Personalised gifts

Personalised gifts should be the only kind of gifts

Whether it is your fifth year of marriage, your son’s 21st, your father-in-laws birthday or your daughter’s matric dance, finding the perfect gift to suit the occasion can be stressful. There is no one gift that you can buy in bulk that will suit every celebration. However, we do have a life hack when it comes to gifting, personalised products! NetFlorist is helping you find the most unique gifts that can be used to spoil your loved ones. Here are reasons why you should be opting for a personalised gift:


The fact that you thought about what you wanted to get for a loved one and did your research means you undeniably have good intentions. Some people say it is the thought that counts, but purchasing a personalised product mean you put those thoughts into action.


Sending a scarf with pretty patterns on it, maybe a great gift for your sister, but having her name, date of birth or a heartfelt message is what will make the entire gifting experience even more memorable. Every time she puts on that scarf, that memory of turning it over and seeing your name in a garment is met with smiles and a heart full of joy.

Showing affection

A personal moment can be heightened by means of a personalised gift. Some people simply don’t like to or struggle to show affection, a personalised gift, however, has the ability to say all you mean to say.

Suitable for all ages

Personalised gifts work for all ages. Whether you are in your fifties or learning to read, personalised gifts have no age limits. New parents are always beyond proud to put their newborn’s name on a decorative teddy. Grandparents are equally as excited to put their grandchildren’s names on charm bracelets. And let’s be honest, teenagers just love to put their names on anything!

All Genders

A braai set, a cookie dough cutter, a pair of socks, or a set of cosmetic bags. A beer crate, a wine glass, a cupcake, a keyring, a cell phone cover or a photo frame. Personalised products suite all races, religions, genders and cultures. Personalised gifts have absolutely no limits.

No one else will have it

That’s the whole thing, it’s yours. It literally has your name on it. Try to find something that is your favourite colour, has the pattern that grabs your eye, the sparkle in the right places and is delivered to you; you won’t find it anywhere else, other than NetFlorist.

Works for any occasion

Personalised products can be used for any occasion. The scenarios are endless! Wedding: why not get the bride and groom personalised champagne glasses. Have a housewarming to attend: get a personalised doormat with the family name or crest on. Have an anniversary: get your jewellery personalised. Or, perhaps your best friend is starting a new job: get a personalised notebook, coffee mug or cupcakes to show your excitement for them. Any occasion welcomes a personalised gift!


Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her

Everybody has their own ideas about Valentine’s Day. It is one of the most contested holidays of the year, with many people questioning why there is only one specific day dedicated to showing those closest to you some love. You might convince yourself that the day is not an important one and that you don’t need to receive something on the day to feel special, but there’s no denying that feeling you get when you do receive even the tiniest of favours.

NetFlorist believes that those closest to your heart deserve to be spoilt all year round but on Valentine’s Day specifically, we want to be a part of giving your loved one that special feeling. We want to remain on their desk for weeks after the red roses have wilted!

Ever heard the saying, ‘it’s the thought that counts’? Well, we’ve built an entire company around that saying. We have put hours into tailoring the perfect gift for every situation and we’re particularly good at putting together Valentine’s Day gifts. Make this Valentine’s Day a memorable one, by giving your loved one that special feeling in their heart and let us help you do exactly that.

Beat the last-minute Valentine’s Day rush with NetFlorist! If you spend above R300 (excl. delivery) we will sweeten the deal and give you a free box of Lindt choccies in addition to your order! We’ve compiled a list of our top five Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her, just to help get you into the spirit of giving on the day of lurrrrrrrv.

Bunch of Red Roses in Craft Paper

A bouquet of ruby, red roses beautifully communicates feelings of romance, admiration and that of lust. This combination of feelings is intense and has the power to knock the socks off of her. The gift is a classic for a reason; there is very little that can go wrong with a bouquet of red roses. The roses are complemented by ruscus and comes neatly wrapped up in brown craft paper. Celebrate your ‘budding’ love the right way this Valentine’s Day. Shop Now >


8 Bits of You Personalised Wine

Imagine setting a stunning table for a romantic dinner and having it all seamlessly brought together by a personalised bottle of wine? Have your unique and special message printed on the bottle label and add your loved one’s name so that they know for sure it was made especially for them! Toast to your love and the future of your relationship with a glass of our wine in hand. Shop Now >


Teddy and Cadbury Chocolates in Gift Box

This particular item is one of our bestsellers and when looking at the image and accompanying price, it’s easy to see why. By purchasing this Teddy and Cadbury Chocolates in Gift Box, you are not only purchasing the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, you are also purchasing a cuddle-buddy for your loved one for those lonely nights that you just can’t be there. Place your order ahead of time and have it delivered on Valentine’s Day. Shop Now >


Personalised Love Always Wins Mug

No matter how trying situations might get, keep in mind that love ALWAYS wins! The mug is available for purchase on its own but it can also be bought with either chocolate, hot chocolate, tea or coffee. The mug is also available for personalisation, which means you can add your and your loved one’s name and have it printed on the mug! Talk about that special touch!             Shop Now >


Personalised Better Half Chocolate Tray

True love is when both people in the relationship think they have the better half of the deal! Surprise your better half with this charming and delicious Personalised Better Half Chocolate Tray. A tray of twelve delicious assorted truffles is housed in a box with a sleeve keeping it securely closed. The sleeve has a quirky ‘better half’ design on it, which is also available for personalisation. Have your names printed on the sleeve for that extra special touch! Shop Now >


It’s important to keep in mind that these are just five items available for order and delivery. Visit our site for more options and you’ll see our designated Valentine’s Day tab. NetFlorist boasts a wide variety of romantic-themed gifts that are guaranteed to ensure a happy Valentine’s Day for her AND for you!

Tulips – Fun facts and caring tips

Taking care of your cut tulips and plants

Tulips are known for their beauty, popularity and being a favourite all year long. Today there are over 3000 varieties of cultivated tulips and a whopping 75 wild tulip species! Every year Holland grows and exports billions of tulips around the world. In this post, we are going to share some fun facts, and tell you how to care for your tulips, as fresh cut flowers and potted plants.

Fun Facts:

  • Few know this, but in South Africa, Tulips are actually winter flowers. They are rare in the warmer months of the year, when they are grown in cold rooms.
  • Worldwide they are the third most popular flower, only beaten by Roses and Chrysanthemum.
  • They are the only cut flowers that grow in water!
  • Tulips feel the drop in temperature at night and close their petals.
  • The tulip’s petals are edible! Depending on the colour, they range from being sweet to tasting a bit bland. PS. If you want to try this, the pink, white and peach petals are the sweetest, and the red and yellow the most flavourful.
  • About 90% of South Africa’s tulips are exported.
  • Tulip bulbs multiply when dormant.
  • Tulips are one of few flowers that have pores along the stem that absorb water!

Tried and tested myths that actually work:

  • If your tulip’s head flops to the side, simply pinch it through the neck with a needle or pin. The head will lift up soon after that and you might get an extra day or two of its beauty.
  • Or, you can drop a coin in the water. The reaction from the water and the copper has the tulip lifting its head up again.

Taking care of your cut Tulips:

  • First off, always buy tulips while they are still in bud. By the time you get home, they might have already opened, especially in the South African weather!
  • The first thing to do with your cut tulips is to cut down the bottom of the stems as its pores have closed. When you cut the stems, you open the pores again for the stems to absorb the water.
  • Once placed in a vase, only add about 5cm of water. Only top water up once a day. Don’t over water it, as it absorbs the water faster, causing the head to flop sooner.
  • Fresh tulips don’t need plant food – it simply needs fresh water to stay alive.
  • Fresh tulips are better on their own in a bouquet, as they only have a five-day life expectancy.
  • REMEMBER: Tulips thrive in a cool environment as they are fragile.
Tulips in vases

Spoil someone special with a beautiful tulip flowering plant or bouquet from NetFlorist.


Caring for your Tulip Plants:

  • Tulip plants are grown in cold rooms in South Africa.
  • Keep the plants away from heat as it causes faster development.
  • Only water your plant twice a week. If you want, you can put water in a drip tray and place your tulip pot in there so it can absorb the water as needed.
  • Once the colour of the tulip flower starts showing, the life expectancy of the tulip plant is around a week to a week and a half.
  • Once the flower dies, you can cut it down and take the bulb out of the soil. Place it in a dry and dark place, or plant in a dry area in the garden.
  • The bulbs multiply in the ground in their dormant state.
  • In the late summer you can plant your bulbs again for them to bloom during the winter season.
Tulips potted plants and bouquets available.

NetFlorist has the most amazing range of potted plants and flowering plants, like these beauties: Tulip flowers.

Tulips are beautiful flowers and although they don’t have an exceptionally long life span, they are beauties you want in your home and office! NetFlorist has tulips that come in just about every shade of colour and we know that these amazing flowers are an awesome gift for just about any and every occasion.

SA Marriage week – Focusing on the wellbeing of your marriage


One of the most beautiful quotes about marriage is something we came across in the book turned movie, The Notebook, by Nicholas Sparks: “Marriage is [about] becoming a team. You’re going to spend the rest of your life learning about each other, and every now and then, things blow up. But the beauty of marriage is that if you picked the right person and you both love each other, you’ll always figure out a way to get through it”.

Since we’re at the start of SA Marriage week, which will be 1 – 7 September 2016, we decided to join in on the theme of “Do something, give something”. This is not just in terms of buying gifts for your significant other, this is also about the smaller things in life, such as making a sandwich and sharing it while sitting on the couch and watching a movie. With this in mind, we thought of a few ideas in which you can incorporate romantic gifts from NetFlorist to show your better half how much they mean to you.

Love and marriage

A happy marriage is about spending quality time together.

  1. Show your romantic side when you buy a dozen blood red roses and hide them from her all around the house. Start off with a little note at the door, leading her to the first rose and take her through the house until she finds the last rose which will be in your hand, as you smile like a silly loon!
  2. Escape the everyday life by packing a picnic basket filled with snacks and bubbly and take your significant other away to a beautiful place where you can enjoy the treats and each other’s company. In the end, that is what love and marriage is about – spending quality time together.
  3. The key to a successful marriage is doing things for one another. If you know that your significant other has had a rough day, fill up a bath with bath oil, a fizz ball and have a glass of wine handy for when she comes home. Little gestures like this can go a long way!
  4. Celebrating your six-month anniversary? Order a box of six doughnuts to celebrate the half dozen months together and make a toast to the next six months in a happy marriage.
  5. In married life, one sometimes has to stop amidst the hustle and bustle and make time for each other. Buy a couple’s moonlight spa voucher and enjoy the night getting a few treatments, dinner and just enjoying each other’s company.
  6. SA Marriage Week is about creating harmony in the home, and this includes sharing. Why not kick back and relax in the comfort of your love nest, and share a delcious dinner, complete with snacks and wine? We have a wide variety of snack and booze hampers for you to set the mood and give you a real chance to reflect.

All in all, we want you to make sure that you use this week to reflect on your marriage, focusing on its wellbeing and creating harmony in the home. A successful marriage takes work, which is why doing small things for each other really goes a long way. No matter what you decide to do during SA Marriage Week, NetFlorist is here to help you make it beneficial!

Happy marriages is about the small things in life

SA Marriage week – Celebrate your love with presents

Birthdays – The history

Why do we celebrate our birthdays?

Old age isn’t so bad when you consider the alternative – Anonymous. Celebrating birthdays is celebrating life and that is simply a treasure, and celebrating it with family and friends is even more so. Life should be celebrated every day and not just on your birthday. Since we can’t fill up on cake and all the nasties every day, we unfortunately have to limit it to a few selected days, our birthday and friends birthdays. The question however arises, where do birthday celebrations come from?

According to the Huffington Post, what they gathered from hypotheses, we get to celebrate our birthdays the way we do (parties, candles, cakes, birthday songs and gifts) from various times in history. Let’s take a look at where everything started.

The party:

The Huffington Post cited scholars that hypothesise that the Egyptians started parties on the coronation of the Pharaoh, when it was said to believe that the Pharaohs transformed into gods when crowned. The celebration of their “godly” birthdate would then surpass their actual birthdate and the celebration is what we know today as the party. And with every party, there should be cake!

The candles:

A few years later, the idea of a birthday celebration had taken off into the world. The idea of lit candles on cakes, came from the Greeks, according to the Huffington Post. To recreate the radiance of the moon and the perceived beauty of the lunar goddess – Artemis. As a form of tribute to the goddess, the Greeks lit the candles on the cake for a glowing effect. Along with blowing out the candles on the cakes, comes making a wish.

The cake, the candles and the wish:

The Huffington Post suggests that the closest connection to the contemporary birthday party was the German Kinderfeste in the late 18th century. Kinderfeste was held to honour a child at their first birthday. They lit a candle on the cake for each year the child had been alive, adding another one to symbolise the hope of living at least one more year. Blowing out the candles and making a wish was part of the celebrations. Celebrating life with friends and loved ones is often than not the reason for a birthday party.

The best way to celebrate a friend or loved one at their birthday party is by getting them a beautifully decorated and fresh birthday cake from The Bakery at NetFlorist. There is a wide range of delectable cakes ready for you to order and devour for the sake of celebration. Don’t forget the candles!

Cakes for all birthdays

The Bakery @ NetFlorist has you covered!

The birthday song:

According to the Huffington Post we can thank Robert Coleman for adding a few lyrics to an already widespread song written by Patty Hill and Mildred J. Hill, “Good Morning to All” in 1893. The Huffington Post confirms that in 1924 Coleman added a few lyrics to the nationwide song, and it quickly spread like wildfire and became the famous version we all sing to this day: “Happy birthday to you”.

After Happy Birthday to you, the candles blown out, the wish made and a piece of cake for everyone, we focus our attention on the birthday girl or boy to open their gifts.

The gifts:

Gifting has been around since the beginning of time. It is inherently human to gift loved ones with something to show they care. An example hereof is the Native Americans who have been known to celebrate gift-giving with potlatch for thousands of years – marking life events like births, adoptions, weddings and other inter-tribal events.

Birthdays for him

Amazing birthday gifts for him!

The idea of gifting, being inherent to any human, will thus be automatically on your list when going to a birthday party. Getting the perfect gift doesn’t need to have you in twists and knots. NetFlorist has the perfect gift on their website just for you.

Special for her birthdays!

Thoughtful gifts for her!

In conclusion, we have learned the history of birthdays, from the party that started with the Egyptian Pharaohs to the gifts being inherent to each and every one. You know where to find mouth-watering birthday cake and of course the gifts for the birthday girl or boy – nowhere else than at NetFlorist! Go on, celebrate life and even old age, it’s better than the alternative – not celebrating life.

Have a super fabulous full-o-good-stuff kind of day!

Love Lilian


Resources: Date accessed: 19/04/2016.