Your boss isn’t always a big shot. They’re not always a distant figure that you rarely interact with. Sometimes, they’re the really nice person who walks into work each morning with an uncanny ability to uplift everyone. Sometimes, they need a little uplifting themselves. But more than anything, our bosses are human beings with good days and bad days. They have loved ones, hobbies, interests and personalities. Boss’s Day is all about taking the chance to appreciate these human beings in the best way possible!

How often do you tell your boss how awesome they are, or how much they’ve helped you become a better person? Just like you, they need to know that they’re doing a great job, so why not spoil them with a Boss’s Day gift that says, “Thank you” and “You’re doing amazing”, all at once? I’ve been looking at the awesome Boss’s Day gift ideas on NetFlorist and it looks like your boss is about to feel… well, like a boss. Don’t stress about what to get for them, I’ve done most of the work for you! Take a look at the best Boss’s Day gifts for different kinds of bosses:

Chocolate – For the sweet-toothed boss

You’ve probably noticed that bottom drawer that your boss always fishes sweet treats from. Every now and again, you spot them reaching for their sugar boost. Top up their ‘secret’ stash with Boss’s Day chocolate, a wonderful gift that they can enjoy time and time again. All the sweetness on NetFlorist ranges from personalised candy jars and chocolate hatboxes to luxurious Lindt hampers and edible arrangements. Whether this is a Boss’s Day gift for him or for her, it is one that can seldom go wrong. The Large Chocolate-filled Hatbox deserves an honourable mention. This awesome assortment of chocolate goodies will overwhelm your boss. Packed with the finest milk chocolate treats from Nestlé, it’s a gift from chocolate heaven! Explore all the yummy gifts you can find and wish them a sweet Boss’s Day.

Sweeten their day with a gift that’s choc-full of gratitude!
Pamper Hamper – For the stressed-out boss

I’m not saying that being a boss is easy, but if you’ve noticed that your boss has been a little more on edge than usual, here’s your chance to quell the fire. Pampering gifts are particularly pleasant as a Boss’s Day gift for her, but your male boss deserves some R&R, too! For her, my favourite gift idea is this Personalised Bubbles and Bathtime Gift Set. It’s a perfect way for her to treat herself after a long day of back-to-back meetings and being a boss lady. This ultra-luxurious set includes a white personalised gown (even I want one), a bottle of bubbly and delicately scented foam bath and body wash. Can you already see her walking into the office with a smile on her face the next day? Yeah, me too!

Ease the stress of being a boss lady and pamper her with a luxurious gift set!
Gadgets – For the tech-savvy boss

If they’re always on the go and technology is their best friend, help them to get things done with a gadget gift for Boss’s Day. With one of NetFlorist’s personalised power banks, your busy boss will always stay connected. These powerful tech tools mean that they don’t always have to be at the office to get stuff done, making them an ideal Boss’s Day gift. Cover their most essential tool with a stylish protective accessory – a personalised phone cover! They take their phone everywhere anyway, so why not make it a sleek part of their everyday life?

The best of the best tech gifts, however, is a personalised desk tech set. These awesome sets are a paradise of productivity, including an optical wireless mouse, wired headphones, a wireless charger and a mousepad that’s personalised to make it extra special!

Give your boss the best of the tech world.
Plants – For the boss with a green thumb

Plants are the gifts that keeps on giving. For a nurturing boss, they’re like another member of the team! Whether they take it home or keep it flourishing on their desk, a plant for Boss’s Day will add life and brightness to their space. The team at NetFlorist has picked the finest plants for your boss, from the small and cute growers, to the dramatic plants that steal the show. They are displayed in unique, striking pottery that’ll turn around just about any environment, so make sure to gift your green-thumbed boss one of these lush, green surprises for Boss’s Day 2019. I’m personally all about the drama, and nothing says, “Look at me” more than this attention-grabbing Monster Leaf in Cement Pot. Given the proper care and space, this plant can grow up to 3 meters tall! So if your boss is also a fan of extravagance, this is the perfect plant for them.

Apparel – For the trendy boss

We’ve reached my favourite part of this gift guide: the part that lets me talk about style! Apparel gifts for Boss’s Day are ideal for the boss who loves to put effort into looking good. Thank them for being an amazing boss by gifting them something that they can wear or carry with pride. Depending on their unique style, you can treat them to a casual personalised T-shirt, a sophisticated leather bag or a personalised  cap for relaxed off days.

If you’re thinking of a Boss’s Day gift for her, I can’t miss the opportunity to point you towards these flowy scarf gifts. The light, patterned scarves are an impeccable finishing touch for most outfits, and she can dress them up or down.

For the boss man, a gift as simple as a pair of Happy Socks will add some freshness to his usual office gear. I think this Colourful Mix Happy Socks Giftbox is a fun and quirky way to turn an outfit around. It’s true, they’re mesmerising; just try not to stare too long when he wears them!

Ready to handle it like a boss?

Don’t forget to send your warmest Boss’s Day messages with your gift! Once you’ve picked the present that can’t go wrong, just place an order online. NetFlorist will handle your Boss’s Day gift delivery, so that all you’ll have to worry about is whether or not they like surprises…

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