Spreading the Christmas cheer with NetFlorist

Christmas is just around the corner and although it is an exciting and overall festive time, it can be stressful when deciding on the perfect gift for your loved one. If you’re luck enough, s/he has provided you with a Christmas-list. Such a list is a light at the end of an otherwise dark tunnel, but not all of us are that lucky! Before you completely abort the mission, breathe in and as you breathe out, type the letters N-E-T-F-L-O-R-I-S-T into your search bar.

We’ve crawled across our site and selected the perfect gifts for him and her. We’ve also created specific products especially for Christmas, 2017. We’ve thrown it all together and placed it in the tab line as a temporary fixture. By ‘thrown’ we actually mean, we’ve methodically placed each product into the specific category that best describes it. Selecting a gift has never been easier! To make it even simpler we’ve decided to list our top picks for each of these five personality types for him and her, you know, just to make your Christmas gift quest as pain-free as possible. As if that wasn’t good enough, NetFlorist’s campaign for the festive season is our 4 for 3 special!

for Him:

Active Lifestyle

If your man is in the business of enhancing or maintaining physical fitness and overall health, this category was made specifically for him. He didn’t choose the gym-life, the gym-life chose him! (Or something along those lines). Active wear, gym bags, water bottles and more are all available for personalisation. NetFlorist’s speciality is humour and clever wording, keep that in mind when scrolling through our options.  Show that you respect his dedication to promptly wake up at 5 am every Sunday by purchasing this Golf Pro Bro Bucket, Desktop Putting Stationery Set, Golfer Doorstopper or the Golf Lovers Man Crate.


Golf Lovers Man Crate

Family Man

He might be busy for most of the week grafting behind a desk, but he always manages to make time for his family. Sound familiar? If so, you have a classic example of a ‘Family Man’. Place your family photo in a Personalised Special Christmas Frame or a Personalised Christmas as Three Frame (if you have just welcomed a new born into the family), with the purpose of having the frame find its home on his desk at work. An afternoon spent outdoors with the family is a day to be treasured. Make more time this festive season for family outings and meals with the Red Lunch Cooler, a Personalised Family Roast Carving Board, or a Personalised Family Butchers Block.


Personalised Special Christmas Frame

One of the Boys

There’s nothing wrong with a man who likes to kick-it back with the guys, a beer in one hand and a braai tong in another. The image is complete with the rugby blaring in the background. An advocate for craft beer will appreciate a Personalised TRex Xmas Craft Beer or a Beer Safari Hamper. On the opposite spectrum, play it safe by ordering a Personalised Star Heineken Beer Caddy, 4 Pack Castle Lite in a Man Crate or a Jack Black Man Crate. And as for the other hand, order this Personalised King of Braai Tong Bag or Personalised Initials Braai Tong Bag. When placing your order, remember our 4 for 3 special this Christmas season!


Personalised Trex Xmas Craft Beer


The world is slowly but surely separating itself from clichés and stereotype constructions and yet when you read the sub-heading ‘Tech Savvy’, you immediately imagined an adorable man with glasses plonked in front of his computer. Does he regularly go on-and-on about the latest tech or gadgets? If so, you’ve found the right page! Order the Batman Power Hamper, the Virtual Reality Headset or the Personalised Dynaport Powerbank to make his tech-savvy heart smile. The cherry on top would be the Skullcandy Uproar Spaced Out, just so that he can block out the rest of the world while he’s doing his thing!


Batman Power Hamper

The Foodie

You know what they say: the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! Opt for the Biltong and Chocs Treat Box, the Trudeau Board with Assorted Biltong or the Hot Sauce and Biltong Hamper – giving the South African classic (biltong, of course) the platform it deserves. If he has a passion for the kitchen and all things in it, then a Star Wars Father Christmas Apron, Wusthof Silverpoint 7pc Knife Block, or the Personalised Victorinox and Apron Gift, is the best fit. Cooking really isn’t cooking unless you have a glass of wine in one hand, or a beer in his case. The 6 Pack Snacker seals the deal and makes it the perfect gift for him this Christmas!


Star Wars Father Christmas Apron

for Her:

Nature Lover

By looking deep into nature, you are able to understand everything better. If the woman in your life demonstrates this, then the following category was made just for her! If she chooses to spend her spare time in the sunlight, her hands in the ground and her hair in the wind, then place your order for this Lily Bulbs in Red Bag or this Gladiolus Bulbs in Cerise Bag. Organise a fun and memorable picnic for the day and order a Wine and Lindt Picnic Basket, a Snackers Picnic Basket, or a Kalanchoe and Snacks Basket to accompany the outing.


Snackers Picnic Basket

Deeply Personal

There are many things NetFlorist is good at, designing gifts that are available for personalisation, is one of those things. The personalisation can come in the form of their name, a picture or a personal message. Order a Personalised Tan Jinger Claire Ladies Purse, a Personalised Love Served Apron or a Personalised Gold Name Cosmetic Bag – to add her name to the item. Scroll through our clothing designs for our personalised t-shirt options. Add your personal touch and we guarantee she’ll be happy with anything you decide on! Keep in mind our 4 for three Christmas campaign when selecting your gift and placing your order.


Personalised Gold Name Cosmetic Bag

Ever Faithful

If the woman in your life insists on keeping the core meaning of Christmas at the forefront of your Christmas celebrations, have a look at our gifts of faith. This holiday is an extremely important Christian holiday for all believers. Help her keep the faith and show her that you truly respect her beliefs and accompanying practices. Provide her with an everyday reminder in the form of a Grace Hamper, Succeed Mug Hamper, or a Live by Faith Hamper.  For beneficial Christian literature, place your order for the Fresh Start Book and Pen, Jumpstart Your Priorities Book and Ferrero, or The Mind Connection Book and Cadbury Glow.


Fresh Start Book and Pen

Gracious Host

Table-setting décor is the centre of the Gracious Host’s world! The foundation of a good table-setting is the fine china, so order this Carrol Boyes Moody Bloom Dinner Plate Set or Carrol Boyes Face Dinner Plate Set, to set the scene. And when the evening is just about to come to an end, let her walk out with a tray of Le Creuset Double Coffee Mug Set filled to the brim with coffee. The other half of the tray will be filled with Christmas Macaroons, Gold and Ginger Christmas Cookie Wreath, or Happy Holiday Letter Doughnuts. Closing the evening with style!


Gold and Ginger Christmas Cookie Wreath


Keep her Chocolate-Craving Monster at bay this Christmas season with a gift from our chocoholic collection. The foods we tend to crave are foods that enhance one’s mood in some way. Chocolate is one of those foods. Enhance her mood by ordering a Personalised Christmas Wreath Candy Jar, Golden Lindt Edible Christmas Tree, or a Christmas Chocolate Star Sleigh. Many of the items are up for personalisation, labelling the gift and specifying that it is hers and no one else’s. Have a look at our chocolate flavoured bakery options such as Golden Jingle Bell Dipped Strawberries, Christmas Marshmallow and Doughnut Bite Bouquet or our Christmas Cake Pops.


Christmas Wreath Candy Jar

It’s difficult to provide gifts for every personality type in the world, but NetFlorist has and continues to try it’s best to do so. If you still haven’t found the perfect gift for him/her then have a look at our site. Our ultimate aim as a company is to get the right gift, to the right person, at the right time. Let us help you choose the right gift for the right person, for this festive season.

Celebrate Secretary’s Day 2017 with NetFlorist!

When it comes to office life and the day-to-day chaos of being ‘the big boss’, it just wouldn’t be the same without those office superheroes, otherwise known as secretaries. For this reason, it’s only fitting that 6 September 2017 is a day which has been devoted to secretaries! Secretary’s Day is nearly upon us, and NetFlorist is here to help you spoil that special secretary of yours in style!

You can’t go wrong with Secretary’s Day flowers:

Flowers are always a definite winner, which is why our range of Secretary’s Day flowers are a real must-send. From rose bouquets, to plants in a vase, to flowers in a mug, we really have it all. If subtle is your style, we have some beautiful petite arrangements for your secretary, and if you want to really make a statement, we also have some more extravagant flower baskets, boxed flowers, and more.

Flowers in a mug

Chocolates and Sweets for your Seccie:

If your secretary has a sweet tooth, then best you go the sweet route and send them something tasty from our range of Secretary’s Day chocolate gifts. From candy jars filled with nougat or Lindt balls, to delicious hampers, to yummy bakery treats, your secretary will be totally bowled over!

Secretary's Day Cupcake Jar

Keep it personal:

If you really want to make your secretary feel special this Secretary’s Day 2017, then you can opt for one of our personalised Secretary’s Day gifts! For example, every seccie loves a good notebook, right? So how about a personalised notebook with their name on it? We also have some great personalised candy jars, bakery goods and floral treats.

Candy Jar

No matter which Secretary’s Day gifts you choose to send him or her, NetFlorist is here to make it ultra easy! Simply log on, choose, and let us deliver it straight to your seccie’s desk! Smooches!

Krispy Kreme now available from NetFlorist!

Krispy Kreme dougnuts
Calling all doughnut lovers – we have some Krispy news for you! Ever wished you could get your favourite Krispy Kreme doughnuts delivered right to your door? Only in your wildest dreams, right? Well, NetFlorist is here to make those dreams come true! And no, this is not a drill.

From the 30th of May, NetFlorist’s Bakery has been offering fresh next-day delivery of a selected range of your favourite Krispy Kreme combinations, including Original Glazed®, Chocolate Glazed, Peanut Butter, Red Velvet, Cinnamon, Powdered Blueberry, New York Cheesecake and many more. The doughnuts will come in packages of a dozen (though you’re welcome to order as many as you like – we won’t tell), except for one special batch – a set of 6 Original Glazed® doughnuts that will come in an exclusive Krispy Kreme Collector’s Tin.

Although you can’t design your own or get these special treats in singles, you will have the opportunity to choose from a variety of different combinations which have been created just for you, based on Krispy Kreme’s bestsellers!

For now, we’ll only be delivering these delights in Johannesburg North, but we eventually hope to run this exciting collaboration nationwide. So keep your eyes peeled, because there’s nothing like a surprise delivery of fresh Krispy Kreme, well, any time, really.

Celebrate Easter 2017 With Egg-Citing Gifts!

Easter  2017 is around the corner, and NetFlorist has egg-ceptional and egg-stra-ordinary Easter gifts with which to spoil your loved ones over this special time! Read on for some exciting Easter gift ideas from NetFlorist:


Make it a happy day with this yummy and special gift! A tray of twelve assorted Belgian truffles is housed by a sleeve with a unique ‘Happy Easter’ design which is also personalised with a name.


Hop right to it and send that lucky someone this cute and useful jewellery holder! With its pink ceramic rabbit design, it will easily store rings and other jewellery, while looking great too!


Wish those near and far a Happy Easter with this special wine gift! A bottle of white wine (750ml) is branded with an adorable ‘Happy Easter’ label design which is personalised with a message for that special touch.


Remember the days of hunting around the garden looking for all those delicious Easter eggs? Why not bring those memories flooding back when you send this stunning cookie 
bouquet to your loved ones? This beautifully decorated cookie bouquet comes with 4 Easter bunny cookies and 8 Easter egg cookies! The best Easter gift!


This Easter Sunday, why not spoil your nearest and dearest with a beautiful flower basket from NetFlorist? Made up of bright and beautiful pink and yellow roses and hand painted Easter egg decorations that come presented in a woven basket, this is a delightful gift that anyone will love receiving!


Wish a loved one a hippity hoppity happy Easter with this exquisite arrangement of white roses and pink and yellow daisies in a glass vase filled with the Easter bunny’s favourite gifts – beautiful decorative Easter eggs. Spoil them with flowers filled with hugs, kisses and Easter egg wishes from NetFlorist today.

No matter how you choose to spoil loved ones this Easter, make sure you do it with NetFlorist! We have a wide range of unique Easter gifts, meaning there is no excuse not to hop to it!

Valentine’s Day Gifts For The Day Of Love

After the never-ending month of January, February is finally here and we all know what that means.. Valentine’s Day 2017! Yes, the day of love is nearly upon us, and that means hearts and kisses and all things rosey. It’s the day on which couples get to display their affection for one another with Valentine’s flowers and gifts and messages of love and romance. NetFlorist has you covered on any occasion, but Valentines Day is a particularly big one for us, as we want to make it our duty to make you, our loyal customers, happy and in the good books on this special day! Read on for some awesome Valentine’s Day ideas for him and her which will knock their socks of!!

Valentine’s Day gifts for her:

Whether it’s your wife, your girlfriend or your crush, you need to be very prepared when it comes to the V-day rush. Last minute flowers from granny’s garden just won’t cut it. You need a gift for Valentines Day that screams ‘I LOVE YOU’ and we have just what you need! Let’s start with Valentine’s Day flowers. Flowers online are our speciality, with every colour and flower type under the sun available for Valentine’s Day 2017 in South Africa. Surprise your lovely la
dy with a bunch of floral beauties and she will love you forever (or at least on the day).

If your honey bunch is more into the gifting side of things, win her over with one of o
ur many Valentine’s Day gifts which include chocolate bouquets, snack hampers, apparel, and bakery treats! To make it even more special, you have the option of sending her a personalised Valentines gift which will really make the gift all the more meaningful.

Valentines gifts

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him:

Believe it or not, guys are also suckers for romantic gifts for Valentine’s Day. They may try to act like the day is no big deal, but deep down we know they are really yearning for a prezzie from their special loved one. So, what to get him? Well, what about one of our fab alcohol gifts? He will be able to crack open a bottle of something tasty while thinking of you, and best of all- you can even have it personalised! We also have a variety of awesome snack hampers with treats such as biltong and chocolate, as well as bakery treats which are perfect as a Valentines Day gift for him or her!

Valentines Day gifts

So what are you waiting for? Make Valentine’s Day 2017 extra special and get shopping with NetFlorist!