Christmas Gift Guides 2018

When it comes to a Christmas gift, the most endearing part of the festive season can quite possibly be the most stressful; but at times, it is the simplest of gifts that convey the strongest of emotions. In essence, gifts of love, comfort and unity are truly the ingredients of a very Merry Christmas. There are quite a number of ways to say ‘Merry Christmas’ to the one special to you, but just as the words ‘I love you’ cannot express the feelings they represent, a simple ‘Merry Christmas’ quite often doesn’t express the blessedness of the season which unites an entire family in a conspiracy of love.

Christmas is the season to rekindle the fire of giving and spreading joy, and the Christmas gifts that you give to your loved ones should reflect your appreciation of them, and everything they mean to you, be it a gift for her or a gift for him. As the leading experts in gift-giving, NetFlorist has truly embraced the meaning of the festive season, and so we have prepared the ultimate Christmas guide, which has a variety of Christmas gift ideas for your loved ones to indulge in during this wonderful time of the year:

Gifts for Her

NETSP3455_1  PER2664


Delicately picked at the peak of perfection, our exquisite array of floral arrangements boast a simplistic elegance that ensure a lasting impression. The sensational blooms from NetFlorist make for the best Christmas gifts which enchant with a subtle sophistication. From the exquisite blossoms of roses, such as the red rose, or the graceful arrangements of a lilac rose bouquet, to the delicate charm of lovely lilies, which symbolise humility and eternal devotion, Christmas flowers are an excellent gift for the special woman in your life. Order Christmas flowers online and indulge her with a perfect flower bouquet from our floral experts.

Whether you’re looking to spoil the one who holds the key to your heart, or the one who gave birth to you and loves you unconditionally as a result, indulge her with a wonderful arrangement of flowers from our extensive range. Flowers are a universal gift for the joyous celebration of Christmas, and are especially a perfect Christmas gift with which to decorate the home for the festive season. Just as plants are more than the sum of their leaves, flowers are more than the radiance of their blooms!


She doesn’t have to be a cook to appreciate the comforting beauty of a lovely kitchen. The Christmas holiday is the time of the year where the kitchen is the busiest room in the house. Whether she’s cooking delectable festive feasts for the extended family, or preparing a decadent Christmas treat for you to indulge in, NetFlorist has an extensive range of kitchenware gifts for Christmas. Additionally, our personalised aprons also boast a remarkable comfort which ensures that she enjoys preparing the meals just as you enjoy indulging in them.

Our personalised mugs are also a magnificent Christmas gift idea for the kitchen. NetFlorist has a wide range of extraordinary mugs, which you can uniquely personalise with her name, or even a unique message from your heart to hers. From beautifully crafted chopping boards to delightfully informative cookbooks, NetFlorist has only the best Christmas gifts for her kitchen.

Bath and Body

Our sensuous array of wonderful bath and body essentials ensure that she is blissfully spoilt this Christmas holiday. Explore an exquisite assortment of personalised cosmetic bags filled with bath delights, or a lovely variety of Charlotte Rhys hampers which smoothly caress her skin. NetFlorist has an extensive variety of bath and body gifts which make for an exceptionally perfect gift for Christmas. Indulge her with amazing Christmas gifts which would caress her body in the warm embrace of lovely cosmetic enchantments, such as spectacular Merry Christmas bath candles, which adorn the rim of her bath and fill her atmosphere with a sensational feeling of luxurious comfort and amenity.

Gifts for Him

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The gift of experience lasts the longest, and in understanding that Christmas is a feeling, and not an event, we seek to recreate that feeling in the experiences we provide. The presence of family wrapped up in each other transcends an assortment of presents wrapped under a tree. In our skydiving experience, overlook the exquisite views of the African skyline, and indulge in the warm horizons of a South African Christmas with the lovely men in your life and create a truly memorable Christmas experience. Alternatively, explore the lovely adrenaline rush of go-karting and feel the touch of the wind in your face, and see the delicate curl of his smile. NetFlorist provides and ensures an unforgettable experience, either for your boyfriend, your husband or even your ‘dear old dad’.

Man Crates

Explore our spectacular assortment of personalised man crates. Delicately arrayed with a wonderful mélange of chocolate varieties, fruit and nut jars, sliced biltong, or richly indulgent Pringle originals, NetFlorist’s gifting experts understand that a Christmas gift hamper is only as fantastic as the name that is on it. From a delicious selection of picnic baskets to a fine serenade of personalised alcohol gifts, you are spoilt for choice just so you can spoil that loving man in your life. With a scrumptious variety of confectionaries, personalised man crates from NetFlorist are exquisitely-prepared to perfection to caress the taste buds and warm the hearts of those special to you.


As long as you stand heart to heart with the one you love and hand in hand with the one who loves you, Christmas will always be an occasion of joyous celebration. Our wide range of gadget gifts for him make for incredibly unforgettable presents with a modern touch that will leave a lasting impression. Enchant your father, your brother or your husband with a fantastic Christmas gift from our exceptional gadgets range. From stunning powerbanks, to gorgeous cellphone covers, this is a perfect festive present for the modern man with a classic edge. Explore our exquisite collection of gadgets, and give him a very Merry Christmas!

Gifts for Family

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Personalised Doormats

If you’re looking for the perfect Christmas gift for the home, look no further than our stunning variety of personalised doormats. Our lovely array of home décor essentials are all magnificently crafted with an elegant style that welcomes the neighbours with a gentle hug beneath their feet. Spoil another family, whether it’s your kind neighbour or your local florist with a wonderful gift from your family to their family.

Personalised Wall Art

Home is where the heart is; and if ever you needed a Christmas gift that will speak to the hearts of people you’re not close to, then a gift for their home is the best that you can do. Our wide range of personalised wall art boast a variety of style and artistic elegance which encompasses for the lifestyle of any person or family you gift it to. Explore our fantastic range of wall art for the home, and put the family’s name on it, as well as a unique message from the heart.

Festive Poinsettia

The lovely poinsettia is also known as the Christmas star, and rightfully so, for it is usually used in Christmas displays. Our wonderful array of festive poinsettia makes for a perfect gift for Christmas from your family to their family, and one they can use in festive celebrations and to indulge in the spirit of the holidays. From the exquisite arrangements of maroon poinsettia blossoms, to the stunning variety of red poinsettia blooms, NetFlorist boasts a myriad of splendid poinsettia arrangements with an enchanting festive appeal and seasonal elegance. Explore the festive arrangements with a sparkling aesthetic appeal and make a family’s Christmas one that is filled with love, festive joy, and the enrichment of nature.

NetFlorist wishes you, your family, and your friends a wonderful time and a splendidly Merry Christmas with our delightful variety of Christmas gifts and treats. If you’re looking to buy gifts online for Christmas, visit our online gifting store and explore our spectacular ranges of gifts for the Christmas season. Order one of our highly recommended Christmas presents for your loved ones and have one of these gifts delivered straight to their door. NetFlorist offers nationwide delivery to areas across the country, including our extraordinary major cities, such as Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban and Cape Town.

The Botanical Gardens of South Africa

Spring has sprung, the sun is shining, and the season is in full swing! It’s time to get out there and start enjoying spring’s greatest gifts, the flowers. You could take a stroll through your local park, do some work in the garden or go where the flowers are the most spectacular… the South African botanical gardens, a plethora of our nation’s natural beauty.

With botanical gardens situated across the country, there is little excuse not to go and lose yourself in the splendour of nature for just a while. The most famous of these botanical gardens is arguably the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, situated in Cape Town. Set against the eastern slope of Table Mountain, the Kirstenbosch gardens have two separate areas, the cultivated gardens and the protected area which is home to indigenous fynbos and forest. The cultivated garden is home to an array of flowering species of plants, while in the protected area one can see the King Protea, which occurs naturally there, in full flower. One of the truly amazing parts of the Kirstenbosch botanical garden is the Afromontane forest, which is awe-inspiring when walking through.

Sticking to the coastal botanical gardens we move on to one of the lesser-known treasures in South Africa, the Durban Botanic Gardens. This is the oldest surviving botanical gardens in South Africa, having been established in 1849. The highlight of these gardens is without a doubt the Orchid House, which is home to several different species. The best time to visit the Orchid House is without a doubt during the spring months, September through November.

Moving away from the coastal cities we find ourselves in the capital of South Africa, the Pretoria Botanical Gardens. Surrounded by urban development, this is a much-needed refuge from the hustle and bustle of modern life, not just for us, but for the wildlife that occurs there. There are over 220 recorded species of birds meaning that during spring the garden comes alive to the sound of thousands of bird calls. Stroll through the gardens and you can climb to the top of a ‘koppie’ from which you can view the entire gardens and the surrounding city, a scene that sets alight the senses with sound and colour.

The last botanical garden on this list is the Johannesburg Botanic Gardens. Placed just outside the city centre, the gardens are home to over 30 000 trees, 4500 species of plants, an arboretum, a Rose Garden and Herb Garden. The gardens are also frequently the venue for concerts and live performances.

This article by no means covers all the Botanical Gardens within South Africa, but rather the ones that, for many South Africans, are close to home. The gardens are perfect for spending a beautiful spring or summer day, whether you are taking the entire family on an outing or you wish to take that special someone on a romantic picnic, the gardens provide you with the perfect setting.

NetFlorist offers a range of fully stocked picnic baskets, complete with red roses, champagne or a beautiful bottle of red wine that makes those romantic moments so much easier to come by. For those family moments, NetFlorist also offers healthy fruit baskets and gourmet hampers that will have the whole family smiling.


We realise that it is not always possible to get away for the day and take that stroll through the gardens, so why not send that special someone a piece of the garden instead with our stunning flower bouquets and flower arrangements. From proteas and orchids to lilies and roses, NetFlorist will deliver their own personal piece of the spring bloom, right to their door. NetFlorist delivers flowers nationwide and to all the major cities; Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pretoria, and Durban.

Pick and Chew this Biscuit Day with NetFlorist!

In honour of Biscuit Day on the 29th of May, we are showing off our mouth-watering assortment of delicious biscuit and cookie gifts from the premium NetFlorist bakery. So, for anyone who is raisin’ the bar, we’re hoping to bake your day and theirs a little sweeter. Take a look at our selection and let us know which is your favourite!



Spoil a someone with a sweet tooth with the perfect tea-time treat and send them these yummy biscuits! This Cookie Crunch Delight box comes filled with four flavours: vanilla and carrot cake, choc chip birthday cake, caramel and apple crumble, and coconut and rose. It’s the perfect gift to send for Biscuit Day or any other occasion!  All our products are Halaal, too. Choose to send four cookie sandwiches for R99.95, or upsize it and send eight for R199.95.



Get this personalised sugar cookie gift for Biscuit Day and make their day as sweet as can be! Choose a message of your choice consisting of 16 letters and say it with sugar cookies from R199.95.




Enjoying a cup of tea or coffee with a biscuit is perfect at any time of the day! If you know someone who is a bit of cookie monster, then send them this scrumptious gift to celebrate Biscuit Day. A keepsake cookie tin comes filled with 24 crunchy double chocolate cookies for R229.95!



Make Biscuit Day a sunny day, no matter the weather, with this adorable bright yellow Sunflower Cookie Bouquet! Made up of 12 vanilla cookies, they’re decorated with fondant and royal icing and placed in a white woven basket. This lovely, tasty bouquet will put a smile on anyone’s face, no matter what the occasion is!



Become water-wise with NetFlorist

Water is a natural resource that is absolutely necessary for all life forms on Earth. As population numbers increase, the important resource dwindles. The scarcity of water is not to be overlooked. It takes a natural phenomenon such as a drought to remind us to always be water-wise.

Succulent in a Cement Pot



The drought in the Western Cape persists and it seems we can no longer depend on their rainy season to make up for the lack of water. It’s time for us to be proactive and take responsibility where we can! That is why NetFlorist has developed this particular Water Wise campaign. Send a cactus to someone special and we’ll donate R10 to drought relief projects in the Western Cape, proving you love more than one person.

Succulent Chalk Pot



Spoil someone special with a sweet succulent which is displayed with white stones in a unique chalk pot which can be scribbled on with white chalk! This cute gift will certainly make an impact!

We’ve fondly named the campaign #LoveEveryone. Flowers say, ‘I love you’ but a cactus says, “I love everyone’. Spend time browsing through our cactus and succulent options, but also take a moment to look at home you can create a water-wise garden. Here are seven tips to take into consideration:


The perfect low maintenance gift for a friend or loved one, this small succulent in a blue ceramic glazed pot will look great sitting on their desk at home or at the office. Send this cute little plant as a great gift with NetFlorist today!

Choose locally suitable water-wise plants

There are a number of stunning plants that require minimal water. Plant said plants after the first rains. This gives the plant the opportunity to create a strong root system just before it faces the dry season. Choose indigenous plants and shrubs. They are usually less ‘thirsty’ than alien vegetation. Check that are both locally occurring and hardy, non-thirsty plants.

Group water plants according to their water needs

By grouping your plants according to their water needs, you avoid wasting water on plants that don’t need it. An irrigation system is best for watering your garden. They use controlled amounts of water, unlike a hosepipe. Another tip is to soak the ceramic pots instead of the actual plant. The ceramic retains moisture for longer and it seeps into the roots.

Reconsider grass

Grass lawns are incredibly ‘thirsty’. Be sure not to cut your grass too short as longer leaves shade the roots and reduce water evaporation.

Prepare the soil well

Make sure you dig in plenty of compost at least once a year. This helps aid the water retention of the soil. It also adds nutrients, encourages earthworm activity, improves aeration and drainage.

Use Mulch

Organic mulch helps to reduce evaporation, run-off, erosion, suppresses weed growth, enriches the soil and it helps prevent compacting of the soil. The best formula for making organic mulch is by mixing shredded leaves, straw, compost, shredded newspaper and grass clippings.

Water correctly and only when necessary

Save water by watering thoroughly but less often. Water when evaporation is at its lowest – in the early morning and late afternoon. A drip or underground irrigation also helps.

Create shade and windbreaks

Plant wind-resistant, fast-growing and water-wise trees and shrubs. Wind and the sun are both factors that can dry out plants.




This one’s definitely a keeper! A mini cactus and succulent are displayed in a beautiful triangular geometric vase with loop chain, white stones and potting soil for that extra glam effect. It’s the perfect gift for any plant-loving person!

Water-wise plants

  • Succulents
  • Fynbos
  • Lavender
  • Air Plants
  • Aloes
  • South African Daisy
  • Sweet Pea
  • Jasmine




Spoil a loved one with either a gorgeous desert rose, a cactus, or a succulent which comes presented in a unique green glass votive. This is a gift that will look great displayed in any home or office, so send now!

Join our campaign today and visit



Why we celebrate Africa Day

The 25th May is a day used specifically to celebrate Africa’s independence, freedom and liberation strife from colonial powers. The event commemorates the Organisation of African Unity, which is commonly known as the African Union – 25 May 1963. The move was originally inspired by Ghana’s independence. Ghana was the first country in the South of the Sahara gaining its independence on March 6, 1957. Ghana’s independence inspired other countries to fight against colonial rule.

“The evolution of humanity says that Africa reaffirms that she is continuing her rise from the ashes. Whatever the setbacks of the moment, nothing can stop us now! Whatever the difficulties, Africa shall be at peace!” – Thabo Mbeki former President of South Africa, “I am an African” speech delivered on 8 May 1996.

The day is celebrated annually, in many different countries across the continent. Events include formal gatherings and panel discussions, street marches, speeches by political and social leaders, and rallies featuring cultural entertainment, poetry and speakers. Choose to celebrate Africa Day the NetFlorist way. Honour the day by surprising a special someone with an Africa-themed gift. Keep the memory alive among the ones you love most.

One of our favourite options for the day reads:

“Africa is one of those places where you get to see the glory of the Lord, the wonder and miracles of restoration just, quite literally, unfold before your eyes.”

We loved the quote so much, we put it on a piece of wall art!

Personalised Africa Board With Poem



This special gift will add some meaning to any home! An Africa board features a special poem design in English or Afrikaans and is also personalised for that special touch. This piece of wall art will look great on any wall, so send now!

Here are some of our top picks for the day:




Spoil a loved one to a piece of Africa in their own home. These stunning weathered oak coasters in the shape of Africa shows the heart of South Africa engraved at the bottom and will make a statement piece in any home. Included in this set is 4 coasters tied together with twine and is the perfect gift for celebrating a housewarming, saying thank you or any other special occasion!




This beautiful Cheetah Africa Pickle Fork from the talented Diana Carmichael is the perfect addition to any table or home, with its unique pewter African Cheetah handle design, and highly polished finish. This quality gift is perfect for any loved one, so send now!




If you don’t want to settle for one flavour, why not choose them all? This Caffélux African Collection Gift Box is a coffee lover’s dream, as it contains an assortment of the continent’s finest coffee pods, with a box of each variant (10 capsules per box). The six variants are African Blend, Ethiopian, Kenyan, Tanzanian, Ugandan and the newly launched Rooibos Espresso. Send this gift to a friend or family member and make them smile.




Struggling to find the perfect beer-ific gift for a friend? The African Brew cookbook hamper is the answer! Starting with the history of beer and taking the reader on a journey of discovering the best beers paired with a gastronomical feast by top chefs, this cookbook will surely delight! The hamper consists of the 2013 Gourmand SA’s Best Beer Cookbook, African Brew, Steph Weiss Craft beer and Barrets Ridge beer bread. Spoil a beer-loving friend or family member and send this gift from NetFlorist.