Say it with Thank You gifts

‘Thank you’ is a simple English phrase that carries significant weight. The powerful words have a way of creeping into the receiver’s heart. Most of us were taught to use the words ‘Thank you’ from a young age. By actively using the phrase, you are encouraging a culture in which your appreciation is successfully expressed.

Change the attitude of not showing gratitude by sending your loved one a ‘Thank You’ gift. We should definitely say the words more often and this International Thank You Thursday emphasises just that. Browse through our extensive range of Thank You gifts, ready for delivery nationwide. Choose to honour the day and the concept, by sending a gift via NetFlorist. Here are our top suggestions for the day:



Thank You

Say ‘thank you’ in the sweetest way possible, with this tin of delicious cake pops! They consist of vanilla cake which is mixed with vanilla butter icing and rolled into tasty little balls. The balls are then put on a stick and dipped into a white chocolate topping and decorated with blue, pink and yellow coloured sugar and colourful flowers. This tin consists of ten of these treats and is personalised with a unique ‘Thank you’ sticker with the lucky recipient’s name to make it all the more special. Send now! Allergens: wheat, gluten, cow’s milk, egg and dairy. All our products are Halaal.



Thank You

Thank that special someone with this amazing tea tin, which features a unique personalised ‘Thank You’ label design. To get the tea journey started, 10 pouches of Pomegranate Infusion Green Tea are included. There is, after all, truly nothing better than curling up on the couch in winter with a warm cup of tea!



Thank You

Show your gratitude with this set of two fruit and nut jars which are branded with unique ‘Thank You’ label designs which are personalised with a special message. Inside, is a combination of cashew nuts, cling peaches, macadamia nuts, and diced strawberries. The jars can be kept as keepsakes after the snacks have been devoured by your loved one!



Thank You

Thank a loved one with a bottle of Nederburg Merlot (750ml) or Nederburg Sauvignon Blanc (750ml) which comes wrapped in brown craft paper with a gorgeous ‘Thank You’ label design. It’s the perfect gift with which to show your gratitude! 



Thank You

Show your appreciation with this lovely succulent, which is displayed with potting soil in a clear square vase with pastel ribbon and a cute ‘Thank You’ lollipop stick. The dessert rose is the ideal present because it is a hardy plant that requires little maintanence.




Express your gratitude with this stunning Personalised Thank You Treasure Box. The wooden box with sliding lid is engraved with a beautiful “Thank you” design that has space for the recipient’s name. It comes filled with Lindt truffles in the flavours of Coconut, Cappuccino, Extra Dark, Irish Cream, Milk chocolate and White chocolate. The colour of the wooden crate varies. 




Tulips are FINALLY in season again and we couldn’t be happier about it! Show someone special how much you care with this gorgeous White Tulip Pot Treat. A vibrant arrangement of yellow roses, orange tulips, blue irises and ruscus is displayed in an elegant white tulip pot which will certainly be the focal point of any setting. 




Thank a loved one with this unique candle gift. A vanilla candle is housed in a black frosted glass holder with unique ‘Thank You’ marble label design, which is personalised with a message. Upload the special message of your choice to be printed onto the label of the candle. NetFlorist will personalise the gift, package it, and safely deliver it on your behalf! *Size: 7.5cm (D) x 9cm (H). 




No matter what you want to thank him or her for, this snack tin is the perfect way to do it! A silver tin is branded with a unique ‘Thank you for being’ design which is personalised with a phrase and message of your choice. Inside, is a delicious selection of snacks including Pringles Original (47g), sliced biltong (100g), and droewors (100g). 




A ‘thank you’ can go a long way, especially when done in such a special way! A cuddly brown teddy comes displayed in a tin with a cute ‘Thank you beary much’ label design, which is also personalised with the name of the lucky recipient. To make it even more special, you have the option of adding in a 38g mint aero slab and a 38g dark aero chocolate slab.

For more Thank You gift ideas, visit for more! A reminder that Mother’s Day (13 May 2018) is just around the corner. Take the time to thank your mom for the pivotal role she has played in your life. Browse through our range that is packed with incredible Mother’s Day gifts, each perfect in their own way!


Top 10 picks for World Stationery Day (No. 6 is our favourite)

The older you get, the more time you take to admire the small joys in life. As a child, you would never have expected to feel an overwhelming sense of peace when holding your favourite pen. At that age, you would never picture yourself relishing in the feel of a new journal, pages empty and open to so many possibilities.  Our designers recognise that same joy and have therefore designed an entire category dedicated to personalised stationery.

World Stationery Day was designed especially to celebrate well, stationery, but also to celebrate the written word. As the world becomes increasingly digital, it is important to recognise the role stationery has previously, and still continues to play in our everyday lives. Here are 10 of our top stationery picks for this special occasion:




Inspire that special someone to kick ass with this beautiful A4 or A5 blank notebook with unique ‘wake up, kick ass, repeat’ cover design. It’s also personalised with the name of the lucky recipient, making this a truly useful and memorable gift! Get this Personalised Kick-Ass Notebook delivered with NetFlorist.




Everybody needs a personalised pencil case, whether it’s for school, work, or home! Spoil her with this awesome pencil case which is personalised with a name and beautiful floral design, making this one special gift! *Available in cream or black: 33cm x 15cm.

Personalised Make It Happen Mouse Pad


Make it happen with a round mouse pad (2.5mm thick) which features an inspiring ‘Make it happen’ design and is personalised with a name and photo. This unique gift is perfect for any occasion!




Give the spanking new mother the opportunity to document the first year of her baby’s life! Surprise her with this personalised twinkle baby’s first year journal. Personalise the ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ design by uploading the baby’s name to be printed at the bottom of the cover. This journal is perfect for documenting those extra-special first year moments. Fun stickers have been added to your purchase to make the entire process even more enjoyable!




Spoil that amazing dad of yours with this A5 blank 60-page notebook with awesome ‘You are the most gentlemanly handsome wonderful dad I know’ cover design. It’s also personalised with a name, making this a gift that dad will just love!




Make sure he or she takes the bull by the horns with this awesome pencil case which is personalised with a name and unique ‘take the bull by the horns’ design, making this one special gift! *Available in cream or black: 33cm x 15cm.




Donut worry as this is one awesome gift! Spoil that computer buff with a round mouse pad (2.5mm thick) which features a cute ‘Donut worry, be happy’ design. It’s also personalised with a name, making this one unique gift for any occasion!




Kick-start the wedding planning with this personalised lace wedding journal. This stunning, yet practical gift will ease your loved one’s wedding planning stress, ultimately giving them the gift of ‘calm’. The lace design is available for free personalisation. Personalise the gift by replacing ‘Alexander’ and ‘Courtney’ with the names of the happy couple. Colourful and playful wedding-themed stickers have also been included as an extra. Order today for next-day delivery, nationwide!




Life doesn’t come with a manual, it comes with a mom. Celebrate your mom this Mother’s Day. Surprise her with this personalised mother floral notebook. Order an A5/A4 notebook wrapped in wrapping paper.

Personalised Gold Name Pencil Bag



Everybody needs a personalised pencil case, whether it’s for school, work, or home! Spoil her with this awesome pencil case which is personalised with a gold glitter name, making this one special gift! *Available in cream or black: 33cm x 15cm.

Visit for some more incredible personalised stationery gifts. Browse the range and allow yourself to be inspired by our vast collection. Select the stationery piece that best embodies your loved one, personalise it, and have the gift for her or him delivered across South Africa, next-day!

Gift wrapping

This is the gift wrapping 411

As an online gifting company, we have our fair share of knowledge about gift wrapping, décor additions, present personalising and overall, creative ways of preparing gifts for your loved ones. Take a read below on what we think are the essentials for all things gifting related! We’ve also added some of our favourite Mother’s Day gifts, each of which has been beautifully wrapped by our expert gifting fairies. To begin, we asked our head of gifting Tayyieba Scott some ‘wrapped up’ questions:

What are the 5 most important tools you need to wrap a gift:

  1. The product, of course. Take into account the size of the present and the shape.
  2. Wrapping paper, enough to cover the whole product. You can also use newspaper, old brown paper, or even a black plastic bag.
  3. Scissors, right or left-handed. We suggest long-bladed scissors, not a standard paper cutter. We use an 11cm bladed scissors.
  4. Tape, we choose the pre-cut option that you can buy from any stationery shop. It should be the one that comes with the tape holder for easy use.
  5. Ribbon, raffia or string. This can also help hold the wrapping in place in certain hard to reach spots.



Gift wrapping

‘Wish mom a Happy Mother’s Day with an individual Black Forest Cupcake Jar which is filled with layers of chocolate cake and a sweet cream filling, which is then layered and topped with a black cherry filling and shaved dark chocolate. This yummy treat is packed in a black keepsake box with unique ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ label. Allergens: wheat, gluten, cow’s milk, egg and dairy. This product may contain nuts.

How long does an average wrapping of a gift take?

It depends on the gift, some take 5 minutes but others can take about 20 minutes. The truth is a square gift is a simple structure with easily foldable corners. A hat box full of chocolates takes that much longer because we have to fold pleat’s into the wrapping paper and sometimes need an extra set of hands to fold.

What is the record amount of gifts you have wrapped in 1 hour?

This has never been tested but it could be a great team building exercise or competition for my department. I do know that the most hampers packed by one person in a day was about 90 hampers. But personally, I have wrapped 78 square chocolate boxes in just one hour. Once you get into a rhythm, the process does quicken up.



Gift wrapping

Spoil someone close to your heart with this wooden keepsake box of 16 decadent chocolate truffles, which is personalised with the name of the gift recipient. This special gift is perfect for any occasion!

Advice for people who prefer to wrap their own gift

  1. Always make sure you cut the wrapping to the correct size and that your sides look neat and tidy.
  2. Have the correct tools on hand.
  3. Add embellishments.
  4. Don’t cut the ribbon off the roll until your bow has been made, or else it might be too short.

Why do you think gifts should be wrapped versus placed in a paper bag with tissue paper?

The way we see it, a gift is personal and has the potential to be more than just a physical hand over, it is an exciting experience. For that reason, the first interaction is ‘sight’. We believe that a paper bag is impersonal and the easy way out. Picking colours, textures, and prints is all part of the gifting process and the sentimental aspect is what we are big on! So, take some time and make the effort.

What are the top 3 rules for wrapping gifts?

  1. Make sure that your measurements of your wrapping are the correct size for your gift.
  2. Carefully fold paper to accommodate the size.
  3. Once you are ready to tape, trim off the excess paper to contour the gift.

What would you use instead of wrapping paper to wrap a gift?

I have personally been in the position where I didn’t have enough wrapping paper and knew people would expect me of all people to have the correct tools. So, I did some research. I took a double piece of newspaper, sprayed painted it with silver spray paint, let it dry for 15 minutes and then used it. I have also seen a gift that was wrapped with a black plastic bag, it was quite different as she cut out triangle’s in certain places so it looked like a textured and patterned black wrapping paper.



Gift wrapping

Add your own personal touch this Mother’s Day with this Personalised Mothers Day Fruit Jar Set. Two jars have been filled with dried and diced strawberries, macadamia nuts, and speckled eggs. One jar’s lid reads, ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ and the second is available for personalisation. Add your personal touch with a special message for your mother. The jars are neatly and safely packaged in a gift box.

What else can you place on wrapping paper if you don’t have ribbon at home?

  • Glitter the gift- use some Pritt glue on the top side of the wrapped gift paper. Draw vertical, horizontal or a  diagonal line and then shake some glitter onto the sticky lines. Leave to dry and then shake off excess glitter into the bin. You can also make circular, heart-shaped or square lines and do as above. This is a nice touch for baby gifts, toddlers, young girls and anniversary gifts.
  • Add a flower if need be, again if it’s to a personal friend or relative. You can literally dry out any flower but we do, however, suggest a rose. Place the rose in the middle of a thick book and close it for 24 hours. Let the flower dry and then attach with double-sided tape. You can also use a fresh cut flower if you need some extra pazaaz and don’t have time to dry out the flower.
  • Stickers for children. Children love animation and bright colours. Use a primary colour wrapping paper such as blue, green, yellow or red and add stickers wherever you see fit.
  • Lego – use double-sided tape to create the initial of the receiver of the gift.
  • A lavender sprig. This I use when it is a female family member.
  • Feathers
  • Wire bows or wire squiggles.
  • Punched paper circles. Using a stationery punch, punch holes in colourful paper. You can use a variety of coloured papers, and stick them on with glue or Prestic. This gives the polka dot effect.
  • Food colouring cotton balls. This was something my niece learnt in art class. They took circular cotton balls and dipped them in cups of food colouring. They let them dry through the day and then had multiple variations and tones of colours to use on cards and wrapping paper. She stuck them on with double-sided tape and it looked like a 3D pom-pom parcel.
  • Splash paint. This is an easy technique. Just dip the brush into some oil based paint, pull back the bristles and release onto the paper. Do this outside in the garden so that there is less of a mess.
  • Spray painted bubble wrap cut into shapes. This was one of my best intentions, I had bubble wrap from the gift I was wrapping and some old red spray paint. I cut out some heart shapes, stood 15 cm’s away from the wrap and started to lightly spray as I didn’t want to burn the plastic. It dried within minutes and I stuck it on a gift. It was so unique that I still get comments from my best friend about this creative gift wrapping choice.
  • Tea dyed paper cutouts. This I used once only but had a cool effect. I took white printer paper, dipped a tea bag in some hot water and immediately stroked the white paper with the tea bag. This had a beige and brown tone and made for a rustic option. I cut the dried paper into six miniature cards that flapped open and stuck them on the wrapped gift and wrote six reasons why I was thankful that my aunt had us over for the long weekend. They become known as lost vintage love letters.

Do you dream about wrapping gifts?

No, the truth is I often Pinterest new creative ways of wrapping, tips, tricks and hacks that will make our wrapping system at NetFlorist quicker and easier. I also am a visual person, probably why I do what I do, but I like to watch videos of how and why we can wrap gifts in a new and improved way.


Mother's Day

Our Mother’s Day category has officially launched!

A mother is someone who can take the place of all others, but whose place no one else can take. This is exactly why NetFlorist chooses to honour Mother’s Day to the extent that it does. With the special occasion just around the corner, we thought it was high time we provide you with some of our top picks for the day.

These marvellous Mother’s Day gifts will undoubtedly shed a light on your mother’s efforts. Show her how much she means to you by spoiling her with a surprise Mother’s Day gift delivery from NetFlorist! Here are our Mother’s Day gift ideas for 13 May 2018:

For the mom-on-the-go

Make her day with a gift that is both practical and cute! The on-the-go mom will be able to use this personalised mom fuel travel mug and fill it with her morning coffee beans, tea leaves or, a sneaky (yet well deserved) spoon of hot chocolate. We know that she has a ton to do so, there is nothing better than having your morning cuppa on the go! Shop Mother’s Day necessities!

For the multi-tasking mom

For the woman who just keeps on going and also remains a role model to her children, this vino should do the trick! This Be Like Mom Wine in Craft Paper will provide your mom with the perfect excuse to wind down, the wine way. Shop Mother’s Day must-haves!

For the doting mom

Let her know how proud you are to call her the mother of your children, by purchasing this Personalised Twinkle Twinkle Baby Generic Candle. This is a great gift for an expecting or new mom. The personalised candle is available in a calming rose or delicious vanilla scent. Shop for the new mom this Mother’s Day!

For the dazzling mom

It is said by many that a mom is a superhero without a cape. This Mother’s Day, spoil your mom in the best possible way, with these fluffy and fuzzy gowns – a cape of her own. Pick the colour of the fleece gown and proceed to personalise it! There may even be enough space for you to cuddle up with her like in the good old days. Shop Mother’s Day personalised products!

For the sassy mom

We have unique gifts and hampers, fashionable scarves that can be personalised. For the woman that wrote the manual on just how to be a sassy mom. Go the extra mile this Mother’s Day and surprise her with this touch of coral and royal blue personalised scarf on 13 May 2018. Shop Mother’s Day fashion as well as bath & body!

For the tasteful mom

Thank your mom this Mother’s Day for simply being the best that there is, with this sweet treat. Sweeten up Sunday afternoon tea-time with this beautifully detailed ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ cookie bouquet. Shop Mother’s Day bakery goods soon! 

For the house-proud mom

Thank your mother for being the kind of woman that she is this Mother’s Day. Her unconditional love has shone a light on you since the moment you took your first breath. Shine a light on her on this special occasion by sending her this Sunflower Sunrise Bouquet. Our sunflowers are bright, unique and lasting; just like moms love towards you. Shop flowers for Mother’s Day!

For the sweet tooth mom

Why not surprise her with something that she really wants? By this we mean, gift her a sweet and decadent Lindt-filled candy jar. This Mom My Hero Candy Jar is also available for personalisation! Shop Mother’s Day hampers and milky pieces of heaven!

For the mom in training

Sometimes (and only sometimes) flowers just don’t make the cut. If your mother likes to keep active and fit then this gym bag is the perfect gift for her! Let your mom know that she is a strong powerful woman and that her determination inspires you to never give up. Shop Mother’s Day apparel!

For the green thumb mom

For the mom that knows how to nurture and develop little buds into flourishing flowers, this is the perfect gift. These red tulips burst beautifully with love. Shop our Mother’s Day plant range.

For the flourishing mom

Why not spoil the lady that made you flourish into the best version of yourself with this pretty bouquet made up of lilies, roses, carnations and greenery. Use one of our flower arrangements to show your mother your deep appreciation for all that she does. NetFlorist does Mother’s Day flower delivery, nationwide!

For the pretty in pink mom

Mother’s aren’t technically supposed to have favourites but if they did, this gift would definitely move you to the top of the list! This particular bouquet of fresh cut pink roses in a pink vase will do the trick. We guarantee that mom’s heart will flutter with delight when she sees these arrive at her door. Shop Mother’s Day statement bouquets!

For the regal mom

If your mother continues to exceed expectations, then this bouquet will definitely show her your appreciation and make her feel like a queen. This tulip bouquet says: ‘Thanks for being my queen and protector’. Shop gifts that embody elegance, this Mother’s Day!

Anyone of the above products will not only make a good Mother’s Day gift, they will make great gifts for the special occasion! Keep in mind that Mother’s Day flowers are delivered sameday. Also, order by May 9th and get a free box of Lindt chocs. T&C’s apply


Spruce up your workplace!

With the first quarter of the year done and new contracts being signed, we know you may be having some difficulty deciding how to jazz up and feng-shui your work environment. Perhaps you know someone starting a new job, their first job or a new position and you are not sure how to say congratulations. NetFlorist has a wide variety of products to say “Well done, keep going, you got this” and more!

We’re not saying that these products will directly help you generate profit, but we can say it will generate productivity. Shop all kinds of workplace décor, stationery, desk necessities and more now on



This one’s definitely a keeper! Two mini cacti and succulents are displayed in a beautiful geometric vase with white stones and potting soil for that extra glam effect. It’s the perfect gift for any plant-loving dad!



Everybody needs a personalised pencil case, whether it’s for school, work, or home! Spoil her with this awesome pencil case which is personalised with a black and white striped name design, making this one special gift! *Available in cream or black.: 33cm x 15cm




If you have a pal who likes to get stuff done, surprise him or her with this quirky gift. A mug is branded with a cool ‘Gets Sh*t Done’ design, complete with the recipient’s name. If it is for yourself use it as a mug of inspiration or a cool pen holder. Send now and prepare to impress!

Ficus Bonsai Tree in Hessian



This original gift will make any plant lover’s day, with an exotic Ficus Ginseng Bonsai Tree which is wrapped in hessian wrapping and tied with raffia for that special touch. Send now!



There’s no better gift for the upcoming new venture than a personalised journal! This 2018 journal features a unique floral cover design which is personalised with a name, and inside is a calendar, a yearly goals page,  an important dates page, a daily planner, and more! Keep up to date and meet your career goals with ease and organisation.  Store sticky notes, envelopes, and crib notes too.



This red desk fridge is the ‘coolest’ gift around, as it will allow the lucky recipient to keep drinks cold while on the go. With the ability to hold 6 cans, this quirky fridge can be plugged into a car’s cigarette lighter or it can be kept conveniently on a desk. Either way, this thoughtful and useful gift will be a real hit, no matter what the occasion!



If you know someone who is having ‘one of those days’, cheer them up with a chocolate-filled candy jar with a quirky ‘one of those days’ sticker design. It comes packed with your choice of Mini Bar One Chocolates (24), Ferrero Rocher Singles (20), or Lindt Red Milk Chocolate Truffles (30). Make someone’s day a sweet one with this great gift! Or just keep it for yourself when you need some quick brain power.



Keep those family memories alive while you are spending extra hours at the office with a mouse pad which is personalised with family photos of your choice! Together with its ‘Love makes us family’ design, this is one meaningful gift! It is also a lovely reminder of why you are putting in so much overtime.



Pack it all in with this cute poly cotton tote bag in black or cream which is personalised with the initial of the lucky recipient, with a unique leaf design. This glittery tote bag gift is both useful and special. From laptops to notepads this tote is the perfect accessory when travelling from one department meeting to another.

Personalised Bamboo 8G Flash Drive


Store files in style with this 8GB USB Flash drive which is completely covered in and Eco-friendly Bamboo material. To make it even more special, it’s engraved with a name. Send now!