2018 Must-have gifts according to your anniversary

The date is April 10th, the place – the breakfast table in your kitchen. Your partner walks in with a childish smile and says, ‘Happy Anniversary, my babe!’ Your world spins and you give a giggle and hug your partner tight. Is it your 2-year anniversary or, is it 15 months??? When and how did you forget? Perhaps you didn’t exactly forget, but just didn’t know what to get! NetFlorist is here to help you find the right gift for your anniversary. Here are a few guidelines to help you choose the right gift for the right anniversary – once you’ve figured that part out, of course!

Year 1 – Paper

Year 2 – Cotton

Year 3 – Leather

Year 4 – Fruit and Flowers

Year 5 – Wood

Year 6 – candy


Moet Champagne with 16 Chocolate Truffles – R1099.95


Personalised Love Like No Other Choc Tray – R169.95

Year 7 – Copper

Year 8 – Bronze

Year 9 – Pottery

Year 10 – Tin

Year 15 – Crystal

Year 20 – ruby

Year 25 – silver

Year 50 – gold

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