Women’s Day Gift Guide

Women’s Day is near, take the time to appreciate her with Women’s Day gifts that are beyond compare. No one gift would ever come close to conveying a woman’s worth. As delicate as a rose, as graceful as divinity and as beautiful as the first day of spring, a woman is one who gives everything to the world, and asks for nothing in return. Phew, forgive me, you caught me in the moment there…

NetFlorist has a remarkable range of flowers and gifts for Women’s Day 2019; make all her Women’s Day wishes come true with amazing gifts and bakery treats from South Africa’s largest sameday gift delivery site! 


Gifts To Give

What is the ideal flower for Women’s Day?

Looking to order amazing flowers online? Explore our radiant variety of Women’s Day flowers that will capture the wondrous grace of women of all kinds. NetFlorist boasts a sensational range of delightful daisies that will inspire joy of a wonderful kind, sensational sunflowers that will brighten her home and marvellous mixed roses that are sure to make her heart smile. Send flowers to her and celebrate Women’s Day in the most amazing way.


What is the ideal plant for Women’s Day?

Imbue her home with the air-purifying essence of peace lilies, or touch her heart with the extraordinary array of tulip plants. Add exotic beauty to her home, her office or even her garden with phenomenal Women’s Day plants from our enchanting range of lovely plants. Captivate her with the hardy beauty of begonia plants, or warm her heart with the exquisite beauty of orchids. If you want to convey a strong Women’s Day message, you can say “happy Women’s Day” with a plant gift that will bring the sunshine to her day!


What is the ideal corporate gift for Women’s Day?

Are you looking for Women’s Day gift ideas for employees? Exceed her expectations with a diverse range of corporate gifts for Women’s Day. Perfect for a wonderful woman of industry, NetFlorist has an extensive range of corporate gifting ideas, such as stationery, apparel gifts with a corporate touch as well as corporate cakes from the Bakery. Give women in the office a memorable Women’s Day celebration, so whether it’s for a colleague, a partner, a manager or one of your clients, spoil a woman that’s brimming with ambition with a gift that’s worthy of her.

Put her ahead of the curve with gorgeous gadgets from South Africa’s largest gift delivery service, which range from stunning power banks to amazing desk fridges. This Women’s Day, be sure to melt her heart by choosing any of our special Women’s Day gifts for a truly special woman.


What is the most unique gift for Women’s Day?

You want something out of the ordinary for a woman that’s truly extraordinary? Well, not to worry, just browse through our range of flowers and gifts for Women’s Day and be sure to find something that will remind her how valued she is. You can delight her with our magnificent winter warmers and warm more than just her kind heart. We have clothing gifts that range from the remarkable of comfort of personalised hoodies, personalised gowns with a soft touch, as well as graphic long-sleeve T-shirts.

Moreover, our fine alcohol gifts will make Women’s Day an occasion worth celebrating for a woman worth praising. Our palatable assortments of fine alcohol gift hampers such as the celebratory bubbly feature a scrumptious array of Lindt chocolate among other special additions. Alternatively, send her a bottle of the finest Musgrave gin crate. But, that’s not all! For a lovely woman that’s still young at heart, we have a personalised cellphone covers that will feature her name and photo.  We also have personalised journals, personalised gourmet gifts as well as personalised hampers. Whatever gift speaks to her heart, we have everything and more this Women’s Day 2019!


Can I surprise her with gifts for the home?

Yes, you certainly can! As a matter of fact, NetFlorist boasts a marvellous range of home décor and homeware essentials. For the home, brighten it with exceptional clocks, scattered cushions, and delightful doormats. Turn mere moments into treasured memories with stunning photo frames with a personal touch; these can be personalised with her name, her date of birth or anything that will make it a unique gift just for her. Speaking of a personal touch, there’s nothing more breathtaking than personalised gifts from our range of Women’s Day gift ideas.

For her kitchen, our amazing range of homeware gifts will turn her kitchen into her ideal playground. From personalised mug and coaster sets to fantastic personalised aprons, don’t let her forget how important she is. NetFlorist has homeware gifts online that will convey the message that she’s the most amazing, articulate, and beautiful woman that you’ll ever know.


Final Thoughts

A woman’s worth can never be measured. Mark your calendars for the 9th of August and be sure to honour women of kinds with terrific Women’s Day gifts from NetFlorist. Women’s Day in South Africa has always been a special day in the hearts of many; from the luxurious array of bath and body gifts to the delectable variety of chocolate gifts, there are a myriad of ways to make a woman’s day with NetFlorist. For the woman who inspires change, and defies expectations, NetFlorist has an extensive range of gifts for Women’s Day!

Our Favourite Winter Warmers

We’re mid-way through winter and whether you’re starting to feel the summer warmth or still conquering the bitter winter winds, explore our winter warmers and be sure to melt their heart! Whether you’re sending a winter thank you gift or need a way to tell someone that they are warmth to your heart, make their day with our amazing winter gifts from NetFlorist!

As a connoisseur of the flower and gifting industry, Benny Bloom is here to help you warm their heart as the days get colder. At NetFlorist, a warm smile is the universal language of kindness, so no matter how many smiles you send this winter, NetFlorist has the sweetest chocolate gifts to caress their taste buds as well as soft personalised gowns which will convey a love that’s beyond measure.


Winter Clothing


Embrace them in themed clothing that is seamlessly sewn with your love and kindness; from magnificent ladies’ hoodies for your sister, or your wife or our phenomenal range of men’s hoodies for the man with a heart of gold. Our hoodies can come in a wide variety of designs to suit their taste, or you can add a personal touch by adding their name or personal message. Does NetFlorist have personalised hoodies? Yes! NetFlorist has the most amazing winter hoodies online to put their name on.

Looking for long-sleeve T-shirts, instead? Don’t worry, we have an extensive range of personalised long-sleeve T-shirts to cater to their individual style! Are you more on the lookout for themed graphic clothing? Am I asking way too many questions that you need the answers to? Well, my dear gifters and giftees, at NetFlorist, we have some on the most amazing themed hoodies, T-shirts, and long-sleeve T-shirts. From gamer clothing for the brilliant people of the gaming community, golf clothing for the talented golfers (or even not so talented), cycling clothing for the avid cyclist and even running T-shirts for the runner!


Winter Indulgence

From coffee and tea delights to winter baked goods, turn the coldest season into the sweetest one. Our magnificent range of food and drinks are as delicious as they are fulfilling! Turn the winter blues into little rays of sunshine with our coffee and Wedgewood hamper; this delicious gift set features an assorted variety of easy-to-love Pure Cup coffee bags and Wedgewood biscuits. Indulge their winter sensibilities with a coffee and Lindt hamper, which is a delicacy made to tug at the heartstrings. Wake up to the sweet aroma of Pure Cup Ethiopian coffee, as well as the melt-in-your-mouth Lindt chocolate cornet.

Speaking of chocolate, would you like to bear the winter winds with delectable chocolate gifts? Whether you’re looking to indulge yourself or touch the heart of the one you love, you can never go wrong with our various chocolate gifts from NetFlorist. Here’s food for thought, how about an enticing variety of personalised chocolate gifts to convey the fact that they are as unique as they are sweet. Whether you’re getting a chocolate gifts hamper consisting of chocolate nougats, or sending a thank you gift in the form of a personalised chocolate hat box, we have a world of chocolate to get lost in this winter!

Winter Apparel

Let the cold winds blow but don’t let the frostbite bite! Our winter apparel gifts are here to ensure that winter is a season of welcoming and not one of shivers. Browse through our apparel blankets and keep them warm with our stunning range of personalised fleece blankets. For her, you can spoil her with a sensational personalised modern woman grey blanket that is will ensure that they feel the sun’s warmth in winter. In addition, our personalised time to unwind gift set is a perfect gift idea for the modern woman. For the man of taste, you can delight him the personalised modern name blanket and cushion to ensure unparalleled indoor comfort. Alternatively, touch his heart with the personalised modern man grey blanket!

Want winter baby gifts for your little bundle of joy? Our baby fleece blankets are sure to keep away the cold bite of winter. Treat the little princess with a personalised heart baby blanket that provides remarkable comfort during sleep, or even in play. The little prince deserves a winter gift that will encompass the blissful role that he plays in your life. Warm his tiny little body as well as his big little heart with a personalised blue air balloon baby blanket!

Elsewhere, our winter apparel gifts also include personalised socks which are delicately crafted to ensure unsurpassed comfort. Because your family’s feet deserve the best, our personalised you knock socks and personalised do not disturb make for a unique gift idea to embrace your loved one’s quirky nature. Since Women’s Day 2019 is near, spoil an amazing and empowering woman in your life with scarves and scarf hampers from our marvellous range. Give her an extraordinary experience of luxury with a floral scarf with Charlotte Rhys gift set, which comes with, you guessed it, a Charlotte Rhys candle (50g) to set the mood, luxurious vanilla soap bar (180g) and Charlotte Rhys hand cream (75ml). Whether she’s a Charlotte Rhys kind of girl or a Lily & Jasmine faithful, we have a wide variety of brands that come with a stylish variety of scarves!


Final Thoughts

So, still wondering what gifts to give in winter? Turn the bitter winter cold into an enchanted winter wonderland with a phenomenal winter gift set to help you bear the winds of winter. Wrap yourself or someone special in a world of bliss and welcome the summer warmth in the most remarkable way possible. Whether you’re looking for birthday gifts, thank you gifts or maybe you’re on the hunt for Women’s Day flowers and gifts, let NetFlorist help you convey the feelings that are beyond your understanding this winter. Let NetFlorist bring all the smiles, and all the warmth to a friend, family, or spouse this winter!

Because at NetFlorist, every day is a gift, that’s why they call it, the present!

Nelson Mandela Day – Give With All Your Heart

At NetFlorist, only through giving are we able to get more than we receive. Our way of life has always been dependent on a person’s ability to give and to love. Whether it’s through the gifts that we deliver or the smiles that we create, South Africa’s largest sameday gift delivery service has always strived to change the world of someone, no matter the occasion! Now, Benny knows exactly what you’re thinking, “Why is he referring to himself in the third person?” and, “Who in heaven’s name is Benny?

But more importantly, you’re probably thinking, “What’s the best way to honour Nelson Mandela this Mandela Day?” Charity begins at home, and before you could change the world, it is necessary to change the world of one person near you! Whether it’s your neighbour, your friend, a traffic stop officer, a street vendor, or an active job seeker on the side of the road, there are a number of ways to make someone’s day as special as possible.

Give “Just Because…”

Celebrate the life of the man who strived for equality, and gave everything he had when it seemed like he had nothing else to give. Just as love comes in many forms, so does the act of giving. Explore our exceptional variety of gifts from the Bakery, from our plants range, our flowers range, our clothing range, or even our bath and body range. Sometimes, giving nothing more than your time is enough to remind someone special that they matter, just as Nelson Mandela sought to remind us in our struggle.

Is your friend or colleague going through a difficult time? Are they struggling to make ends meet? Do they smile less than they used to? Give them your time and understanding, and even if you have no money for a gift, you have all the time in the world to lend an ear, and a shoulder to cry on. 67 minutes of your time can go a long way to changing someone’s life for the better, even just for a little.

Give to A Stranger

The dreams of Madiba are fully realised when we give people a piece of our heart each day; even if it’s just a stranger! From the security guard whose very presence gives you peace of mind when you enter your home, work, or place of business, to the garbage man who ensures that the place you call your home is kept clean, always. Giving is a natural response of love, and sometimes, love from a stranger can mean more than you’ll ever know!

Volunteering at your nearest orphanage, animal sanctuary, or humanitarian organisation can make the perfect gift idea to fill someone’s world with unsurpassed love and affection. This is the most valuable way to give your time to someone in need. Volunteering may have positive benefits for you, as a person, but more importantly, it will leave an impact on the person or community that you’re serving.

Give A Donation

This Mandela Day, how about donating a gift to a charity organisation of your choice? A donation may come in many forms, including services, experiences, or even goods such as clothing, toys, such as teddy bears, or food. In more extreme cases, a donation may satisfy medical needs such as blood or organs for transplant. Charitable donations of goods or services are also called gifts in kind.

You can either buy clothes online to donate to a person or group in need or you can donate the clothes you already have. You can also go on over to the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund and support the children of Madiba with either your childhood clothes that no longer fit, or alternatively, if you have children, you can donate old clothes that they’ve outgrown. This Mandela Day, you’re spoilt for choice in the many ways that you can honour “uTata Mandela!”

Be the change that you want to see in the world this Mandela Day. Since Mandela Day takes place during the cold winter season, you can warm more than just their heart by donating old jerseys, hoodies, long-sleeve T-shirts as well as soft blankets. You can donate old winter warmers or buy online from NetFlorist for someone near and dear to you! Delight them with an unsurpassed coffee and tea drinking experience with our delicious winter warmer delights.

In conclusion

On the 18th of July 2019, let a stranger or even a loved one believe in the will of Madiba. From giving money to giving your time, there are many ways to touch their heart. Give back and ensure that you touch lives, change minds and foster an understanding that will echo through time. This Mandela Day, no matter what you choose to do to honour this wonderful man, give just as he did; for only 67 minutes, give with all of your heart!








Goodbye Harold, Hello Benny!

The NetFlorist bunch have finally said goodbye to Harold Flowers. The quirky and sometimes-out-of-line gifting genius will always be in our hearts, just as he was always in the spotlight! Wondering who could ever fill the shoes of one who walked the edge of overwhelming love and overwhelming shock? Need to fill the hole that Harold left behind? Am I going too far and not making my point soon enough?

Well, beloved gifters and giftees, I’m here to scratch that itch, or my name isn’t Benny Bloom! Did I forget to mention? My name is Benny Bloom, and I’m the new voice of the Rambling Rose. I hope you’ll find my ramblings just as informative and as fulfilling as the ones that Harold prided himself to presenting.


About Benny Bloom

  • I’m an avid reader of romance novels (a little too much for my own good).
  • I am fun, flirty and quirky but unfortunately, I can be very clumsy. I’ve been told I’m blind to the real world, but I still don’t see it!
  • I’d love to think I’m funny, but not to worry, it’s usually at my own expense (Mother told me never to be mean)!
  • As a hopeless romantic, I’m somewhat of a relationship expert and will ensure to give the best advice for flower gifts that will get you out of any sticky situation, no matter the occasion!



Mhmm… It’s difficult to choose. On one hand, the rose is the flower and handmaiden of love, so it’s as radiant as the day is long. But the lily, to me, is the emblem of beauty and purity. I love the rose for its various shades of floral brilliance. Whether it’s an anniversary gift or a love and romance gift, you can never go wrong with a radiant rose bouquet or rose vase. Pink roses represent admiration and hopeful love and affection, white roses convey virtue and unity, whereas red roses symbolise true and endless love.

I love lilies for their subtle beauty; since lilies come in a variety of different shapes, sizes and colors, they are the perfect flower gift for any special occasion. So, whether you’re looking for a thank you gift that will express heartfelt gratitude to the one you value the most, or a birthday gift that is sure to melt the heart of a graceful woman, lilies are an extraordinary gift to give.


  • The finest bottle of wine after a long day (or at the beginning of one)!
  • A good romance novel; maybe something by Nicholas Sparks?



“Love” and “Radiant.”



Fri-yay, at exactly wine o’clock!



Definitely, the flower gifts range! NetFlorist is South Africa’s largest sameday flower and gifting delivery service for a reason, and from the exquisite pink midi orchids to the exquisite elegance of white lilies, our flowers are top-tier and are sure to melt the heart of someone special, just as they constantly melt mine!

I simply can’t get over the clothing range as well! For a floral company, NetFlorist sure brings it with their phenomenal personalised clothing essentials. From activewear clothing for the avid runner, or quirky gaming T-shirts for the gamer with a love for their geek culture!


what to expect from benny bloom?

Love and laughter! Whether you value more informative writing about your favourite NetFlorist ranges, or maybe you’re at a loss for the perfect gift for Christmas or Secretary’s Day, just come on over to the Rambling Rose and let Benny help you find a gift that is sure to make their hearts smile.

Don’t worry, The Rambling Rose is still your one-stop online site for the best flower gift ideas at NetFlorist. Benny Bloom hopes to be the vehicle through which to narrow down your options in a vast variety of flower and gifting options. Whether your loved ones stay in another region, or close enough to your heart, Benny Bloom will bridge the distance between you and the ones you cherish the most!