Corporate Year-end Gifts to Explore

The end of the year is an exciting time for most of us. We’re busy planning restful holidays, looking forward to the time we’re going to spend with loved ones, and being grateful for all our successes. In the corporate world, the end of the year is all about reflection and planning for the year ahead. Whether you want to thank your team for all the hours and effort they’ve put in, or you want to appreciate your clients for their loyalty, corporate year-end gifts should definitely be on your mind. A year as long and fruitful as 2019 warrants gifts of appreciation. So, while you fill up with the excitement of closing this chapter and beginning a new one, have a look at NetFlorist’s range of corporate gifts for the end of the year. From small desk-drops to sweet treats and pamper hampers, this comprehensive range is a perfect place to start.

Year-end Gifts for Clients

Clients and customers have an endless list of choices when it comes to products and services. Even after they’ve chosen to work with you, those choices remain. In a competitive business landscape, customer retention is at the forefront of the growth of any company. A year-end gift is just the way to stay on your clients’ minds as the year draws to a close, but it’s also a way to show them that they’re never taken for granted. Remind them that they’re not just a number with some of the best year-end gift ideas for clients:

Coffee and Tea Blends

Tea and coffee gifts are refreshing, sophisticated and loved by many. Through the use of enticing packaging and the finest blends, NetFlorist has managed to put together the kinds of tea and coffee gifts that are irresistible to the connoisseur! Give a valued client a fresh and invigorating combination of brews like the Coffee of Thanks Capsule Set. A sleeve that bears a thank you message completes these delicious capsules. And for the tea-lovers, a Personalised Thank You Tea Tin is just as invigorating. This exotic blend of infused green tea arrives in a keepsake tin, perfectly personalised to show them just how much they are valued!


Gourmet Gift Hampers

Gourmet treats are a failproof way to impress those who employ your services. The gourmet gifts range for 2019 is curated to give you (and your clients) a choice between the sweet, the savoury and the all-rounders. They’re sure to feel utterly spoilt with an Amarula Gourmet Snack Basket, generously filled with the kinds of snacks that the year-end calls for: truffles, fudge, Belgian chocolate, and a bottle of Amarula Cream Liqueur that’s sure to get their festive season off to a great start.


Your top customers deserve only the best gifts. A JC Le Roux Celebration Basket is a spectacular way to solidify relationships while thanking them for trusting you as much as they have. Aptly named a celebration basket, this gift is filled with good cheer and good food!


Personalised Pens

They say that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. If you’re looking for a corporate year-end gift idea that’s small but significant, pick a personalised pen. NetFlorist has taken classic Parker Pens and presented them in elegant personalised boxes for an added special touch – one that any client would love.


Bath and Body Hampers

For a long-standing client that you’ve grown to call a friend, a bath and body gift is suitable. After a long year, they deserve some pampering! NetFlorist’s range of bath and body gifts gives a little bit of this, and a little bit of that. Charlotte Rhys gift sets like the Soap Sensation Hamper have become popular for their refreshing combinations and unique scents. From the crisp aquatic notes of St. Thomas, to the zesty scents of No. 17 or the piquant blends of Lime and Ginger, each hamper is beautifully uplifting and sure to be appreciated.


Year-end Gifts for the Team

When employees receive gifts, it’s an acknowledgement of the fact that they are invaluable to the success of a business. Year-end gifts for staff and colleagues are certainly about appreciation, but they’re also about celebrating the past 365 days. As such, they need to be thoughtful, useful and fun! Here’s are some corporate year-end gift ideas that they’ll actually like:

Gadgets and Tech Sets

Gadgets have become a central part of the modern working world. There are few things we can get done without the help of technology, and that’s why gadget gifts are an ideal year-end surprise for any team. At NetFlorist, these gifts are useful, compact and often personalised! Give them a gift that ticks all the right boxes, like a personalised tech set. In a stunning hue of your choice (or theirs), it includes all their desktop essentials, with the personal touch of their name and a unique message from the sender.


Sweet treats

Few can resist the allure of a treat that they can enjoy no matter where they are. When it comes to confectionery, NetFlorist has pulled out all the stops. Let their year-end gift be a prelude to their holiday season by gifting them a Happy Holidays Fruit Cake Jar. Presented in beautiful black gift boxes with a cheerful message on them, these cake jars are sweet in every way. If you’d like to stay on the safe side, Festive Milk Chocolate Slabs are your best bet. They’re small, sweet, and just enough to show appreciation.



Ah, the succulent… A gift with the ability to brighten their workspaces, and even their homes! These low-maintenance plants are presented in unique and wonderful ways, as with this Personalised Succulent Named Mug, or this Personalised Succulent Jar. There’s also something about being able to nurture a plant from the moment you receive it. Succulents might be the most sentimental of these year-end gifts!


Travel mugs

If you’ve got a team fuelled by a hot beverage of some sort, personalised travel mugs will hit the nail on the head! NetFlorist’s range of ceramic travel mugs includes optional extras like coffee, tea and hot chocolate. Spoil them with gifts that will get them through the day, whether they’re rushing to meetings, or chasing deadlines at their desks. This Personalised Ceramic Travel Mug, with some sachets of creamy hot chocolate, is a perfect corporate year-end gift!


The bottom line

It’s the last phase of the year; everyone is experiencing a heady combination of fatigue and excitement. For clients and colleagues alike, there is no better time to receive a gift that shows sincere appreciation and acknowledgement of their value. Stay ahead of the year-end gifting season, solidify partnerships and boost morale with marvellous year-end gifts from NetFlorist!

It’s Boss’s Day – Appreciate the Best Boss!

Your boss isn’t always a big shot. They’re not always a distant figure that you rarely interact with. Sometimes, they’re the really nice person who walks into work each morning with an uncanny ability to uplift everyone. Sometimes, they need a little uplifting themselves. But more than anything, our bosses are human beings with good days and bad days. They have loved ones, hobbies, interests and personalities. Boss’s Day is all about taking the chance to appreciate these human beings in the best way possible!

How often do you tell your boss how awesome they are, or how much they’ve helped you become a better person? Just like you, they need to know that they’re doing a great job, so why not spoil them with a Boss’s Day gift that says, “Thank you” and “You’re doing amazing”, all at once? I’ve been looking at the awesome Boss’s Day gift ideas on NetFlorist and it looks like your boss is about to feel… well, like a boss. Don’t stress about what to get for them, I’ve done most of the work for you! Take a look at the best Boss’s Day gifts for different kinds of bosses:

Chocolate – For the sweet-toothed boss

You’ve probably noticed that bottom drawer that your boss always fishes sweet treats from. Every now and again, you spot them reaching for their sugar boost. Top up their ‘secret’ stash with Boss’s Day chocolate, a wonderful gift that they can enjoy time and time again. All the sweetness on NetFlorist ranges from personalised candy jars and chocolate hatboxes to luxurious Lindt hampers and edible arrangements. Whether this is a Boss’s Day gift for him or for her, it is one that can seldom go wrong. The Large Chocolate-filled Hatbox deserves an honourable mention. This awesome assortment of chocolate goodies will overwhelm your boss. Packed with the finest milk chocolate treats from Nestlé, it’s a gift from chocolate heaven! Explore all the yummy gifts you can find and wish them a sweet Boss’s Day.

Sweeten their day with a gift that’s choc-full of gratitude!

Pamper Hamper – For the stressed-out boss

I’m not saying that being a boss is easy, but if you’ve noticed that your boss has been a little more on edge than usual, here’s your chance to quell the fire. Pampering gifts are particularly pleasant as a Boss’s Day gift for her, but your male boss deserves some R&R, too! For her, my favourite gift idea is this Personalised Bubbles and Bathtime Gift Set. It’s a perfect way for her to treat herself after a long day of back-to-back meetings and being a boss lady. This ultra-luxurious set includes a white personalised gown (even I want one), a bottle of bubbly and delicately scented foam bath and body wash. Can you already see her walking into the office with a smile on her face the next day? Yeah, me too!

Ease the stress of being a boss lady and pamper her with a luxurious gift set!

Gadgets – For the tech-savvy boss

If they’re always on the go and technology is their best friend, help them to get things done with a gadget gift for Boss’s Day. With one of NetFlorist’s personalised power banks, your busy boss will always stay connected. These powerful tech tools mean that they don’t always have to be at the office to get stuff done, making them an ideal Boss’s Day gift. Cover their most essential tool with a stylish protective accessory – a personalised phone cover! They take their phone everywhere anyway, so why not make it a sleek part of their everyday life?

The best of the best tech gifts, however, is a personalised desk tech set. These awesome sets are a paradise of productivity, including an optical wireless mouse, wired headphones, a wireless charger and a mousepad that’s personalised to make it extra special!

Give your boss the best of the tech world.

Plants – For the boss with a green thumb

Plants are the gifts that keeps on giving. For a nurturing boss, they’re like another member of the team! Whether they take it home or keep it flourishing on their desk, a plant for Boss’s Day will add life and brightness to their space. The team at NetFlorist has picked the finest plants for your boss, from the small and cute growers, to the dramatic plants that steal the show. They are displayed in unique, striking pottery that’ll turn around just about any environment, so make sure to gift your green-thumbed boss one of these lush, green surprises for Boss’s Day 2019. I’m personally all about the drama, and nothing says, “Look at me” more than this attention-grabbing Monster Leaf in Cement Pot. Given the proper care and space, this plant can grow up to 3 meters tall! So if your boss is also a fan of extravagance, this is the perfect plant for them.

Apparel – For the trendy boss

We’ve reached my favourite part of this gift guide: the part that lets me talk about style! Apparel gifts for Boss’s Day are ideal for the boss who loves to put effort into looking good. Thank them for being an amazing boss by gifting them something that they can wear or carry with pride. Depending on their unique style, you can treat them to a casual personalised T-shirt, a sophisticated leather bag or a personalised  cap for relaxed off days.

If you’re thinking of a Boss’s Day gift for her, I can’t miss the opportunity to point you towards these flowy scarf gifts. The light, patterned scarves are an impeccable finishing touch for most outfits, and she can dress them up or down.

For the boss man, a gift as simple as a pair of Happy Socks will add some freshness to his usual office gear. I think this Colourful Mix Happy Socks Giftbox is a fun and quirky way to turn an outfit around. It’s true, they’re mesmerising; just try not to stare too long when he wears them!

Ready to handle it like a boss?

Don’t forget to send your warmest Boss’s Day messages with your gift! Once you’ve picked the present that can’t go wrong, just place an order online. NetFlorist will handle your Boss’s Day gift delivery, so that all you’ll have to worry about is whether or not they like surprises…

Heritage Day – Celebrating Our Rich Diversity

There’s no occasion more important during this time than Heritage Day 2019! You don’t have to look far to see that South Africa is a country abundantly rich in culture. It is incredibly important to use opportunities and public holidays, such as Heritage Day, to shine a light and ensure the nation’s hopes remain ever aglow.  But, enough of that, I promised you that all my posts will bring joy to your day, not a frown to your face. So, let’s get into the ‘meat and boerewors’ of what you can do to celebrate Braai Day – I mean, Heritage Day!

Also known as Braai Day, the purpose of Heritage Day has always been to bring South Africans together through a celebration of our rich heritage. The occasion celebrates the idea of togetherness, or more appropriately, the spirit of Ubuntu. Celebrating diversity doesn’t mean that you have to see one culture, language or belief as superior to another; it means uniting under the same umbrella of that which makes each of us unique and fostering an understanding and ultimately, acceptance of these cultural differences. There is so much beauty to be found in the heritage of another person.

“Our rich and varied cultural heritage has a profound power to help build our nation.” – Nelson Mandela

How can you celebrate Heritage Day 2019?

Have a Braai

Through braaiing, it’s never been easier to cultivate understanding between races, languages, cultures and even among family members with different cultural beliefs and social values. If you’re looking for a proudly South African Heritage Day celebration, nothing beats a ‘grill’ with the ones who mean the most to you! NetFlorist also has a remarkable variety of braaiware, such as a Personalised Braai Tong Bag.

Have a Picnic

Delight them with the ultimate outdoor experience! Explore our amazing range of picnic baskets. Fill your picnic basket with scrumptious Heritage Day food. A wonderful addition to any picnic meal is undoubtedly,  pap and chakalaka. This dish is a South African delicacy by many peoples’ standards. Chakalaka is a South African vegetable relish with a spicy finish and is usually enjoyed during family festivities.

“I am African, not because I was born in Africa… but because Africa was born in me!” – Kwame

3 Interesting Facts about Heritage Day

  • In KwaZulu-Natal, the 24th of September was known as Shaka Day, to commemorate the life of King Shaka Zulu, the founding father of the Zulu nation.
  • Heritage Day was only recognised as a public holiday in 1995. Today, it celebrates the diverse cultural heritage that makes up our Rainbow Nation.
  • In 2007, after a pointed media campaign by Jan Braai, the day was nicknamed “Braai Day.” Archbishop Desmond Tutu was made the national spokesperson for Braai Day.

“Bringing people together is what I call ‘Ubuntu,’ which means ‘I am because we are.’” – Desmond Tutu

Buy Heritage Day gifts

Ah, gifts… No occasion is truly celebrated without them. NetFlorist has an extensive range of Heritage Day gifts that are reminiscent of our rich diversity. From extraordinary flowers that will convey the many ways that our Rainbow Nation has blossomed over the years, to amazing bakery gifts from the Bakery, there’s nothing more personal and from the heart than a terrific gift for Heritage Day.

Want Heritage Day gift ideas? One of our absolute favourites is the Heritage Day KitKat Promo box. Featuring a limited-edition variety of chocolate wafers, this gift represents the varied diversity of our African heritage. Exclusive only to NetFlorist, this is a proudly South African box of KitKat which contains 14 4-finger KitKat wafers that each represent the rich cultural heritage and 11 official languages of the South African people.

In addition, we have Heritage Day ideas for the office. To celebrate the strength of our African roots, decorate the office with an African Bonsai Tree in Pottery. Spoil a colleague with our beautifully made and uniquely designed Personalised Vintage Africa Note Set. Lastly, make it a feast that all your colleagues would love in the form of irresistible Stripy Strawberry Combo.

 “I am the product of the masses of my country.” – Winnie Madikizela-Mandela

Final Thought

A nation’s heritage lies in hearts and souls of all those who live in it, regardless of race, language or culture. From the incredible range of Heritage Day gifts, to our remarkable variety Heritage Day activities, celebrate the irreplaceable cultural and natural heritage of our Rainbow Nation.

So, what does Heritage Day mean to you? Which part of our rich heritage do you think deserves to be celebrated? Let us know in the comments below and be sure visit NetFlorist and be a part of the drive to help build our African nation!

Secretary’s Day – How to appreciate them

They might have organised a last-minute business trip for you, or reminded you of your upcoming anniversary (LOL, it happens). The work of secretaries, personal assistants and administrative professionals can range from duties like answering phone calls, maintaining your diary and making appointments, to making sure that you arrive to a cup of some much-needed coffee while keeping company files organised to a T. They are the wonders of the workplace, working their magic and pulling strings to put together a year-end function that tops every year before it. No matter what they spend their days doing, they somehow manage to keep the office running like a well-oiled machine. You should really celebrate them! Secretary’s Day 2019 is a day that lets you thank them with a gift that matches their office ninja skills. Drop a Secretary’s Day gift on their desk and make sure that they know that their work will never go unnoticed. Wondering how to say, “Happy Secretary’s Day”? Read on!

When is Secretary’s Day 2019?

Secretary’s Day, otherwise known as Administrative Professionals’ Day, is always in the first week of September. This year, Secretary’s Day is on the 4th of September. It perfectly coincides with the beginning of spring, giving you the chance to give your secretary a gift that’ll warm their heart while the cheerful new season warms everything else! NetFlorist has curated a unique range of thoughtful gifts for your secretary; can you imagine how much happiness fresh flowers and personalised gifts could bring? This year, send more than just a Secretary’s Day message.

What to do for Secretary’s Day

Make an affair of it, of course! There’s no shortage of Secretary’s Day gift ideas on NetFlorist. When they walk into the office on 4 September, surprise them with Secretary’s Day flowers on their desk. With Spring Day just a few days before Secretary’s Day, you’ll have an incomparable selection of vibrant blooms to choose from. Show them your appreciation while welcoming them to the season of new beginnings with a lush bouquet of mixed roses, an elegant lily arrangement or flowers in a mug. Flowers are the basics. They’re a gift that works for most occasions, and they have this uncanny ability to uplift even the lowest moods. Your secretary manages to get through the toughest days with a smile on their face. They’re the positive face of the workplace in more ways than one, and since they brighten so many people’s days through the work they do (never to be underestimated), they deserve a Secretary’s Day gift that brightens their day, too!

What are the best gifts for Secretary’s Day?

Whew, where do I start? There’s this rumour going around that everybody loves chocolate; while it might not be accurate, it’s definitely worth looking into. Sweeten your secretary’s day with a chocolate gift that is unbelievably decadent. We’re not just talking about one little slab of chocolate here… We’re talking about seriously lavish chocolate gifts! My personal favourite is a personalised chocolate hatbox, filled with a yummy assortment of either Cadbury chocolates, or Nestlé chocolates. These awesome hatboxes are decorated with designs that make them a wonderful keepsake, and to top it all off, they usually have a creative Secretary’s Day message on them!

It would be silly to talk about chocolate hatboxes without mentioning the mother of all chocolate gifts: The Choco Treat Hatbox Tower! An extravagant gift for a super secretary, made with three hatboxes, each filled with assorted chocolate bars, stacked on top of each other.

The Bakery at NetFlorist also doesn’t skimp on chocolate. They’ve made a range of bakery goodies especially for Secretary’s Day, from chocolate brownie tins and Secretary’s Day cupcakes, to chocolate cupcakes and entire chocolate cakes for delivery. The Sweet Tooth Brownie Tin is packed with brownies in uniquely tasty flavours that your secretary would have a hard time resisting: cinnamon sugar, tipsy tart and shortbread.

Bakery gifts are also a great option if you’re looking for corporate gifts for Secretary’s Day. Our cupcake jars for the office ninjas can be ordered in bulk, so you can make more than one person’s day! Spread the spirit of appreciation throughout the office this Secretary’s Day, with other corporate gifts like personalised mugs, personalised phone covers and treats of gourmet gifts. Each of these surprises makes the perfect desk-drop for Secretary’s Day; I mean, who wouldn’t want to arrive at work to find a thoughtful present on their desk? Add a little flair to their organisational skills with stationery gifts like this Personalised Shoot for Moon Desk Stationery Set. It includes a beautifully designed weekly planner and a personalised notebook.

Final thoughts

Secretary’s Day is all about gratitude towards the ones who work tirelessly to make sure that everything at work goes as it should. There are hundreds of Secretary’s Day gifts to choose from, so don’t forget to say, “Thank you” with more than words this year. Explore the wonderful range of flowers and gifts that will make their day!

What You Need To Know About Eid-Al-Fitr

Eid is the first day of the Islamic month of Shawwal and it comes after the holy month of Ramadan. This is a day dedicated to a feast with family and a heartfelt declaration of the greatness of Allah! Eid al-Fitr is Arabic for “festival of the breaking of the fast.” This is due to the fact that Muslims normally abstain from eating and drinking from dawn until sunset during Ramadan. This festival marks the end of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar.

General rituals

The holiday begins with a greeting: “Eid Mubarak“, which loosely translates to “Blessed Eid,” both of which can be translated to “have a blessed holiday.” Muslims gather at mosques and communal prayer areas to perform Eid Prayer and greet each other. The Eid festival is celebrated by visiting friends and relatives, hosting food parties and sharing sweets, ranging from chocolate gifts, chocolate truffles, to bakery delights! Children not only get new clothing and shoes, but also receive cash gifts called “Eidi” from their elders and relatives.

Eid conveys a message of unity, love and peace. This is evident with the way the Eid day starts, which is with a prayer in congregation in an open ground, so that a number of Muslims (men, children and the elderly) can meet, greet each other, and pray together behind one imam. Muslims are advised to take different routes while going to and returning from Eid prayers, so they can meet more people, and convey more festive greetings!

Customs and Traditions

  • Muslims get ready for the Eid prayer by dressing up in new clothes.
  • They eat something sweet (preferably dates) before heading out for the Eid prayers.
  • They recite something called takbeerat while going for the Eid prayers.
  • The prayer is traditionally offered in an open area, and each emirate has its own Eidgah (Eid grounds).
  • Eidi or Eidiya (cash or gifts) are distributed among children by the elders

Gifts to Give

For Men

This Eid-Al-Fitr, you can spoil a husband, a brother, or a friend with our remarkable range of Eid gifts and send a heartfelt Eid mubarak! At NetFlorist, we’ve prepared an extensive variety of Eid gift ideas for Eid 2019. Browse through our wonderful range of man crates and delight his taste buds with a decadent assortment of incredible treats. If you’re shopping Eid gifts for your brother, you can indulge him with marvellous bro buckets with a personal touch. Whether you’re delighting them with chocolate gifts, or nougat gifts, get it personalised with their name or a heartwarming Eid mubarak message!

This year, Eid 2019 falls on a winter season, so the perfect gift for Eid would be one that keeps the winter winds at bay. Our stunning personalised hoodies make for a remarkable gift for both men and children, and if you’re looking for a gift for Eid that warms the heart, look no further than our phenomenal range of hoodies online, ranging from personalised respect the beard hoodie to our fantastic personalised photo hoodie.

For Women

Tug at her heartstrings with our exceptional range of Eid presents for her. Brighten her home with the unsurpassed beauty of our Eid flowers from NetFlorist. Explore from radiant array of pink roses, which convey happiness, gracefulness and admiration, to a stunning range of lovely lilies symbolise humility and devotion. Browse through our amazing range of bakery treats and delight her with an Eid gift that will ensure an unforgettable meal experience!

Still at a loss for the perfect Eid gift for her? You can still make her heart smile with our fantastic lifestyle brands, ranging from the relaxing and therapeutic Baylis and Harding, the luxurious delights of Charlotte Rhys, our stunning variety of Le Creuset, or our magnificent range of Carrol Boyes essentials! Women deserve to be spoilt as well on this sacred occasion so explore the exquisite variety of Eid gifts for women and find something that will enchant her absolutely!

This Eid South Africa, celebrate this important occasion in the Islamic calendar with friends and family! Visit the one-stop flower and gifting store and send a wonderful Eid gift from South Africa’s largest sameday gift delivery service. Let NetFlorist help you and the ones you love take delight in this magnificent holiday!