Nelson Mandela Day – Give With All Your Heart

At NetFlorist, only through giving are we able to get more than we receive. Our way of life has always been dependent on a person’s ability to give and to love. Whether it’s through the gifts that we deliver or the smiles that we create, South Africa’s largest sameday gift delivery service has always strived to change the world of someone, no matter the occasion! Now, Benny knows exactly what you’re thinking, “Why is he referring to himself in the third person?” and, “Who in heaven’s name is Benny?

But more importantly, you’re probably thinking, “What’s the best way to honour Nelson Mandela this Mandela Day?” Charity begins at home, and before you could change the world, it is necessary to change the world of one person near you! Whether it’s your neighbour, your friend, a traffic stop officer, a street vendor, or an active job seeker on the side of the road, there are a number of ways to make someone’s day as special as possible.

Give “Just Because…”

Celebrate the life of the man who strived for equality, and gave everything he had when it seemed like he had nothing else to give. Just as love comes in many forms, so does the act of giving. Explore our exceptional variety of gifts from the Bakery, from our plants range, our flowers range, our clothing range, or even our bath and body range. Sometimes, giving nothing more than your time is enough to remind someone special that they matter, just as Nelson Mandela sought to remind us in our struggle.

Is your friend or colleague going through a difficult time? Are they struggling to make ends meet? Do they smile less than they used to? Give them your time and understanding, and even if you have no money for a gift, you have all the time in the world to lend an ear, and a shoulder to cry on. 67 minutes of your time can go a long way to changing someone’s life for the better, even just for a little.

Give to A Stranger

The dreams of Madiba are fully realised when we give people a piece of our heart each day; even if it’s just a stranger! From the security guard whose very presence gives you peace of mind when you enter your home, work, or place of business, to the garbage man who ensures that the place you call your home is kept clean, always. Giving is a natural response of love, and sometimes, love from a stranger can mean more than you’ll ever know!

Volunteering at your nearest orphanage, animal sanctuary, or humanitarian organisation can make the perfect gift idea to fill someone’s world with unsurpassed love and affection. This is the most valuable way to give your time to someone in need. Volunteering may have positive benefits for you, as a person, but more importantly, it will leave an impact on the person or community that you’re serving.

Give A Donation

This Mandela Day, how about donating a gift to a charity organisation of your choice? A donation may come in many forms, including services, experiences, or even goods such as clothing, toys, such as teddy bears, or food. In more extreme cases, a donation may satisfy medical needs such as blood or organs for transplant. Charitable donations of goods or services are also called gifts in kind.

You can either buy clothes online to donate to a person or group in need or you can donate the clothes you already have. You can also go on over to the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund and support the children of Madiba with either your childhood clothes that no longer fit, or alternatively, if you have children, you can donate old clothes that they’ve outgrown. This Mandela Day, you’re spoilt for choice in the many ways that you can honour “uTata Mandela!”

Be the change that you want to see in the world this Mandela Day. Since Mandela Day takes place during the cold winter season, you can warm more than just their heart by donating old jerseys, hoodies, long-sleeve T-shirts as well as soft blankets. You can donate old winter warmers or buy online from NetFlorist for someone near and dear to you! Delight them with an unsurpassed coffee and tea drinking experience with our delicious winter warmer delights.

In conclusion

On the 18th of July 2019, let a stranger or even a loved one believe in the will of Madiba. From giving money to giving your time, there are many ways to touch their heart. Give back and ensure that you touch lives, change minds and foster an understanding that will echo through time. This Mandela Day, no matter what you choose to do to honour this wonderful man, give just as he did; for only 67 minutes, give with all of your heart!








Goodbye Harold, Hello Benny!

The NetFlorist bunch have finally said goodbye to Harold Flowers. The quirky and sometimes-out-of-line gifting genius will always be in our hearts, just as he was always in the spotlight! Wondering who could ever fill the shoes of one who walked the edge of overwhelming love and overwhelming shock? Need to fill the hole that Harold left behind? Am I going too far and not making my point soon enough?

Well, beloved gifters and giftees, I’m here to scratch that itch, or my name isn’t Benny Bloom! Did I forget to mention? My name is Benny Bloom, and I’m the new voice of the Rambling Rose. I hope you’ll find my ramblings just as informative and as fulfilling as the ones that Harold prided himself to presenting.


About Benny Bloom

  • I’m an avid reader of romance novels (a little too much for my own good).
  • I am fun, flirty and quirky but unfortunately, I can be very clumsy. I’ve been told I’m blind to the real world, but I still don’t see it!
  • I’d love to think I’m funny, but not to worry, it’s usually at my own expense (Mother told me never to be mean)!
  • As a hopeless romantic, I’m somewhat of a relationship expert and will ensure to give the best advice for flower gifts that will get you out of any sticky situation, no matter the occasion!



Mhmm… It’s difficult to choose. On one hand, the rose is the flower and handmaiden of love, so it’s as radiant as the day is long. But the lily, to me, is the emblem of beauty and purity. I love the rose for its various shades of floral brilliance. Whether it’s an anniversary gift or a love and romance gift, you can never go wrong with a radiant rose bouquet or rose vase. Pink roses represent admiration and hopeful love and affection, white roses convey virtue and unity, whereas red roses symbolise true and endless love.

I love lilies for their subtle beauty; since lilies come in a variety of different shapes, sizes and colors, they are the perfect flower gift for any special occasion. So, whether you’re looking for a thank you gift that will express heartfelt gratitude to the one you value the most, or a birthday gift that is sure to melt the heart of a graceful woman, lilies are an extraordinary gift to give.


  • The finest bottle of wine after a long day (or at the beginning of one)!
  • A good romance novel; maybe something by Nicholas Sparks?



“Love” and “Radiant.”



Fri-yay, at exactly wine o’clock!



Definitely, the flower gifts range! NetFlorist is South Africa’s largest sameday flower and gifting delivery service for a reason, and from the exquisite pink midi orchids to the exquisite elegance of white lilies, our flowers are top-tier and are sure to melt the heart of someone special, just as they constantly melt mine!

I simply can’t get over the clothing range as well! For a floral company, NetFlorist sure brings it with their phenomenal personalised clothing essentials. From activewear clothing for the avid runner, or quirky gaming T-shirts for the gamer with a love for their geek culture!


what to expect from benny bloom?

Love and laughter! Whether you value more informative writing about your favourite NetFlorist ranges, or maybe you’re at a loss for the perfect gift for Christmas or Secretary’s Day, just come on over to the Rambling Rose and let Benny help you find a gift that is sure to make their hearts smile.

Don’t worry, The Rambling Rose is still your one-stop online site for the best flower gift ideas at NetFlorist. Benny Bloom hopes to be the vehicle through which to narrow down your options in a vast variety of flower and gifting options. Whether your loved ones stay in another region, or close enough to your heart, Benny Bloom will bridge the distance between you and the ones you cherish the most!





Best Flower Gift Ideas for Hopeless Romantics

At NetFlorist, we’re all hopeless romantics at heart; explore our extraordinary variety of flower gifts and celebrate a tale as old as time: romance. The beauty of flowers is that they make a perfect gift for any occasion, so whether you’re looking for a thank you gift, to show heartfelt gratitude or you’re looking for a radiant array of birthday flowers, you can let NetFlorist cater to all your flower gifting needs.

Looking to express endless love to someone who holds your heart? At NetFlorist, love and romance is our favourite flower gifting occasion that is sure to tug at the heartstrings of the one you love the most. Whether you’re looking for Anniversary flowers or stunning birthday flowers, explore our radiant array of flower gifts online no matter the occasion!


Extend warm wishes to the one who’s captured your heart; our terrific variety of tulips from NetFlorist are picked at the peak of their perfection, to shower them with love beyond their wildest dreams. Our extensive variety of tulips carry distinct meanings for a wide variety of feelings and emotions. Carefully selected for their elegant grace and radiant variety, tulips are a perfect flower gift to express your boundless love and affection.

Red tulips signal everlasting love, making them the perfect flower gift to celebrate a love to that will stand the test of time. For NetFlorist, the true measure of love is to love beyond measure so our phenomenal range of red tulips are sure to make their heart smile. Our yellow tulips symbolise cheerful thoughts, and are exquisitely arranged to enchant someone special in the soft sophistication of this wondrous arrangement.

Add ‘de-light’ to their day with fantastic white tulips, which convey forgiveness, as well as purple tulips which are reminiscent of royalty. If you’re looking to order flowers online, look no further than our delightful range of tulips!


Enrapture the one who holds your heart with our beautiful variety of roses. Add warmth to their cold mornings with our fantastic range of roses, which boast a stunning variety of meanings to take their breath away! Red roses are the universal symbol of love; boasting a deliriously rich fragrance to imbue their home or workplace with a sense of magic. At NetFlorist, you’re spoilt for choice with the perfect rose for your perfect person; our stunning cherry brandy roses consist of beautiful bi-colour blooms that feature an extraordinary composition of red-orange on the outside and almost sun-yellow on the inside. We also have a wonderful array of white roses were once a symbol for true love, an association which would later become the hallmark of the radiant red rose. Also known as the bridal rose, the white rose is a traditional wedding flower which is reminiscent of purity and innocence.

Peach roses boast a subtle colour that indicates modesty. It is the perfect flower gift to convey earnest emotions to the one who means the most to you. Confess your deepest feelings and emotions, or say “I’m sorry” with these amazing peach rose flower gifts with a luxurious touch and a fragrant aroma. You can also send a message of appreciation and joyful love with our sensational range of yellow roses. We also have pink roses which stand for elegance, and refinement. Our range of deep pink roses can convey gratitude, appreciation, recognition while a light or pale pink roses convey grace, joy and happiness and are reminiscent of a gentle nature.


Symbolising humility and devotion, lilies are the 30th anniversary flower, while lilies of the valley are the 2nd wedding anniversary flower. Capture the untold bliss of unconditional love with the luxurious elegance of our lovely lilies, which range from extraordinary lilies in craft paper, which are a cross between Asiatic and trumpet lilies, making them a true sight to behold. Spoil her with these phenomenal bouquet of sunset lilies which are combined with safari and elegantly wrapped in gorgeous red tissue paper with raffia.

We also have pink lilies which are known to represent devotion and friendship. Delight someone special with these vibrant pink lily sensations which are come nestled among golden rods and beautifully presented in a pink sheet with raffia.


Known as the most highly coveted of ornamental plants, these delicate, exotic and graceful orchid blooms represent love, luxury, beauty and strength. Among our different types of flowers online, orchids are the most unique that you can give to someone special to you! Whether you’re making her day with a Mini Phalaenopsis Orchid in Wrapping, or you’re filling his heart with a world of colour in the form of Midi Orchids In A Vase. NetFlorist has an extensive array of orchids and with each different orchid blossoms, comes a wide variety of feelings that you can convey!

Set the stage for unconditional love and affection with these unique orchid arrangements. Browse through our plants range which consists of a stunning range of plant delights, ranging from amazing Two Stemmed Orchids to our decadent sensations of Mini White Orchid in Stone Filled Vase. Spoil your significant other with the awe-inspiring variety of orchid blossoms!

Silk Flowers

Redefine what “Forever” means with our radiant array of preserved silk flowers from NetFlorist. Reminiscent of eternal love and romance, a preserved Pink Rose can emphasise that your appreciation for your loved one will not waver. Looking for the perfect silk flower to warm their heart? Luxuriate them in the exquisite beauty of this Small Cylinder Vase With A Preserved Rose, which is guaranteed to stand the test of time, while retaining its captivating beauty.

Give them a happily ever after in the form of this graceful Rainbow Rose box! This stunning rose arrangement is made up of 20 long-life roses in a wooden box that have been studded with diamante gems. Tug at their heartstrings with this exceptional Red Silk Rose Stems in a Tall Clear Vase, which is beautifully presented to capture the essence of “Happily Ever After” in one stunning arrangement!

Romance lives on with South Africa’s largest flower and gift delivery service! There are as many flowers as there are stars in the night sky; find the perfect flower online and melt the heart of the one you love the most. Whether it’s radiant roses for your Anniversary, or carnations for your Wedding Day, NetFlorist boasts a phenomenal variety of flower gifts online!

Traditional Anniversary Milestones – What Gifts To Give?

Time holds no weight to the love of the one who has captured your heart. At NetFlorist, your Anniversary is as important to us as the day you met the love of your life and we’d like to help you celebrate it! For a happy Anniversary with the one you love most, explore our magnificent variety of traditional Anniversary gifts and shower with joy the one who holds your heart in their heart.

Whether you’re shopping for Anniversary gifts for her or Anniversary gifts for him, the hopeless romantics at NetFlorist have prepared a wonderful array of Anniversary gifts by year. Depending on your Anniversary year, make their Anniversary wishes come true with an amazing Anniversary gift from South Africa’s sappiest flower and gifting store!

1st Year – Cotton


Designed to fit the love of your life, our extraordinary range of custom T-shirts are intricately designed to light their look. Remind them that they are just as perfect as the day you met with custom T-shirts that will make the perfect fit for every season. From stunning men’s T-shirts, to wonderful ladies’ T-shirts, buy T-shirts online from your one-stop online clothing store.

From him, we have this quirky Choose You T-shirt that will let him know that he’s truly one in a million! Tug at her heartstrings with this sensational wifey T-shirt and personalise it with your wedding day and relive the most important day of your life!

Looking for personalised clothing that will gear them up for the winter? Explore our delightful range of personalised hoodies. We have a marvellous variety of men’s and ladies’ hoodies that are sewn to a standard of perfection and absolute comfort; warm more than just their heart this winter season with custom hoodies with a personal touch!

2nd Year – Paper

Notebooks and Journals

For your 2nd Anniversary, a worthwhile array of noteworthy essentials awaits you and the one you love. From an exceptional range of personalised notebooks to a wondrous variety of personalised journals, make their day with a stationery gift online from NetFlorist! The Anniversary of paper is a perfect excuse to be as quirky and as romantic as you can be. Whether you’re counting down the days to your bundle of joy with a personalised pregnancy journal or you’re celebrating the birth of your precious child with a personalised baby’s first year journal!

For your 2nd Anniversary, speak your heart with a heartfelt message in a bottle. If you’re looking for a gift that will convey the warmest feelings directly to the heart of the one you love the most, this phenomenal seashore message in a bottle is a perfect gift to express the warmest of emotions to your dear spouse!

3rd Anniversary – Leather

For your 3rd Anniversary, we have all things leather for someone special to you. For her, explore our exceptional leather handbags from our amazing apparel range. It’s time to remind her for the 3rd year in a row, that no one would ever make you smile, laugh and capture your heart as fast as she has. With fashion and function in one stunning leather bag, you can add a stylish finishing touch in the form of one of our lovely leather purses for her!

The man who holds your heart also deserves a stunning leather essential to keep the blues away! Our wonderful range of personalised leather wallets will make a spectacular apparel gift for him. If you want to make it an absolutely perfect Anniversary, the third time’s the charm with these fantastic leather gifts, such as leather duffle bags, leather picnic baskets as well as personalised leather notebooks.

4th Anniversary – Silk

Silk flowers

Redefine what forever means with our sensuous array of preserved silk flowers. Exquisitely arranged in a variety of boxes, crates, and cylinder vases, these exceptional preserved flowers have a minimum lifespan of six months and require no water to survive, so spoil the love of your life with an Anniversary gift that’s very low maintenance but boasts high value. Among our different types of flowers, these will last the longest and ensure that their day is the brightest!

For the one who makes you happy, make her day with these pink happiness preserved roses. As bright as a rainbow and twice as beautiful, surprise her with magnificent mixture of roses in the form of our rainbow bright rose box! Each rose comes delicately studded with a diamente gem and is elegantly placed in an exquisite, rustic wooden box. Celebrate endless love with our stunning variety of silk flowers because at NetFlorist, to love forever is to live forever!

5th Anniversary – Wood


Smile… Time flies when you’re with the one you love! The 5th Anniversary year is a very important milestone, so if you’re looking for an incredible 5th Anniversary gift for the home, we have our amazing range of wooden chopping boards. Make your home as beautiful as the love that you share; whether it’s with our fantastic range of wooden photo frames, or our stunning wooden wall décor, make home the best place to be with our wonderful range of home décor gifts, and brighten the kitchen with our wooden homeware gifts!

Make his heart smile with our delectable variety of man crates. Featuring a harmonious marriage of decadent treats, such as scrumptious chocolate gifts, fine alcohol gifts, biltong delights, dried fruit and nuts, and many more! If your spouse is the master of the kitchen, make their day with wonderful recipe boxes. From a five-star recipe box, the happiness recipe box to our fantastic array of our classic recipe box.

Let NetFlorist be your first choice when you celebrate the love that’s beyond measure! It doesn’t matter if it’s your 1st Anniversary or your 10th Anniversary, every relationship milestone is just as important as the last, and all our Anniversary gift ideas are sure to melt the heart of the one who holds your own!

Father’s Day Essentials – For The Golfer Dad

Thank Dad for the lessons he taught and the wisdom he shared with our exquisite variety of Father’s Day gifts. A wonderful dad comes in many forms, and whether you’re shopping Father’s Day gifts online for a soccer dad, a musician dad, a tech dad or a handy dad, NetFlorist has got you covered with an amazing range of Father’s Day gifts! For Father’s Day 2019, NetFlorist is celebrating a new kind of dad: the Golfer Dad!

Golf is a sport that’s beautifully reminiscent of life; you get bad breaks from good shots and you get good breaks from bad shots – but either way, you have to play the ball where it lies! Looking for a magnificent Father’s Day gift for the golfer dad? Worry not, we’ve prepared an extensive variety of Father’s Day golf essentials for the dad who’s on par with the best of them!

Golf T-shirts

NetFlorist boasts a remarkable variety of Father’s Day gift ideas that would best suit the man who has guided you through life’s hardships. Find the perfect fit for the golfer dad with our extensive range of golf clothing gifts! Browse through our Father’s Day golf clothing and send Dad a Father’s Day present, extraordinarily sewn to a standard of perfection for a man of excellence.

My Dad Is a Golfer Shirt

For a dad who’s a cut above the rest, delight him with a Father’s Day golfer T-shirt that’s on par with the best! This stunning golfer short boasts an exquisite navy mélange crew neck, and is masterfully crafted with high-quality material for a sporty dad. Let the world know how special he is with a golfer shirt that will shout it from the rooftops!

Golf Dads Are Cooler Shirt

If you’re looking for a unique Father’s Day gift, they don’t make them quite as unique as this wonderful cooler dad golfer T-shirt for your dear old dad. Exceptionally sewn to brighten his look, enhance his golf game and give it the unsurpassed edge that it needs!

For Father’s Day golf clothing that is outside the Father’s Day range, browse through our stunning golf clothing gifts which offer a comfortable fit without compromising his sense of style or his extraordinary game!

Plan to Play Golf Hoodie

This winter, warm more than just his heart with the phenomenal craftsmanship of this amazing play golf hoodie! For the delightful dad who’s a golf fanatic, this exquisite navy hoodie comes with a double-sided front pocket and also consists of a white on black graphic print design! Both remarkably comfortable and amazingly fashionable, this wonderful hoodie boasts a standout style and a warm fit that will give him an unforgettable Father’s Day 2019.

Personalised Real Grandpas Play Golf Shirt

For every kind of dad, we have every kind of gift for Father’s Day. This remarkably refined golf T-shirt will make a perfect Father’s Day gift for a golfer dad, a golfer grandpa, or a golfer husband. Make his Father’s Day wishes come true with a golf shirt that will provide an unsurpassed fit for the best golfer dad in the world!

Golf Balls

He taught you the game and he taught you how to play it right. NetFlorist has an exciting range of golf balls for your amazing golfer dad, and whether you’re getting it personalised with your dad’s name, or a touching Father’s Day message from the heart, give him the wondrous feeling of a golf game in progress. To ensure a unique victory on the field of golf, spoil the magnificent golfer dad who never drops the ball with our delightful range of Father’s Day golf balls and hampers from NetFlorist!

Personalised Golf Balls and Golf Problem Hip Flask

Celebrate Father’s Day South Africa with this stunning golfer combo. This amazing Father’s Day hamper features a Gary Player collection pack of 3 golf balls, as well as the fantastic beauty of a metal hip flask! Whether it’s for a new dad, a husband, a grandfather or a father-in-law with a knack for the game of golf, you can get this incredible Father’s Day golf hamper with a palatable bottle of our favourite Father’s Day fine alcohol.

Personalised Golf Balls and Best by Par Hip Flask

Among our extensive variety of Father’s Day gifts online, we truly have the best Father’s Day finds for the one-of-a-kind dad! The golfer dad is arguably the most unique of them all, and if you’re looking for the best Father’s Day hamper with a golfer’s touch, look no further than these extraordinary personalised golf balls and hip flask. Spoil the best dad by far with the remarkable collection featuring 3 golf balls and a classy metal hip flask.

Personalised Name Golf Balls and Water Bottle

For the dad with a plan, make his heart smile with this amazing golfer dad hamper. Whether, he’s an active golfer or a casual scrub, make his day with this delightful golf balls and water bottle hamper. At NetFlorist, a golfer dad is a hero, a coach, a guide and a friend. He carries pictures where his money used to be, and for all those reasons, he deserves a perfect golf game and the perfect way to play it. This Father’s Day hamper will ensure an unsurpassed golfing experience and features a Gary Player collection pack of 3 golf balls as well as an incredible solano water bottle to help quench his thirst for victory on the golf course!

This Father’s Day, let your golfer dad take a few strokes off his golf game with a Father’s Day gift that will give him an unforgettable Father’s Day. Whether it’s a personalised Father’s Day gift that will give his golf game a unique touch or a stunning Father’s Day golf hamper, let NetFlorist be your one-stop online shopping store that will give you amazing dad an exceptional Father’s Day 2019!