Personalised gifts

Personalised gifts should be the only kind of gifts

Whether it is your fifth year of marriage, your son’s 21st, your father-in-laws birthday or your daughter’s matric dance, finding the perfect gift to suit the occasion can be stressful. There is no one gift that you can buy in bulk that will suit every celebration. However, we do have a life hack when it comes to gifting, personalised products! NetFlorist is helping you find the most unique gifts that can be used to spoil your loved ones. Here are reasons why you should be opting for a personalised gift:


The fact that you thought about what you wanted to get for a loved one and did your research means you undeniably have good intentions. Some people say it is the thought that counts, but purchasing a personalised product mean you put those thoughts into action.


Sending a scarf with pretty patterns on it, maybe a great gift for your sister, but having her name, date of birth or a heartfelt message is what will make the entire gifting experience even more memorable. Every time she puts on that scarf, that memory of turning it over and seeing your name in a garment is met with smiles and a heart full of joy.

Showing affection

A personal moment can be heightened by means of a personalised gift. Some people simply don’t like to or struggle to show affection, a personalised gift, however, has the ability to say all you mean to say.

Suitable for all ages

Personalised gifts work for all ages. Whether you are in your fifties or learning to read, personalised gifts have no age limits. New parents are always beyond proud to put their newborn’s name on a decorative teddy. Grandparents are equally as excited to put their grandchildren’s names on charm bracelets. And let’s be honest, teenagers just love to put their names on anything!

All Genders

A braai set, a cookie dough cutter, a pair of socks, or a set of cosmetic bags. A beer crate, a wine glass, a cupcake, a keyring, a cell phone cover or a photo frame. Personalised products suite all races, religions, genders and cultures. Personalised gifts have absolutely no limits.

No one else will have it

That’s the whole thing, it’s yours. It literally has your name on it. Try to find something that is your favourite colour, has the pattern that grabs your eye, the sparkle in the right places and is delivered to you; you won’t find it anywhere else, other than NetFlorist.

Works for any occasion

Personalised products can be used for any occasion. The scenarios are endless! Wedding: why not get the bride and groom personalised champagne glasses. Have a housewarming to attend: get a personalised doormat with the family name or crest on. Have an anniversary: get your jewellery personalised. Or, perhaps your best friend is starting a new job: get a personalised notebook, coffee mug or cupcakes to show your excitement for them. Any occasion welcomes a personalised gift!