Chocolate Cake – Our Bestselling Recipe

When you’re craving something sweet, the Bakery at NetFlorist has a scrumptious variety of bakery products for your favourite cake lovers. Delectably made with the finest ingredients, our bestselling chocolate cake delights make for the sweetest baked sensations to enjoy with the ones special to you.

Even as South Africa’s largest sameday gift delivery service, we understand that life can make it difficult to spoil the ones you love with a bakery item that will be delicious enough to tug at their heartstrings. If you’d like to treat the ones you love with baked goodness that is made with a personal touch, we’ve prepared a recipe for one of our bestselling chocolate cake delights that you can make and serve to your friends and family from the comfort of your lovely kitchen.

Part One

The Chocolate Cake


You will need:

  • 12 eggs
  • 375g of caster sugar
  • 270g of plain flour
  • 40g of cocoa powder
  • 5ml of baking powder
  • 10ml of vanilla essence


  1. Using a whisk, cream your eggs and whisk sugar together until it’s light, fluffy and foamy. As we love to help you indulge someone special in the most exquisite of bakery treats, this is to ensure a perfect balance between eggs and sugar and is very important in incorporating air into your eggs.
  2. Sift your plain flour, cocoa powder, and baking powder together and keep it aside.
  3. Add vanilla essence to your original mixture and mix well for that desired decadent flavour.
  4. One exquisite ingredient at a time, slowly fold in your drying ingredients. These will be your plain flour, baking powder, and your cocoa powder.
  5. Split the sweet symphony that is your mixture into three round pans, and ensure that they are greased and lined with grease-proof paper.
  6. Bake each of your luscious concoctions in a pre-heated oven of 180 degrees for 20-25 minutes.
  7. After the time is up, ensure that you remove the mixture out of the oven, and allow it to cool down.

Now that you’re the connoisseur of delicious chocolate cakes, you can take it a step further with a creamy glaze of your favourite filling. Whether, you’re using this to cover or decorate your chocolate cake, it is an essential part of your journey into creating your own personal confectionery masterpiece!

Part Two

The Icing


You will need:

  • 500g of soft butter
  • 1kg of sifted icing sugar
  • 100g of sifted cocoa powder
  • 5ml of vanilla essence
  • 100ml of fresh cream


  1. Using a flat beater, cream the butter until you achieve a soft and creamy texture.
  2. Slowly add the sweet indulgence of your delicious icing sugar and cocoa powder into the mixture.
  3. To finish off your confectionery masterpiece, add your vanilla essence and your fresh cream into your lovely mixture.
  4. Keep whipping until you achieve the desired effect.

Now that you have all the individual elements of your chocolate concoction ready and prepared, the next and final step of your bestselling recipe is the assembly.

Part Three

The Assembly


You will need:

  • Cake board
  • Chocolate sprinkles


  1. Take one cake round and place it on your cake board.
  2. Layer your cake with your chocolate icing and infuse the luscious layer of sweetness that is your icing with the flavourful delight and texture that is your cake.
  3. Repeat step 1 and 2 with your second and third cake rounds.
  4. Using your spatula, ice your chocolate cake, and smooth out the edges.
  5. Allow it to settle for 10-15 minutes.
  6. Decorate your chocolate cake with a star nozzle.
  7. Imbue your new chocolate cake masterpiece with chocolate sprinkles.
  8. Feed their inner child and serve this chocolate concoction to 8 – 12 of your friends and family!

A chocolate cake is a perfect bakery confection for any occasion, perfect as a loved one’s birthday gift, a lovely couple’s Anniversary, or even a bakery treat to say “Congratulations” to someone who deserves it. Either you order a birthday cake online from the bakery that delivers, or take delight in baking it yourself, nothing beats the personal touch of a chocolate cake made with love for the ones who are special to you!

1-year birthday

1-year birthday gift ideas!

Smashcakes, fuzzy teddy-bears, personalised baby blankets, plush nursery pillows, and decadent cupcakes; there is so much to choose from for a 1-year old birthday. As usual, NetFlorist has gone out of its way to help make the big decision just a little easier. Whether you are a family friend, the favourite uncle, or merely a 3rd cousin, we have great baby gift ideas perfect for the very special occasion!

It can sometimes be hard to decide whether you should buy something cute for the toddler or rather opt for something useful that the parent of the child, might need. Our baby range boasts a variety of adorable gifts, add-ons, tasty treats and unique trinkets. Visit our official site and shop newborn, baby, toddler gifts and apparel today!

Here are some of our bestellers AKA, our ‘safe’ options:


1-year birthday

A baby’s first birthday is a big event, so it needs to be celebrated with a tasty, special birthday cake! This First Birthday Boy Smashcake not only looks great, but it is made especially for the little man to smash up and enjoy! A giant vanilla sponge cupcake is covered in fondant and butter icing. To make it even more special, the cake can be personalised and comes presented in a black luxury keepsake box. Get your camera ready for the perfect photo opportunity! Send the gift now and make memories that will last a lifetime! Allergens: wheat, gluten, cow’s milk, egg, dairy.  All our products are Halaal.


1-year birthday

Give the cutest toddler a gift that can be displayed with pride! This adorable floral and butterfly printout is personalised with the toddler’s name and date of birth. The adorable personalised design has a white frame. The frame makes for a great interior design piece too. Send now! *Size: 30x40cm.


1-year birthday

Your niece or nephew deserves this personalised baby tin, which consists of a fluffy cream teddy and Johnson & Johnson baby products! The cylinder-shaped tin features an adorable teddy design that is also available for free personalisation. This gift will be perfect for that upcoming baby shower or a 1-year birthday! Send the special gift today.


1-year birthday

Celebrate another year of life with this adorable scatter cushion! The fun bunny design is available for personalisation so, replace ‘Jaylen’ with the special toddler’s name.  This is one gift that can be used for years and years to come, as the cushion design and its playfulness certainly doesn’t age! *Size: 50 x 50cm.


1-year birthday

Delight both parent, baby or toddler with this gift hamper. Make mom’s life just a little bit easier with this adorable nappy cake gift! 13 Huggies Nappies (size 1) are beautifully arranged in the shape of a cake. The gift includes a pink teddy cuddle blanket and Tiny Touch Animal book to keep the baby entertained and intellectually stimulated. The gift is perfect for a baby shower, congratulatory gift or a birthday present! *Please read the warning label on the blanket. Not to be used without adult supervision.


1-year birthday

Now even the little ones can dine in style! This sweet Carrol Boyes porcelain pink giggle bowl and stainless-steel giggle spoon set is the perfect gift for a little girl for any occasion! Her face is bound to light up when she receives this cute gift set and it will be cherished for years! Make her day and send her this lovely gift today.


1-year birthday

Make bath time fun with this elephant-themed bath time set for boys. This set comes with an elephant plush toy, an elephant towel and baby bubble bath. Useful bath time lotions have also been included to take the gift to new heights!


1-year birthday

There’s no monkeying around with this gift set, which includes a fun monkey plush toy and a monkey-detailed blanket (1m x 0.60m). This is undeniably the perfect gift for the little one. Stop the monkey business and send this gift!


1-year birthday

Gift the handsome little man with a gift set that is almost as adorable as he is. This gift set includes a “This is what handsome looks like” bib and a NUK bowl and spoon set. This gift makes feeding time practical and easy too.


1-year birthday

Show off your darling baby boy in this adorable Baby Bow Tie & Suspender Combo. A blue and white spotted baby bow tie is paired with little suspenders that will make him look like a real little gentleman. The gift is packed into a special gift box and is the perfect baby shower or 1-year old birthday gift. Make mom and baby both smile with this cute gift from NetFlorist! Dad can also match his son as NetFlorist has men’s sizes too.


1-year birthday

This is a cute and functional gift that any parent will love receiving! This play mat is educational and eco-friendly making for the perfect way to give a child that head-start! The Castle Land play mat is brightly coloured and features a scene right out of the pages of a magical storybook as well as educational elements like letters, words and numbers.



1-year birthday

Few things are as cheerful and bright as Mickey Mouse! Celebrate the occasion with this 71 cm x 58 cm quintessential Disney character balloon. A fantastic surprise awaits your loved one. This is perfect to give as an add-on to the birthday gift, you would be surprised at how many hours of entertainment this balloon can provide.



Tulips – Fun facts and caring tips

Taking care of your cut tulips and plants

Tulips are known for their beauty, popularity and being a favourite all year long. Today there are over 3000 varieties of cultivated tulips and a whopping 75 wild tulip species! Every year Holland grows and exports billions of tulips around the world. In this post, we are going to share some fun facts, and tell you how to care for your tulips, as fresh cut flowers and potted plants.


Fun Facts:

  • Few know this, but in South Africa, Tulips are actually wintering flowers. They are rare in the warmer months of the year when they are grown in cold rooms.
  • Worldwide they are the third most popular flower, only beaten by Roses and Chrysanthemum.
  • They are the only cut flowers that grow in water!
  • Tulips feel the drop in temperature at night and close their petals.
  • The tulip’s petals are edible! Depending on the colour, they range from being sweet, to tasting a bit bland. PS. If you want to try this, the pink, white and peach petals are the sweetest, and the red and yellow the most flavourful.
  • About 90% of South Africa’s tulips are exported.
  • Tulip bulbs multiply when dormant.
  • Tulips are one of few flowers that have pores along the stem that absorb water!

Tried and tested myths that actually work:

  • If your tulip’s head flops to the side, simply pinch it through the neck with a needle or pin. The head will lift up soon after that and you might get an extra day or two of its beauty.
  • Or, you can drop a coin in the water. The reaction from the water and the copper has the tulip lifting its head up again.

Taking care of your cut Tulips:

  • First off, always buy tulips while they are still in bud. By the time you get home, they might have already opened, especially in the South African weather!
  • The first thing to do with your cut tulips is to cut down the bottom of the stems as its pores have closed. When you cut the stems, you open the pores again for the stems to absorb the water.
  • Once placed in a vase, only add about 5cm of water. Only top water up once a day. Don’t over water it, as it absorbs the water faster, causing the head to flop sooner.
  • Fresh tulips don’t need plant food – it simply needs fresh water to stay alive.
  • Fresh tulips are better on their own in a bouquet, as they only have a five-day life expectancy.
  • REMEMBER: Tulips thrive in a cool environment as they are fragile.
Tulips in vases

Spoil someone special with a beautiful tulip flowering plant or bouquet from NetFlorist.


Caring for your Tulip Plants:

  • Tulip plants are grown in cold rooms in South Africa.
  • Keep the plants away from heat as it causes faster development.
  • Only water your plant twice a week. If you want, you can put water in a drip tray and place your tulip pot in there so it can absorb the water as needed.
  • Once the colour of the tulip flower starts showing, the life expectancy of the tulip plant is around a week to a week and a half.
  • Once the flower dies, you can cut it down and take the bulb out of the soil. Place it in a dry and dark place, or plant in a dry area in the garden.
  • The bulbs multiply in the ground in their dormant state.
  • In the late summer, you can plant your bulbs again for them to bloom during the winter season.
Tulips potted plants and bouquets available.

NetFlorist has the most amazing range of potted plants and flowering plants, like these beauties: Tulip flowers.

Tulips are beautiful flowers and although they don’t have an exceptionally long lifespan, they are beauties you want in your home and office! NetFlorist has tulips that come in just about every shade of colour and we know that these amazing flowers are an awesome gift for just about any and every occasion.

Birthdays – The history

Why do we celebrate our birthdays?

Old age isn’t so bad when you consider the alternative – Anonymous. Celebrating birthdays is celebrating life and that is simply a treasure, and celebrating it with family and friends is even more so. Life should be celebrated every day and not just on your birthday. Since we can’t fill up on cake and all the nasties every day, we unfortunately have to limit it to a few selected days, our birthday and friends birthdays. The question however arises, where do birthday celebrations come from?

According to the Huffington Post, what they gathered from hypotheses, we get to celebrate our birthdays the way we do (parties, candles, cakes, birthday songs and gifts) from various times in history. Let’s take a look at where everything started.

The party:

The Huffington Post cited scholars that hypothesise that the Egyptians started parties on the coronation of the Pharaoh, when it was said to believe that the Pharaohs transformed into gods when crowned. The celebration of their “godly” birthdate would then surpass their actual birthdate and the celebration is what we know today as the party. And with every party, there should be cake!

The candles:

A few years later, the idea of a birthday celebration had taken off into the world. The idea of lit candles on cakes, came from the Greeks, according to the Huffington Post. To recreate the radiance of the moon and the perceived beauty of the lunar goddess – Artemis. As a form of tribute to the goddess, the Greeks lit the candles on the cake for a glowing effect. Along with blowing out the candles on the cakes, comes making a wish.

The cake, the candles and the wish:

The Huffington Post suggests that the closest connection to the contemporary birthday party was the German Kinderfeste in the late 18th century. Kinderfeste was held to honour a child at their first birthday. They lit a candle on the cake for each year the child had been alive, adding another one to symbolise the hope of living at least one more year. Blowing out the candles and making a wish was part of the celebrations. Celebrating life with friends and loved ones is often than not the reason for a birthday party.

The best way to celebrate a friend or loved one at their birthday party is by getting them a beautifully decorated and fresh birthday cake from The Bakery at NetFlorist. There is a wide range of delectable cakes ready for you to order and devour for the sake of celebration. Don’t forget the candles!

Cakes for all birthdays

The Bakery @ NetFlorist has you covered!

The birthday song:

According to the Huffington Post we can thank Robert Coleman for adding a few lyrics to an already widespread song written by Patty Hill and Mildred J. Hill, “Good Morning to All” in 1893. The Huffington Post confirms that in 1924 Coleman added a few lyrics to the nationwide song, and it quickly spread like wildfire and became the famous version we all sing to this day: “Happy birthday to you”.

After Happy Birthday to you, the candles blown out, the wish made and a piece of cake for everyone, we focus our attention on the birthday girl or boy to open their gifts.

The gifts:

Gifting has been around since the beginning of time. It is inherently human to gift loved ones with something to show they care. An example hereof is the Native Americans who have been known to celebrate gift-giving with potlatch for thousands of years – marking life events like births, adoptions, weddings and other inter-tribal events.

Birthdays for him

Amazing birthday gifts for him!

The idea of gifting, being inherent to any human, will thus be automatically on your list when going to a birthday party. Getting the perfect gift doesn’t need to have you in twists and knots. NetFlorist has the perfect gift on their website just for you.

Special for her birthdays!

Thoughtful gifts for her!

In conclusion, we have learned the history of birthdays, from the party that started with the Egyptian Pharaohs to the gifts being inherent to each and every one. You know where to find mouth-watering birthday cake and of course the gifts for the birthday girl or boy – nowhere else than at NetFlorist! Go on, celebrate life and even old age, it’s better than the alternative – not celebrating life.

Have a super fabulous full-o-good-stuff kind of day!

Love Lilian


Resources: Date accessed: 19/04/2016.