5 Modern Anniversary Milestones – What Gifts Should You Give?

A wedding Anniversary is a celebration of unconditional love, eternal devotion to another, and the divine bliss in knowing that you’ve found one you get to spend the rest of your life with. Depending on how many years you’ve spent together, there are a variety of Anniversary gifts to give the one who holds your heart. Modern wedding Anniversary names also exist for all Anniversary milestones, and with each name, the gifting experts at NetFlorist give you the guidance you need to give your significant other the Anniversary gift that they deserve.


1st Anniversary – Clock

The beauty and importance of the first Anniversary is signified in the way you celebrate the thriving romance that you have today, how you look back on the beautiful memories of yesterday, as well as how you express your undying hopes for tomorrow. The modern name for the 1st Anniversary is the Clock Anniversary. This represents hope for an endless love that would stand the test of time. Explore our extraordinary personalised home décor gifts range and find a timeless design of personalised clocks that will honour the love that will soon transcend time. If you’re looking for an Anniversary gift for him, delight him with a personalised gift that is reminiscent of the time that you’ve spent with him this past year and the time that you still wish to spend together for years to come. For the 1st Anniversary gift that would make your house a home, we have a wide range of clocks, magnificently personalised with their name or even the date of your wedding day, to ensure that you would always be reminded of the moment they made your heart their own!


5th Anniversary – Silverware

Enchant your significant other with a wonderful Anniversary gift that is worthy of half a decade of awe-inspiring togetherness. Beautifully named the Anniversary of silverware, the 5th Anniversary represents a growing home and the promise of a loving family. Celebrate your 5-year Anniversary with a breathtaking Anniversary gift that is reminiscent of home. Silverware is the modern gift to give your significant other on your 5th Anniversary, and at NetFlorist, we have an extensive range of silverware Anniversary gift ideas. Silverware comes in a vast myriad of forms, so we ensure that you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to celebrating 5 years with the one you love.

If you’re looking for a silverware gift for the home, look no further than our incredible range of personalised homeware gifts, ranging from gorgeous cutlery sets, to personalised kitchen utensils. Make your household a place that they can call home and explore tableware which ranges from serving dishes, spoons, forks, knives as well as trays. With our kitchenware essentials, you are spoilt for choice on silverware, so you can spoil the one who loves you the most.


10th Anniversary – Diamond Jewellery

Shower your soulmate with love of an endless nature and set your love among the stars with a gift that shines just as bright. If they are the stars to your sky, give them a love that will sparkle through time with an Anniversary gift that celebrates 10 years of a union like no other. The 10th Anniversary is known as the Anniversary of diamond jewellery, and represents the unsurpassed beauty of a love between two people who have found meaning in each other, through the madness in the world! Like diamond jewellery, they have endured nearly a lifetime of hardship to find in each other, an eternal beauty.

Explore the luxuriant brilliance of our NetJewel range, and celebrate 10 years of love and devotion with our extensive array of precious diamonds. If you’d like to renew your vows and remind yourself how it feels to gaze into the eyes of the one you love at the altar, declare your undying love with our incredible range of diamond rings, ranging from silver, blue and even red diamonds. For a 10-year Anniversary gift for her, look no further than exquisite diamond earrings that will complement the unextinguished beauty in her eyes. Let your 10-year romance shine bright and put the stars into alignment with the radiant sparkle of diamond necklaces for her that will go perfectly with her diamond earrings. Enchant the one you love with the amazing elegance of our NetJewel charms for the Anniversary of Diamond Jewellery!


15th Anniversary – Watches

Where has the time gone? The 15th Anniversary is named after the worldly timepiece that is the watch. The 15th Anniversary represents the time that has passed, and the time that is yet to come. At NetFlorist, we have a wonderful range of watches from NetJewel, ranging from classic timepieces with an antique allure to an extensive array of innovative wrist accessories with a modern touch. Whether you’re exploring 15-year Anniversary gift ideas for him or Anniversary gifts for her, NetJewel boasts a cutting edge variety of watch brands. For him, browse through our intricately detailed Police watch brands with a daring look and exquisite style, the adaptive versatility of our Timberland watches, or the high quality excellence of our Hallmark watches with a classic and contemporary beauty. Give him a Happy Anniversary with extraordinary watch brands from NetJewel.

Love is a two-way street, and for every Anniversary gift for him, there’s an Anniversary gift for her. Celebrate your 15 years of marriage and remind her that the best thing she can ever hold on to is you. For her, we have the stylish minimalism of QQ watches, the subtle elegance of Sissy Boy, seamlessly crafted to complement her beauty, as well as the expressive vibrance of Tomato brands to complement her outgoing lifestyle. On your 15-year Anniversary, send happy Anniversary wishes and thank your loving spouse for being your partner, your family, and your friend.


25th Anniversary – Silver

If after 25 years, what was, still is; celebrate it with a 25-year Anniversary gift and ensure that it will always be. The 25th Anniversary is named after the precious metal, silver, and represents the timeless and precious achievement of a union that has endured 25 years of marriage. NetFlorist has a remarkable array of Anniversary gifts that will ensure a one-of-a-kind celebration for this extraordinary milestone. If you’re looking for a scrumptious variety of Anniversary gourmet gifts for him, or you’d like to caress her taste buds with Anniversary bakery gifts for her, It’s also important that you honour this special occasion with silver charms from NetJewel, which range from a wonderful array of our silver Pandora compatibles to a magnificent variety of silver bracelets.

Our NetJewel range ensures that your 25th Anniversary is filled with happy memories of a love that has grown tremendously through time and represents bright hopes for a love that will thrive magnificently over time. Explore our finely detailed range of silver, and whether you’re surprising your significant other with silver bracelets which boast an unsurpassed feminine elegance for her, or you’re indulging them with silver watches for him, celebrate a quarter of a century with the silver simplicities that NetJewel has to offer. Saying Happy Anniversary after a quarter of a lifetime, is a spectacular feeling befitting two imperfect people who have refused to give up on one another. If you’re looking for Anniversary gift ideas that you’ll share with the one who holds your heart, NetFlorist has Anniversary gifts that will brighten the home that you’ve built, including silver frames from our home décor range, personalised with a lovely photo of that breathtaking moment when you knew that they will always be your forever!

At NetFlorist, we believe that whether you’re celebrating 7 months, or 7 years of marriage, every Anniversary is a special occasion, and is just as important a day as the one you’re spending it with. So order Anniversary flowers online and the special touch of either delectable chocolate gifts or our palatable array of fine alcohol straight to the one you love, and keep in mind that South Africa’s largest sameday gift delivery service will always be there to ensure that your Anniversary is a happy Anniversary!