20 Days of Nice – NetFlorist 20-Year Campaign Launch!

20 years ago, NetFlorist delivered its first Valentine’s Day gift to someone special and brought a smile to the face of a loved one for the first time. Since that wonderful day, we’ve helped countless people express feelings that were beyond words to someone they loved beyond measure! Today, we are the country’s beloved flower and gifting service. In celebration of an extraordinary 20 years of sending smiles and connecting loved ones, we’d like to remind people of the very purpose of sending a gift: to just be nice and bring a smile to the face of someone special!

As we look back on the relationships we’ve strengthened, the friends we’ve connected and the sparks of romance that we’ve ignited, NetFlorist invites people across the nation to remember the ones that were nice to you when they never had to be. It’s not what they did for you that matters, but how that incredible deed made you feel. It could be the lovely old lady who held the door open for you even when she’s the one with the bad knees, or the rare kind of boss that gave you a second chance to make a first impression, the act of kindness comes in many different forms and each one is worth celebrating.


Why ‘Just Be Nice’?

It is only when kindness has been shown that the world can be changed for the better. In February 1999, just before Valentine’s Day, NetFlorist brought flowers and a smile to someone for the first time. Since then, we’ve delivered over 4 million orders, which means 4 million people have had someone remind them how special they are. To NetFlorist, being nice is a simple way to let someone know that there is still love to be found in the world.

Today, there are many ways to show kindness, and to just be nice! Our #20DaysOfNice campaign seeks to look beyond the kindness shown through flowers and gifts, but to honour the simple deeds of kindness that don’t happen on special occasions. We want to celebrate the acts of kindness that happen on a daily basis, from moment to moment, and in most cases, from stranger to stranger. Being nice is a wonderful legacy to leave behind and is a stepping stone toward making the world a better place. The golden rule is to treat others the way you’d like to be treated, and if one person experiences a moment of kindness, it changes the way they see the world, they pass on that feeling to another person. At NetFlorist, we believe that changing the world is nice, but changing the world of one person every day is even nicer!

#20DaysOfNice Campaign

As we celebrate 20 years of smiles, and two decades of kindness, we invite South Africans to share stories of people who have redefined what it means to just be nice, and through kindness, have made the world a better place. Those who have witnessed or even experienced such kindness can share their stories on social media using the hashtag, #20DaysOfNice. Choose your platform, and whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, NetFlorist is here to listen and together, we can send a well-deserved thank you gift to our modern heroes and spread a little positivity to the world.

For 20 days, at least 20 people behind these amazing acts of kindness will receive a thank you gift from NetFlorist. Whether random or not, the simple act of being kind is more than just nice, it reminds a person that they matter. If there’s a person you know, a person you’ve heard of, or if it’s a person you love, this campaign of positivity will shine a light on their incredible act of niceness and remind South Africa that no nice deed goes unnoticed. Even as South Africa’s largest sameday gift service, we understand that a thank you gift doesn’t have to cost that much, because it can accomplish very much. No act of niceness, no matter how small, is for nothing, because it’s not that one moment that matters, but what that one moment meant to that one person!

In celebration of our 20th birthday, NetFlorist wants to dedicate 20 days wherein which we could shine a light on the extraordinary South Africans who personify the simple act of ‘just being nice’. Even when a person has very little, kindness is a gift that anyone can give to as many people as possible. During #20DaysOfNice, in addition to giving these special people the recognition they deserve, you can also become the nice person that you’d like to meet, and create a nicer world that you wish to see. Send a simple personalised gift, surprise a colleague with flowers, with #20DaysOfNice, you can also be the reason that someone else smiles, because in a world where you can be anything, it’s always worth it to ‘just be nice’!



Your fill of dandy Daffodils!

Daffodils are currently in season in South Africa and we’re absolutely loving it! NetFlorist has an entire range of dandy daffodil plants ready to be delivered, sameday. The golden blooms commonly symbolise rebirth and new beginnings.

It is officially the March birth flower and the 10th wedding anniversary flower. A daffodil plant gift is said to ensure happiness. It is, however, believed to be bad luck if you gift someone with a single bloom. A single daffodil bloom can supposedly foretell misfortune.




Be the sender of smiles and happiness with this vibrant daffodil plant, which comes presented in a unique ceramic smiley pot. It will certainly brighten any day so send now!

Daffodils fall into the genus Narcissus. Narcissus was the name of a Greek god that fell in love with his own reflection. He didn’t realise that the reflection was his own. Every time he bent down to kiss it, the reflection would disappear. Narcissus grew increasingly thirsty, but would not leave or touch the water for fear of losing sight of his reflection. Eventually, he died of love and well, thirst… On that very spot he died, a narcissus flower grew.


Daffodil Plant in Round Ceramic Pot



Spoil someone special with these classic daffodil blooms which come presented in a lovely round ceramic pot with moss and raffia. It will look great in any setting! Colour of the plant may vary. Flower arrives in bud Get this Daffodil Plant In Round Ceramic Pot delivered with NetFlorist.

Daffodils are grown in cold rooms, in crates, here in South Africa. The crates are stacked on top of one another to get the right temperature they need to grow. When they are about 3-4 cm, they are put outside to grow. From this point onwards, they are easy-to-care-for flowers. Here are some expert tips for growing daffodil plants:




This bucket full of beauty will lift anyone’s mood, with a blooming daffodil plant which is presented in a yellow bucket tin with moss. Send now!

  1. Daffodils give off a sap that can be deadly to other plants. It is, therefore, advisable to plant them separately from other flowering plants. They are also poisonous to pets! A positive is that the plant is also rodent-resistant.
  2. Be sure to water the plant generously while the daffodils are blooming.
  3. Provide a handful of bulb fertiliser or any general-purpose fertiliser when shoots poke through the ground.
  4. When a bulb becomes ‘bloomed out’, more are produced to continue the plant. Divide daffodils every three to five years, or whenever you begin to notice that the flowers are smaller in size. Divide the bulbs when the foliage has died as the dead foliage will ensure healthy bulbs. The bulbs will have plenty of stored sugar for the next year’s growth.
  5. Use mulch to protect the flowering plant from cold, drying winds.


Visit netflorist.co.za and have a look at all of our daffodil plant range. Place your order today for delivery nationwide. NetFlorist will complete your plant gift delivery on your behalf!


Top 6 tips for iris care

An iris is a flower that is usually blue, purple, white and/or yellow in colour. The ornamental bloom is native to Eurasia and North America. The name ‘Iris’ originated from Ancient Greek Mythology. The goddess who personified the rainbow was named Iris. The legend says that irises were planted over the graves of women. By doing this, Iris was summoned to help guide said women on their journey to heaven. The Egyptians adopted this legend in their own way; Irises have commonly been depicted in Egyptian palaces. With a history like that, it’s easy to see why the iris is still a bloom of stature in the 21st century!





The stately iris flower is known for having the meaning of royalty. It also represents wisdom and respect, which makes for the perfect of appreciation. The iris flowers are bedded in moss and ruscus in a stylish cement pot. Show a loved one your appreciation by sending them this stunning Stately Irises In a Cement Pot.

Among other things, the Iris is the birth flower of February, the national flower of France and is the 25th wedding anniversary flower. Some of the most common meanings of the flower include royalty, faith, wisdom, hope, and valour. So, the iris is beyond a doubt a popular flower choice for nearly every occasion.




Forget ‘Starry Starry’ night, the ‘Irises’ paintings by Van Gogh and Monet are truly the stars of the show. Much like their painting equivalents, this stunning artistic arrangement of Irises and yellow roses in a special occasions gift box, will steal the show for any and every occasion! Spoil a loved one with this breath-taking arrangement from NetFlorist today!

Now that you know more about the history and symbolism of the iris, let’s get down to the core of the blog post – iris care. Despite its fairly ‘divine’ origins, the flower is fairly hardy, reliable and easy to grow. There are over 300 variations of the species iris although the most common iris is the bearded iris. An iris is made up of 3 large, outside petals and 3 smaller, inside petals. The outside petals are known as ‘falls’ and the inside petals are known as ‘standards’. A bearded iris is so named because they have soft hairs along the centre of the falls. Below are our top 6 tips for iris care:

  1. Plant them in a sunny spot, in late summer. The plant needs to be planted in well-drained soil and so, it must get at least 6 hours of direct sunlight a day.
  2. Prepare their beds. Low-nitrogen fertilizer is recommended. The soil also needs to register at a pH level slightly less than 7 (neutral). A granular fertilizer should be used twice a year – in early spring.
  3. Air to breath. A beared-iris needs good air circulation. Plant them about 40-45 cm apart from one another.
  4. No mulch! Mulching retains soil moisture. This is the last thing you want for your iris plant. The good news is that the iris is therefore also drought-resistant!
  5. Don’t trim iris leaves. Don’t trim iris leaves after they have finished blooming. Leaves carry on photosynthesis for next year’s growth. You can, however, cut off the brown edges of the leaves.
  6. Transplant. After 2-5 years clumps might become congested and stop blooming. Divide and transplant the rhizomes in fresh soil. The best time to replant irises is straight after bloom.

See more: ARUM LILY




Show someone special how much you care with this gorgeous White Tulip Pot Treat. A vibrant arrangement of yellow roses, orange tulips, blue irises and ruscus is displayed in an elegant white tulip pot which will certainly be the focal point of any setting. Make someone smile and send this floral arrangement with NetFlorist!

NetFlorist boasts a variety of cut and planted iris flower gifts. The irises have been arranged in vases, ceramic pots, baskets, moss baskets or more. Stunning combination bouquets and flower arrangements can also be found on the site. The blue and yellow iris has been paired with tulips of different colours, yellow roses, lilies, latifolia and more! Visit netflorist.co.za and place your order today. NetFlorist will also complete your Mother’s Day flower delivery. You know, just in case the special occasion has managed to slip your mind…


Say it with Thank You gifts

‘Thank you’ is a simple English phrase that carries significant weight. The powerful words have a way of creeping into the receiver’s heart. Most of us were taught to use the words ‘Thank you’ from a young age. By actively using the phrase, you are encouraging a culture in which your appreciation is successfully expressed.

Change the attitude of not showing gratitude by sending your loved one a ‘Thank You’ gift. We should definitely say the words more often and this International Thank You Thursday emphasises just that. Browse through our extensive range of Thank You gifts, ready for delivery nationwide. Choose to honour the day and the concept, by sending a gift via NetFlorist. Here are our top suggestions for the day:



Thank You

Say ‘thank you’ in the sweetest way possible, with this tin of delicious cake pops! They consist of vanilla cake which is mixed with vanilla butter icing and rolled into tasty little balls. The balls are then put on a stick and dipped into a white chocolate topping and decorated with blue, pink and yellow coloured sugar and colourful flowers. This tin consists of ten of these treats and is personalised with a unique ‘Thank you’ sticker with the lucky recipient’s name to make it all the more special. Send now! Allergens: wheat, gluten, cow’s milk, egg and dairy. All our products are Halaal.



Thank You

Thank that special someone with this amazing tea tin, which features a unique personalised ‘Thank You’ label design. To get the tea journey started, 10 pouches of Pomegranate Infusion Green Tea are included. There is, after all, truly nothing better than curling up on the couch in winter with a warm cup of tea!



Thank You

Show your gratitude with this set of two fruit and nut jars which are branded with unique ‘Thank You’ label designs which are personalised with a special message. Inside, is a combination of cashew nuts, cling peaches, macadamia nuts, and diced strawberries. The jars can be kept as keepsakes after the snacks have been devoured by your loved one!



Thank You

Thank a loved one with a bottle of Nederburg Merlot (750ml) or Nederburg Sauvignon Blanc (750ml) which comes wrapped in brown craft paper with a gorgeous ‘Thank You’ label design. It’s the perfect gift with which to show your gratitude! 



Thank You

Show your appreciation with this lovely succulent, which is displayed with potting soil in a clear square vase with pastel ribbon and a cute ‘Thank You’ lollipop stick. The dessert rose is the ideal present because it is a hardy plant that requires little maintanence.




Express your gratitude with this stunning Personalised Thank You Treasure Box. The wooden box with sliding lid is engraved with a beautiful “Thank you” design that has space for the recipient’s name. It comes filled with Lindt truffles in the flavours of Coconut, Cappuccino, Extra Dark, Irish Cream, Milk chocolate and White chocolate. The colour of the wooden crate varies. 




Tulips are FINALLY in season again and we couldn’t be happier about it! Show someone special how much you care with this gorgeous White Tulip Pot Treat. A vibrant arrangement of yellow roses, orange tulips, blue irises and ruscus is displayed in an elegant white tulip pot which will certainly be the focal point of any setting. 




Thank a loved one with this unique candle gift. A vanilla candle is housed in a black frosted glass holder with unique ‘Thank You’ marble label design, which is personalised with a message. Upload the special message of your choice to be printed onto the label of the candle. NetFlorist will personalise the gift, package it, and safely deliver it on your behalf! *Size: 7.5cm (D) x 9cm (H). 




No matter what you want to thank him or her for, this snack tin is the perfect way to do it! A silver tin is branded with a unique ‘Thank you for being’ design which is personalised with a phrase and message of your choice. Inside, is a delicious selection of snacks including Pringles Original (47g), sliced biltong (100g), and droewors (100g). 




A ‘thank you’ can go a long way, especially when done in such a special way! A cuddly brown teddy comes displayed in a tin with a cute ‘Thank you beary much’ label design, which is also personalised with the name of the lucky recipient. To make it even more special, you have the option of adding in a 38g mint aero slab and a 38g dark aero chocolate slab.

For more Thank You gift ideas, visit netflorist.co.za for more! A reminder that Mother’s Day (13 May 2018) is just around the corner. Take the time to thank your mom for the pivotal role she has played in your life. Browse through our range that is packed with incredible Mother’s Day gifts, each perfect in their own way!

Mother's Day

Our Mother’s Day category has officially launched!

A mother is someone who can take the place of all others, but whose place no one else can take. This is exactly why NetFlorist chooses to honour Mother’s Day to the extent that it does. With the special occasion just around the corner, we thought it was high time we provide you with some of our top picks for the day.

These marvellous Mother’s Day gifts will undoubtedly shed a light on your mother’s efforts. Show her how much she means to you by spoiling her with a surprise Mother’s Day gift delivery from NetFlorist! Here are our Mother’s Day gift ideas for 13 May 2018:

For the mom-on-the-go

Make her day with a gift that is both practical and cute! The on-the-go mom will be able to use this personalised mom fuel travel mug and fill it with her morning coffee beans, tea leaves or, a sneaky (yet well deserved) spoon of hot chocolate. We know that she has a ton to do so, there is nothing better than having your morning cuppa on the go! Shop Mother’s Day necessities!

For the multi-tasking mom

For the woman who just keeps on going and also remains a role model to her children, this vino should do the trick! This Be Like Mom Wine in Craft Paper will provide your mom with the perfect excuse to wind down, the wine way. Shop Mother’s Day must-haves!

For the doting mom

Let her know how proud you are to call her the mother of your children, by purchasing this Personalised Twinkle Twinkle Baby Generic Candle. This is a great gift for an expecting or new mom. The personalised candle is available in a calming rose or delicious vanilla scent. Shop for the new mom this Mother’s Day!

For the dazzling mom

It is said by many that a mom is a superhero without a cape. This Mother’s Day, spoil your mom in the best possible way, with these fluffy and fuzzy gowns – a cape of her own. Pick the colour of the fleece gown and proceed to personalise it! There may even be enough space for you to cuddle up with her like in the good old days. Shop Mother’s Day personalised products!

For the sassy mom

We have unique gifts and hampers, fashionable scarves that can be personalised. For the woman that wrote the manual on just how to be a sassy mom. Go the extra mile this Mother’s Day and surprise her with this touch of coral and royal blue personalised scarf on 13 May 2018. Shop Mother’s Day fashion as well as bath & body!

For the tasteful mom

Thank your mom this Mother’s Day for simply being the best that there is, with this sweet treat. Sweeten up Sunday afternoon tea-time with this beautifully detailed ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ cookie bouquet. Shop Mother’s Day bakery goods soon! 

For the house-proud mom

Thank your mother for being the kind of woman that she is this Mother’s Day. Her unconditional love has shone a light on you since the moment you took your first breath. Shine a light on her on this special occasion by sending her this Sunflower Sunrise Bouquet. Our sunflowers are bright, unique and lasting; just like moms love towards you. Shop flowers for Mother’s Day!

For the sweet tooth mom

Why not surprise her with something that she really wants? By this we mean, gift her a sweet and decadent Lindt-filled candy jar. This Mom My Hero Candy Jar is also available for personalisation! Shop Mother’s Day hampers and milky pieces of heaven!

For the mom in training

Sometimes (and only sometimes) flowers just don’t make the cut. If your mother likes to keep active and fit then this gym bag is the perfect gift for her! Let your mom know that she is a strong powerful woman and that her determination inspires you to never give up. Shop Mother’s Day apparel!

For the green thumb mom

For the mom that knows how to nurture and develop little buds into flourishing flowers, this is the perfect gift. These red tulips burst beautifully with love. Shop our Mother’s Day plant range.

For the flourishing mom

Why not spoil the lady that made you flourish into the best version of yourself with this pretty bouquet made up of lilies, roses, carnations and greenery. Use one of our flower arrangements to show your mother your deep appreciation for all that she does. NetFlorist does Mother’s Day flower delivery, nationwide!

For the pretty in pink mom

Mother’s aren’t technically supposed to have favourites but if they did, this gift would definitely move you to the top of the list! This particular bouquet of fresh cut pink roses in a pink vase will do the trick. We guarantee that mom’s heart will flutter with delight when she sees these arrive at her door. Shop Mother’s Day statement bouquets!

For the regal mom

If your mother continues to exceed expectations, then this bouquet will definitely show her your appreciation and make her feel like a queen. This tulip bouquet says: ‘Thanks for being my queen and protector’. Shop gifts that embody elegance, this Mother’s Day!

Anyone of the above products will not only make a good Mother’s Day gift, they will make great gifts for the special occasion! Keep in mind that Mother’s Day flowers are delivered sameday. Also, order by May 9th and get a free box of Lindt chocs. T&C’s apply