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The Rambling Rose is a fun blog hosted by Harold Flowers and Lilian Bonsai from NetFlorist!

ho is Harold Flowers & Lilian Bonsai

ho is Harold Flowers & Lilian Bonsai

Who is Harold Flowers?

How would you describe yourself? I am fun, flirty, quirky and totally fabulous! Oh, and I am a relationship expert and have the best advice for flower gifts that will get you out of any sticky situation.  

Your favourite flower? You can never go wrong with a rose… I, myself, am kind of like the rose between the thorns here at NetFlorist HQ.

You can’t survive without? Gossiping about the stars, reading my daily horrorscope, a cup of tea, drama, Harvey Spenser, Glee and the smell of flowers! 

Most used word(s)? Smooches! 

Favourite day of the week? The super sexy and oh so inviting Friday! 

Who is Lilian Bonsai?

How would you describe yourself? Bubbly, friendly, extremely out going and cute to boot 😉

Your favourite flower? My favourite flower is the Tulip

You can’t survive without? I can’t survive with out my morning cup of coffee and i always have to have good music to listen too! 

Most used word(s)? Awesome! 

Favourite day of the week? Favourite day of the week is definitely Fri-yaay!!!!!

The aim of this blog is to provide you with the latest floral trends,give flower tips and tricks, fun articles about flowers and gifts, flower care advice and a range of awesome stuff happening at NetFlorist HQ.

We want you cool people to share their thoughts, comments, suggestions and questions!

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