Celebrating Spring Day!

At NetFlorist we’re like one big happy family. Ok, sometimes a bit of a dysfunctional family, but hey, who doesn’t have a few nuts in their family chocolate box? This Spring Day we decided to get a few colleagues (see friends) involved and celebrate Spring Day in the best way possible, with flowers! and crowns. I roped a few of my colleagues in and we went down to the floral arrangement floor and proceeded to go nuts making our own floral head bands.

Here are the results:


Making fab flower head bands

Spring Day Flowers!!


Dini and Camilla

Say ‘Spring Day’!



flower crowning

Flower head band in progress!


Fantastic flowers at NetFlorist

Flower head band


end results

Final product!


Thalissa with flowers

Fabulous in flowers


Dini with her flowers

Dini’s Spring Day master piece!


Purple flower crown

Purple flower head band for the start of Spring


Team photo

Team pic of us proud in our floral glory!



End Product


We hope that you had the most amazing Spring Day this September 1st because we did and it was awesome! (Even though it was a Monday). All that’s left to say is- hope you have a fantastic Spring and a sunshiny Summer. Oh and here’s a pic of Will Ferral looking good in his own flower hat!

will ferrel

Sexy Will Ferrell in Flowers












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