Day will add life and brightness to their space. The team at NetFlorist has picked the finest plants for your boss, from the small and cute growers, to the dramatic plants that steal the show. They are displayed in unique, striking pottery that’ll turn around just about any environment, so make sure to gift your green-thumbed boss one of these lush, green surprises for Boss’s Day 2019. I’m personally all about the drama, and nothing says, “Look at me” more than this attention-grabbing Monster Leaf in Cement Pot. Given the proper care and space, this plant can grow up to 3 meters tall! So if your boss is also a fan of extravagance, this is the perfect plant for them.

Apparel – For the trendy boss

We’ve reached my favourite part of this gift guide: the part that lets me talk about style! Apparel gifts for Boss’s Day are ideal for the boss who loves to put effort into looking good. Thank them for being an amazing boss by gifting them something that they can wear or carry with pride. Depending on their unique style, you can treat them to a casual personalised T-shirt, a sophisticated leather bag or a personalised  cap for relaxed off days.

If you’re thinking of a Boss’s Day gift for her, I can’t miss the opportunity to point you towards these flowy scarf gifts. The light, patterned scarves are an impeccable finishing touch for most outfits, and she can dress them up or down.

For the boss man, a gift as simple as a pair of Happy Socks will add some freshness to his usual office gear. I think this Colourful Mix Happy Socks Giftbox is a fun and quirky way to turn an outfit around. It’s true, they’re mesmerising; just try not to stare too long when he wears them!

Ready to handle it like a boss?

Don’t forget to send your warmest Boss’s Day messages with your gift! Once you’ve picked the present that can’t go wrong, just place an order online. NetFlorist will handle your Boss’s Day gift delivery, so that all you’ll have to worry about is whether or not they like surprises…

5 Gifts You Missed This WEEK

Every gift from a friend is a wish for happiness, and every special gift sends a world of bliss to the heart of the one you appreciate the most. Remember the moment you decided to make a loved one’s day with the perfect gift, and spent all your time browsing and little time buying? NetFlorist remembers, and we’ve decided to compile all our favourite flowers and gifts that might have slipped your eye this past week!

Have you been having a hard time finding the perfect gift for someone special? The act of gift-giving may be a stressful affair. A kind gift from the heart is a treasured keepsake for the rest of their life, but finding that perfect gift from the heart is never that easy to find. So, here’s a list of our favourite gifts you might have missed this week:


Heritage KitKat Chocolate Box

Missed Heritage Day? You can still honour the cultural heritage of our rainbow nation, no matter the occasion. There’s nothing more breathtaking than losing yourself in a world of sweet decadence. Redefine true ‘indulgence’ with this irresistible Heritage KitKat Chocolate Box from NetFlorist. Happiness isn’t in what we get, but in what we give, so give a gift that will fill their heart with joy.

This box of KitKat features an exceptional assortment of limited edition packs of 4-finger wafer chocolate, which represents our country’s diversity. This proudly South African box of KitKat features 14 4-finger KitKat wafers, each conveying our rich cultural heritage and 11 official languages (Yes, 14 limited edition packs of chocolate!)

Buy online now and sweeten someone’s day!

Read the reviews below:


Variegated Roses in Craft Paper

The timeless beauty of these variegated roses is truly unsurpassed. Take their breath away with these magical roses which boast a vintage appeal. Known for their distinctive splashes of colour, which are combined with gum leaves and presented in tissue paper with satin ribbon, these marvellous roses are reminiscent of friendship and a love like no other!

Our terrific variety of variegated roses can be perfectly arranged in a vast array of vases, and wrapping paper. From Variegated Roses in a Purple Twisty Vase, to Roses in Lilac Wrapping Paper, brighten their day with stunning summertime blossoms with a classic appeal!

Read the reviews here:


JC Le Roux Lindt and Ice Bucket Surprise

From a celebration of epic love and romance, to a worthy extension of unsurpassed friendship, this irresistible awe-inspiring JC Le Roux Lindt and Ice Bucket Surprise is remarkably made to melt their heart. This is perfect gift idea, no matter the occasion. It includes a bottle of JC Le Roux Le Domaine (750ml), complete with a 4L ice bucket and a decadent box of Lindt Cornet Milk Chocolate (150g) for that added sweetness.

Practice the art of giving and appreciation and delight someone special with this incredible celebratory surprise. Extend your sincerest love and affection with this wonderful gift set from NetFlorist. You missed it once, but this JC Le Roux Lindt and Ice Bucket Surprise is here to stay!

Read the reviews here:


Lavender Plants

Brighten their day with the soft serenity of these lovely lavender plants from South Africa’s largest sameday delivery service. Explore our lush array of lavender plants and welcome the warm season with heartwarming floral and plant gifts. These radiant sun-loving lavender plants are reminiscent of purity, silence, and serenity. In addition to their significance, their purple hues are reminiscent of royalty and refined luxury.

Want to know a little fun fact about lavender plants? Lavender plants can be used in certain foods, teas, and boast a ‘scent-sational’ quality that will imbue any room with a graceful smell. These phenomenal lavender plants can be planted permanently and become the gift that keeps on giving!

You can’t miss it a second time!

Read the reviews here:


Origin Coffee Hamper

This week was International Coffee Day, and the 1st of October were awash with coffee-themed gifts and treats from NetFlorist. Freshly ground to the very peak of perfection, this exquisite Origin Coffee Hamper will make for a perfect gift idea for the perfect coffee-lover! This wonderful coffee hamper consists of six high quality Origin coffee packs, which includes a harmonious blend of Sweet floral Ethiopian, full aroma’d Costa Rican, smokey Vietnamese, irresistibly smooth Malawi, Indian, and sweet aroma’d Indonesian. Take them on a coffee journey that’ll melt their heart.

The unmatched quality of this coffee blend is beautifully crafted to create a complex after-taste with dark chocolate notes. The sensational aftertastes of this extraordinary coffee blend boasts a flavour that lingers on the palate. But our coffee gifts aren’t just limited to this; explore our amazing range of coffee and tea gifts from NetFlorist!

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NetFlorist has an exciting variety of gifts and gift hampers as well as a unique variety of personalised gifts. Make NetFlorist your one-stop online shopping store and spoil a friend, family or colleague. For a loved one with a sweet tooth, we have delicious freshly baked treats from the Bakery, which include cupcakes, dipped strawberries, among many others. Browse through our gifts range and be sure never to miss another gift ever. To subscribe to our mailing list, feel free to contact our call centre on 0861 300 600!

Heritage Day – Celebrating Our Rich Diversity

There’s no occasion more important during this time than Heritage Day 2019! You don’t have to look far to see that South Africa is a country abundantly rich in culture. It is incredibly important to use opportunities and public holidays, such as Heritage Day, to shine a light and ensure the nation’s hopes remain ever aglow.  But, enough of that, I promised you that all my posts will bring joy to your day, not a frown to your face. So, let’s get into the ‘meat and boerewors’ of what you can do to celebrate Braai Day – I mean, Heritage Day!

Also known as Braai Day, the purpose of Heritage Day has always been to bring South Africans together through a celebration of our rich heritage. The occasion celebrates the idea of togetherness, or more appropriately, the spirit of Ubuntu. Celebrating diversity doesn’t mean that you have to see one culture, language or belief as superior to another; it means uniting under the same umbrella of that which makes each of us unique and fostering an understanding and ultimately, acceptance of these cultural differences. There is so much beauty to be found in the heritage of another person.

“Our rich and varied cultural heritage has a profound power to help build our nation.” – Nelson Mandela

How can you celebrate Heritage Day 2019?

Have a Braai

Through braaiing, it’s never been easier to cultivate understanding between races, languages, cultures and even among family members with different cultural beliefs and social values. If you’re looking for a proudly South African Heritage Day celebration, nothing beats a ‘grill’ with the ones who mean the most to you! NetFlorist also has a remarkable variety of braaiware, such as a Personalised Braai Tong Bag.

Have a Picnic

Delight them with the ultimate outdoor experience! Explore our amazing range of picnic baskets. Fill your picnic basket with scrumptious Heritage Day food. A wonderful addition to any picnic meal is undoubtedly,  pap and chakalaka. This dish is a South African delicacy by many peoples’ standards. Chakalaka is a South African vegetable relish with a spicy finish and is usually enjoyed during family festivities.

“I am African, not because I was born in Africa… but because Africa was born in me!” – Kwame

3 Interesting Facts about Heritage Day

  • In KwaZulu-Natal, the 24th of September was known as Shaka Day, to commemorate the life of King Shaka Zulu, the founding father of the Zulu nation.
  • Heritage Day was only recognised as a public holiday in 1995. Today, it celebrates the diverse cultural heritage that makes up our Rainbow Nation.
  • In 2007, after a pointed media campaign by Jan Braai, the day was nicknamed “Braai Day.” Archbishop Desmond Tutu was made the national spokesperson for Braai Day.

“Bringing people together is what I call ‘Ubuntu,’ which means ‘I am because we are.’” – Desmond Tutu

Buy Heritage Day gifts

Ah, gifts… No occasion is truly celebrated without them. NetFlorist has an extensive range of Heritage Day gifts that are reminiscent of our rich diversity. From extraordinary flowers that will convey the many ways that our Rainbow Nation has blossomed over the years, to amazing bakery gifts from the Bakery, there’s nothing more personal and from the heart than a terrific gift for Heritage Day.

Want Heritage Day gift ideas? One of our absolute favourites is the Heritage Day KitKat Promo box. Featuring a limited-edition variety of chocolate wafers, this gift represents the varied diversity of our African heritage. Exclusive only to NetFlorist, this is a proudly South African box of KitKat which contains 14 4-finger KitKat wafers that each represent the rich cultural heritage and 11 official languages of the South African people.

In addition, we have Heritage Day ideas for the office. To celebrate the strength of our African roots, decorate the office with an African Bonsai Tree in Pottery. Spoil a colleague with our beautifully made and uniquely designed Personalised Vintage Africa Note Set. Lastly, make it a feast that all your colleagues would love in the form of irresistible Stripy Strawberry Combo.

 “I am the product of the masses of my country.” – Winnie Madikizela-Mandela

Final Thought

A nation’s heritage lies in hearts and souls of all those who live in it, regardless of race, language or culture. From the incredible range of Heritage Day gifts, to our remarkable variety Heritage Day activities, celebrate the irreplaceable cultural and natural heritage of our Rainbow Nation.

So, what does Heritage Day mean to you? Which part of our rich heritage do you think deserves to be celebrated? Let us know in the comments below and be sure visit NetFlorist and be a part of the drive to help build our African nation!